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Improving Finger Strength is Essential for Peak Performance

Developing finger strength is essential to incorporate into your strength training programs if you want to achieve true peak performance in any sport or artistic discipline.

As strange as it may seem, I found that most athletes even neglect to put grip exercises into their strength training. Yet, it's when you incorporate grip exercises with fingertip strength that you truly start leapfrogging over your competition to become a peak performance athlete.

“It's the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.”
John Wooden 

Finger Strength Will Improve Your Overall Power

Whether you’re holding a football, basketball, or grappling with an opponent in combat sports like MMA, having finger strength all the way down to your fingernails will vastly improve your game.

If you neglect to develop finger strength, you're much more susceptible to getting debilitating finger injuries, especially in serious competitive sports.

Strengthening your fingers properly makes you less apt to incur serious injuries that could quite possibly put you out of your game for some time.

Grip Exercises Don't Always Improve Finger Strength

Those that do just grip exercises most often neglect to strengthen the full range of finger motion. Because of this, they seldom have fully develop finger strength all the way down to the fingernail tips

Games are won and lost by millimeters and fractions of a second. When you seriouslyfinger exercises for finger strength develop finger strength and put it into your strength training, remember it’s the last flanges of your fingers that can snatch an almost out of reach football out of the air to make the winning touchdown.

Importance To Develop Finger Strength All Way Down To Your Fingernails

No amount of grip exercises are really going to help the very tip of your fingers unless you focus on improving full finger strength with specific exercises that target them.

Being able to hold onto the ball with unstoppable finger strength while an opponent is doing their best to take it from you, could be one of the very things that will help you keep from losing those winning points.

Having said that, I probably don’t have to tell you how important fingertip strength is for a mountaineer. If a mountain climber doesn’t exercise the very tip of his fingers regularly, their finger strength could mean the difference between life and death.

Find out more about fully developing your finger strength whether you're an athlete, musician, martial artist, MMA fighter, or mountaineer. I've created a powerful finger strengthening program and please check it out here.

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Learn About Amazing Finger Exercises That Give You Amazing Finger Strength

Whether you are working to develop stronger hands and fingers or looking for relief from carpal tunnel, finger exercises can help you achieve one or both of those goals quickly if you are armed with the right knowledge and training.

Our fingers and hands are one of our most used and abused body parts that rarely get rewarded on any level. We do things with them every day and don’t even realize that even the way we sit at a computer and type can actually be encouraging fatigue throughout the entire body and many times bring on the first stages of carpal tunnel because of excessive tension of the joints, tendons, and muscles.

It often doesn’t even occur to people that use their hands extensively on the job that doing additional finger exercises can actually help them get even stronger hands and more dexterous fingers that in turn would give them even more productivity and relaxation at the same time.

These Amazing Finger Exercises Create Strong Fingers and Hands Quickly

There are finger exercises that can be done daily to improve your fingers and hand dexterity and flexibility and reduce the risk of getting carpal tunnel syndrome. Many exercises that can help you tremendously don’t require any gimmicky equipment at all.

There is a massive amount of hand and finger exercisers out there that can actually be harmful to your hands and fingers. Just because it looks like fun or a good idea to do doesn’t make it safe or advantageous. There’s a lot of hand exerciser gimmicks that can actually set you up for tremendous tension and downright injury.

Arming yourself with proper knowledge of exactly what are the best finger exercises to do will give you strength, dexterity, and flexibility. The fact is, most of the time you need all these attributes to be operating not just separately but together at the same time for maximum peak performance in any activity that utilizes your hands and fingers.

Most finger exercises and equipment emphasize one attribute at a time and rarely ever teach you how to fuse finger strength, finger dexterity, and finger flexibility together so they harmonize together in synergy to give you maximum peak performance without injury.

No Matter What Profession You’re In Finger Exercises Can Greatly Help Your Performance

Everyone, no matter what profession they are in use their fingers and hands on a daily basis. Of course, people like musicians and athletes require incredibly strong fingers and hands for their profession and even though they practice countless hours on their instruments, the masters know the great benefits of incorporating additional finger exercises into their rehearsals to gain greater virtuosity.finger exercises for musicians

It may sound hard to believe but there are actually finger exercises that are developed specifically to target the muscles and ligaments in your hands whether you are a musician, secretary, strength trainer, or martial artist. These targeted exercises are designed to work on hand and finger strengthening, flexibility, dexterity and speed.

