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Here's a perfect video that shows you why when you do fun workouts, you're likely to do much more than you normally would.

Just by painting a keyboard on stairs you can see how people instantly were magnetized to play on the stairs instead of taking the escalator which was right next to it. It's really amazing to see…

The stairs were rarely used until the keyboard was painted on it.

Of course, this clearly demonstrates why it's important to make your workouts fun. When you do fun workouts like my wife created – Vanessa Bader's Hot Burning Body weight loss workouts for women and her kettle bell workouts for both men and women that are focused on beginners to the advanced – you're the one that benefits tremendously by it and the time flies by quickly while you're getting in the best shape of your life.

Instead of making your daily workouts so repetitive and boring yourself to tears with monotonous routine, why not imagine that stairs with keyboards painted on them and every pathway is a yellow brick road leading you to optimal fitness?

Fun Workouts Can Give You Faster Results

and Make You Do More Easily

By doing fun workouts and using your creative imagination, you'll get in shape faster and you'll enjoy it a lot more than torturing yourself with with boredom and less intensity that usually accompanies it.

Committed to your Strength and Mastery,

Garin Bader

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Something quite often overlooked when trying to lose weight is that you gain weight easily from the calories of juice and soda as well as spike your sugar levels way beyond where they should go for optimal mental focus and peak performance. Don’t inadvertently sabotage your weight loss.

It's easy to fool yourself into thinking that the calories don't count because liquids aren't as filling as solid foods.

If you're not feeling the sensation of being full, it's very easy to also fool yourself into thinking that you haven't eaten enough. That empty feeling alone can easily make you want to eat more. Without that feeling of being full, you can end up ingesting even more calories than you would have without all the juices and sodas – without even being aware of it.

Don't Be Fooled By Juices

Don't be fooled into thinking juices don't have that many calories compared to sodas. Remember that orange juice “from concentrate” means that your getting only a small percentage of real juice in the first place. Instead of natural sugars, you're also getting lots of extra calories and manufactured sugars that can easily destroy your good intentions in losing weight.

Of course, always try to choose natural juices over the synthetic impostors. You might have to pay a little bit more and specifically ask for it in your favorite restaurant, but there's nothing like the real McCoy. Besides, you're worth it, right?

Even with real juices, do be careful as you can also easily destroy your weight loss goals by drinking too much juice. It takes quite a few oranges or apples to fill up even that small glass and if you end up having several of those small glasses every day, that also can quickly add up to a lot of extra calories and sugar spikes.

What Should You Reach For Instead?

When you're feeling a need for energy and want to squelch that feeling of hunger, try choosing real fruit over ingesting synthetics and you'll be much better off all round. Actually spending the time to chew your food will give you a feeling of fullness that juices and soft drinks simply cannot.

Ripped Abs Inspiration

Ripped Abs Inspiration

Remember the Spartan King Leonidus from the famous movie “300” standing proudly with his ripped abs in battle gear eating an apple. That may be a good way to inspire you to choose fiber and real fruit over the synthetic sugars and extra calories of juices “from concentrate”, energy drinks, sodas, and other concoctions.

It's The Small Things That Create Peak Performance

In the quest for peak performance and super strength, it's always important to be able to call up powerful mental pictures — especially in your weak moments when you attempt to do something that will deter you from your goals. It's the small things that count — Always.

When you're feeling hungry, you may want to also simply reach for a glass of water that has no calories to get rid of that feeling of emptiness. Putting a little slice of lemon in it and ice can also make you feel like you're rewarding yourself instead of depriving yourself. Cold water also makes the body burn more calories trying to bring the temperature down. Every bit helps.

What are your thoughts?

To Your Strength and Mastery,
Garin Bader