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Bruce Lee's training and revolutionary strength blueprintHey Guys, if you want to get stronger fast and discover extraordinary techniques of Bruce Lee's training for awesome power, my buddy Ben Bergman of his great PowerandMight Blog. He is the owner and writer for this very popular blog on strength training. Below is an interview he did with me asking #10 questions that’ll give you some great cutting edge strength training techniques you can start using right away.

Our interview went for over 2 hours with a lot of great content. This video with Q&A #1 is about 15 minutes and I encourage you to check it out if you want to get stronger fast!

Here's a video of the 1st question on his list that'll give you great insights into what makes the CoreForce Energy training so revolutionary and why it gives you such explosive strength and speed so fast.

Discover Bruce Lee's Training Energy Blueprint

You'll also see right away why Bruce Lee's training and energy blueprint for creating massive power was such a huge paradigm shift for generating extraordinary strength, speed, and endurance – and still is to this day.
Watch this very revealing interview now!



If you want to get stronger fast and discover a few of Bruce Lee's training methods that gave him his legendary explosive power, press the play button now. There's a ton of actual training ideas in this 15 minute interview that you can start using right away that’ll help you and this 1st question in this 10 part interview.


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