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This video is further proof that you can get stronger and accelerate your skills on almost every level by understanding how to master your vibrational energy.

Approximately, 60% of our bodies are made up of water. So when you see video of how sound frequencies directly affect water molecules, you can begin understanding how every single vibrational frequency you create gives you a distinct design and result.

You'll see definitive proof how vibrational energy affects matter on every level – and that absolutely includes your entire body!

Mastering how to blueprint your energy will help you get stronger in record time.

In CoreForce Energy, you can quickly get stronger at highly accelerated speeds by learning exactly how to master your vibrational energy and integrate it into your body on a cellular level.

Learning to blueprint and map optimal vibrational energy can dramatically accelerate your abilities in many areas and disciplines. This is backed up by science and not New Age “woo woo”.


Breath and Sound Blueprinting Can Dramatically
Improve Your Human Performance on Every Level


Through sound and breath mapping integrated with expansive body movement concepts instead of the usual constipated compression that everyone utilizes, you begin practicing and performing always in an optimal State of Mastery.

This puts you head and shoulders above everyone else immediately when you're fully conscious of how to utilize optimal energy and turn it on at will to enhance anything you do. This is one of the key concepts you will learn anywhere else and what makes CoreForce Energy so powerful.

 This video will blow you away…

More Proof Vibrational Energy Directly Affects Your Body and Strength >>>>

Everything we see, hear, and feel can be measured by vibrational energy. Yet, less than 1% have any idea how to blueprint their energy to accelerate their abilities to access success and mastery with their bodies.

Did you know that the trajectory of how you breathe can be measured as vibrational energy and immediately interpreted by the body how it moves either gracefully or clumsily? Masters breathe and move completely different than everyone else. That's no accident but unfortunately it's usually very unconscious by those practitioners in one of the reasons why great masters quite often don't make great teachers.

When you learn how to consciously create and integrate vibrational energy mapping into your sports, exercises, and any area of physical mastery pursuits, you get unbelievably accelerated results that are astonishing. You can learn exactly how to energetically blueprint and map your breath, sound, and movements in CoreForce Energy. These things will quickly take you to a whole of experience and mastery in whatever you do.

Integrate Blueprinted Energy Directly Into Your
Body And Get Accelerated Performance Mastery

If your frequencies are incorrectly dialed in and/or you have no idea how to translate blueprinted energy directly into your body, you'll continue to get mediocre results.  hard gains.

Masters in any discipline are using completely different breath, sound, and thought frequencies than everyone else. However, you can leapfrog past or current abilities once you become consciously aware of how to blueprint your vibrational energy.

If you want to get stronger faster or if you want to gain accelerated mastery skill levels in almost every level, hard work alone does not guarantee you'll learn any of these things.

I know! I did things the HARD way year after year with downright flatlining and discouraging results literally fighting against myself.

Watch this video and I think you'll quickly become clearly aware of the extreme importance of why learning to resonate the correct frequencies throughout your body with sound, breath, and thoughts will give you the accelerated results that most dream of having.

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In this post I'd like to discuss how to increase testosterone by crushing three nutrition myths.

Did you know that most everyone in the fitness industry eat and recommend diets that actually LOWERS their testosterone?

Today I’d like to share with you some cutting-edge tested and proven strength training methods that will reveal exactly how to increase testosterone and how to build muscle faster.

Without the right kind of testosterone balance, whether you’re male or female, you’ll find yourself always struggling to progress in your fitness, strength, and weight-loss goals.

Understanding how to increase your testosterone and balance your hormones could be one of the single most important subjects you research ASAP if you’re one of those people.

If you want to get stronger fast, put on muscle, and lose some extra body fat, I recommend you read for yourselves how your diet right now is actually killing your testosterone levels.

how to increase testosterone


HERE'S 3 Critical Myths that are sabotaging your testosterone levels and your goals of getting as strong and lean as you can be.

1. Myth #1: The High Protein Myth
You’ll find with the research provided here with links, that you can pretty much throw out that old bodybuilding golden rule where they say that 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight is an absolute must. You’ll discover that research actually says that your body can act only process and use a 0.8 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight. The rest is simply Not utilized and is wasted.

2. Myth #2: The Low Carb Myth
having a diet rich in carbohydrates is ESSENTIAL for high testosterone output. In a nutshell, if you want to fire up your testosterone levels, it’s almost guaranteed you need more carbohydrates than you are consuming right now.

3. Myth #3: The Post Workout Shake Myth
If you’re throwing into your body whey protein shakes loaded with high levels of fast acting carbohydrates right after a workout, these shakes can actually cut your testosterone levels down by up to 50% for up to five hours! This is exactly the time you really want your testosterone levels to be the highest they can be.


Remember, without the right amount of testosterone, you’re pretty much spinning your wheels trying to build real strength, muscle mass, and losing those extra pounds you’ve been trying to forever. Click here to find out more in depth how to increase testosterone with a great action plan to dramatically amp up your testosterone levels.

You DON’T need massive amounts of supplements and absolutely YOU DON’T and SHOULDN’T be trying to boost up your testosterone with any harmful drugs.

If you’re serious about learning more how to increase your testosterone levels and want to get stronger fast, build muscle in record time, and lose some xtra lbs. on your midsection all at the same time, click here to learn more.

Creator and Founder of
CoreForce Energy