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Here's the Big Difference of Muscular Strength vs. Effortless Power of CoreForce Energy

Hey, thanks for your interest in CoreForce Energy! Here's a video showing the massive difference between using muscular strength and the effortless power of CoreForce Energy.

Check out what Effortless Power of CoreForce Energy looks like when striking a 300 lb dummy filled with sand, rock, and water.

You'll see the tremendous difference between using muscular strength vs the Effortless Power of CoreForce Energy.

Here's Why Muscular Strength is Less Powerful than the Effortless Power of CoreForce Energy

Although CoreForce Energy can be used for any sport or activity and for accelerating the expression and virtuoso technique of a musical performance to speaking in front of an audience with greater stage presence, here is where I show you how powerful it can be with little effort once you understand the principles in a punching demo.

Using Effortless Power not only can double your muscular strength quickly, but it also helps prevent injury simply because it reduces the jarring motions that always accompanies muscular strength. You'll see there's hardly any telegraphing and this Effortless Power translates immediately into increased muscular strength and endurance simply because you're not working against yourself with undue muscular tension.

If you want peak performance training, this system will give you a ton of benefits by fusing mind and body together with cutting-edge techniques.

Coreforce Energy Increases Your Muscular Strength Quickly and Makes You Strong At Any Angle

CoreForce Energy gives you super strength at any angle because throughout every millisecond of the movement, you have complete structural integrity that puts the full force of your body energy into every movement instead of the other way with muscular strength where there is usually only one place of true structural integrity which is at point of impact.

Muscular strength makes you fight against yourself physically and mentally. It's slow, angular, telegraphs, prone to increasing injuries, and puts undue strain on your cardiovascular.

You can do things the old and inefficient way using muscular strength OR you can begin using the Effortless Power of CoreForce Energy. Check it out and get one-on-one coaching for free.

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To Your Strength and Mastery,
Garin Bader


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Women often don't train in the gym wanting to attain peak human strength and conditioning. However, as a women, you likely worry about being able to defend yourself against an attacker. Hopefully you will never be put into that type of situation, but if it ever were to arise, would you know what to do?

What if I told you with little effort you can ward off an attacker with your own strength? You won't have to spend hours in the gym or take expensive self defense courses to do so either.

All you need when working toward attaining peak human strength and conditioning is to visualize core force energy come in and go out through your arms, releasing from your fingers. With proper visualization efforts, you can increase your natural strength 3, 4, even 5 times within minutes when you know exactly how.Peak Human Strength and Conditioning of CoreForce Energy

Think of energy enter your hands as a source of light. As light extends, it becomes stronger and stronger. It's as though the light becomes an extension of your body, growing in strength, distance, and space. It almost creates a natural force field around you.

Imagine if you had a force field that protects you at all times. Now imagine this force field not only protects you but allows you to harness energy beyond your imagination. In my core force energy program, I teach you how to harness this energy so that you can become more powerful than every imagined.

It is a far greater value than a self defense course because it doesn't take months, just minutes, for you to learn life-saving techniques. To learn more, visit CoreForce Energy, and find out how to create a powerful mind body connection.

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What does super human speed have in common with your light switch? What if you could travel at 186,000 miles per second? That's as fast as the speed of light. Likely your grandparents or great-grandparents lived during a time when they did not have the convenience of a light switch to bring them out of the dark.


To develop super human speed, you must think of yourself as a source of light. You can use your own thought of moving at the speed of light as a measure to increase super human strength and speed. The process is as simple as pressing the light switch on.


An exercise that I teach you in my Core Force Energy strength training program DVD series and at my seminars involve visualizing yourself moving at the speed of light then sitting at the top a light bulb as you turn the light switch on. Many people find this hard because most of us don't even give second thought to the act of turning on a light.


But, it's actual quite a miraculous process. I want you to go over to the light switch right now and turn it on. The instant you press the switch up the light comes on. Electricity is traveling through your walls and entering your light bulb all in one simultaneous movement.


What if your mind could work that fast? Then what if this transferred into your own speed and strength? Increasing your speed and moving from one place to the next, regardless if it is a single step or an entire mile all lies within the power of your own mind. By concentrating kinetic energy into a singular movement while evoking the power of sound, you can shed seconds off your fastest 40 meter, 200 meter, or even mile time.


Now, I don't think for a second that we will be able to move at the speed of light or promise anyone they'll learn that in my coaching. But, most of us model other human beings when we want to excel and end up with a poor imitation that's far below our own true potential simply because we're using too many muscles and not moving as efficiently as we could if we would learn how to model things like electricity that would give us far superior results.


If you want to develop super human speed and achieve your own ultimatepeak performance, then check out my Core Force Energy strength training program today…