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Breathing exercises done on a daily basis can greatly help you get stronger and fluid faster. They will bring calm, clarity, and focus to your work and meditation.

Also in this blog post, you'll also be hearing about breathing exercises that can help you trim your waistline quickly.

The benefits of breathing exercsises are tremendous and yet so few spend the time to encorporate them int their daily routines.

Daily breathing exercises are essential in my daily morning routine.

Here's what I'm currently doing every morning:
1.) Wim Hof breathing method 3 sets of 30 breaths (read more details here )
2.) Breath Vacuums for 5 reps, doing different versions of The Rope with each (read more here)
These are what will also help reduce your waistline as well as many other benefits.
3.) CoreForce Energy “Breath Mapping & Trajectory Exercises” – 7 sets ( 4 mins )
4.) CoreForce Energy 3ft., 30ft, 300ft Breath with Isometrics ( on both inhale and exhale )

In addition to several popular breathing methods I've described on my previous blog post by the 26 world-record holder Wim Hof, you can see above that do specific CoreForce Energy “Breath Mapping Trajectory Exercises”.

These are done in between every set whether I'm doing bodyweight exercises or lifting weights.

Also, I have specifc CFE breathing exercises that I incorporate into my daily martial arts routines in between my 1-3 minute “blitz rounds”.

For instance, these will allow you to deliver 10-20 crushing and lightning fast punches on one exhale breath.

AND then imagine being able to deliver and additional 10-20 equally powerful punches on one inhale breath (yes, done with absolutely no loss of power).

This is pretty much unheard of in a world of martial arts/boxing where the norm is one breath per punch and almost never done on the exhale.

If you have any doubts about that, simply go to YouTube and watch as many fights as you dare and you'll hear exactly – one punch per exhale. Not only will this kind of breathing gas you much quicker and reduce your power but it constipates and hinders optimal fluid movement. This greatly reduces your endurance.

Truth be known, it matter if you're a martial artist or not, learning to breathe optimally for whatever you're doing great affects everything you do.

There are so many fantastic breathing exercises. That's why I'm constantly changing them up regularly.

breathing exercises

Start doing the same and you'll instantly begin aligning your body with gaining greater strength and fluid movement. If you include them before daily visualization exercises and meditation, you'll be amazed at the clarity and focus you'll get.

There are many many different empowering breathing exercises you can do to greatly enhance whatever your focus is. Each one has a specific benefit and protocol.

A friend of mine, amazing strongman, writer, and incidentally CoreForce Energy client, Logan Christopher, has written what I consider now to be the best encyclopedia of breathing exercises you can get your hands on.

This is a MUST HAVE for your library if you're serious about changing gaining all the strength benefits I've described here as well as many others.

Click Here if you're serious about upgrading your breath for greater muscular strength, fluid movement, endurance, clarity, energy, and focus. I guarantee you'll be Very happy you did.

To your Strength and Mastery,

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    thanks for the great information. I will definetly try that vaccume method.


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