Be Careful What Finger Exercises You Choose – They Can Be Harmful

Many of the finger exercises that are developed by physical therapists and doctor’s can prove to be beneficial but only when done correctly. These finger exercises have a habit of causing injury or aggravating old injuries if not done correctly, which is why many people turn to those that rely upon the use of their fingers and hands for their job. Experience of those that walk the talk is often much more beneficial than theories that are book learned.

Through my experiences as and award-winning concert pianist, master magician, martial arts expert, and personal strength trainer, I’ve seen it all when it comes to the various finger exercises and hand exercises that are out there.

I know what finger exercises work the best and what are downright fluff and dangerous to do. Many strength exercises can actually harm your dexterity and many dexterity exercises don’t automatically bring you strength. The finger exercises I do create both tremendous strength and dexterity at the same time. I can’t afford to have any injuries as a constantly touring entertainer.

My vast experimentation and knowledge in many disciplines and need for all these attributes prompted me to develop my Dymanic Finger Exercises course. These exercises are the very exercises I developed for my own training and quest for mastery and peak performance. Now, you can benefit from all my years of testing and researching as well.

What Can Garin Bader’s Finger Gymnastics Do For You?

Garin Bader’s Dynamic Finger Gymnastics is a comprehensive program packed with dozens of finger exercises and hand exercises that are proven to help develop the finger strength, dexterity, speed and flexibility that is required by many musicians, athletes and typists all over the world.

finger exercises for finger strengthEven though I’m over 200 lbs., I can go from doing two finger pushups to playing my award-winning interpretation of the Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto all within a few moments with no warm-up at all nor fear of any injury. To many, this is an extraordinary superhuman feat because it clearly demonstrates a mastery of finger strength and finger dexterity, along with knowledge of finger injury prevention.

Being able to do things like this is a result of my extensive years of research into discovering what finger exercises can give you ALL the attributes of finger strength, dexterity, and flexibility all at the same time and knowing what exercises will encourage injury.

Is Peak Performance Evading You Too?

I struggled for years with tension and found myself in constant frustration not knowing how I could ever achieve mastery because of it. Physical and mental tension is what holds most people from achieving their dreams. Fortunately, after extensive searching, I found precise finger exercises that could not only strengthen my fingers and hands while giving them tremendous dexterity but ones that could alleviate the debilitating tension that was holding me back.

Even though I studied from really fine teachers, it took me many years to understand that the very finger exercises they had taught me were the very ones that had given them tension in their own careers!

When I realized that, it made me more adamant that I should pass on the knowledge that I had gathered to others so that they could avoid all the undue tension caused by improper execution of hand and finger exercises and wouldn’t have to spend so many frustrating years of spinning their wheels like I had.

Finger Exercises As Carpal Tunnel Exercises

The secret to relieving carpal tunnel aches and pains or preventing it all together lies in learning these valuable finger exercises and knowing exactly how to sit for long hours at your desk or instrument without developing the excruciating tension that comes with bad habits.

In this highly technological world we live in everyone is out there typing up a storm and putting intense pressure and stress on their wrists. This pressure and stress has caused an extraordinary amount of people to develop what is known as carpal tunnel. In fact, carpal tunnel has become so common that you or someone you know suffers from it.

For some people, carpal tunnel can be a painful condition and many of these people just learn how to grin and bear it not even realizing that a few simple daily finger exercises can alleviate their pain when done properly.

If many individuals simply had the proper training and knowledge of exactly what bad habits they could change (ie in the way they sit for long hours in front of their computers), they could discard those unsightly carpal tunnel braces and they could start enjoying the magnificent benefits that true finger strength and finger dexterity brings.

Why Are More And More Musicians Getting Carpal Tunnel?

You’ll find it surprising that more and more musicians these days are
succumbing to the dread of carpal tunnel syndrome even though they use their hands and fingers extensively every day. You see, proper knowledge and technique is something that is not being taught in most finger exercises. Many of them try to barrel through the pain thinking that “No pain, no gain” is what is going to get them further – fast.

Sadly, without proper knowledge and application of technique, even people like musicians and artists can develop carpal tunnel which is not only only extremely debilitating but is often times career ending.

So many people think that musicians would be the last to get carpal tunnel with all the finger exercises and playing they do on a daily basis. But, the fact is, without knowledge of proper technique and finger stretching for recovery, carpal tunnel can secure its nasty grip on anyone.

Find out more about the exact finger exercises I do myself in my tours around the world as both an award-winning concert pianist and magician. You can see video clips of my music and magic show with this link.

Find out more about my dynamic finger exercises course with this link.

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Garin Bader

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