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Here's a video interview with great content on how to get stronger and stay in great shape with no equipment and little time. It has pure content and absolutely No sales pitch. If you want to discover some great way of how to get stronger from a world-class acrobatic team who have performed all around the world on every continent, I encourage you to watch this entire video as it is very revealing.

This is an interview I did with a friend of mine who is an international award-winning performer extraordinaire along with his wife who is a prima ballerina as well as acrobat as well. His name is Ilia and they call themselves, Duo Acrobatique.

This video is about 47 minutes long and there's a lot of insight in this video showing the lives of high performance performers and how they stay in phenomenal shape while they're on the road. You'll discover how get stronger and stay in shape like they do while on the road with very little equipment.

In this video, we cover everything from body weight exercises to nutrition and there's even an actual entire body weight workout that Ilia does himself in this video for you to try yourself. 

I travel and work with some absolutely amazing athletes and performers and this is the first of a series of interviews that I'll be putting up in the CoreForce Energy members training area in the future as bonus material so you can have cutting edge info on attaining your ultimate human performance both mentally and physically.

I created this video for all of you and all I ask is that you share this video with your friends. I appreciate and look forward to your comments!

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