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Jack LaLanne was a massive influence in my dreams as a young boy to develop super human strength and his passing today age of 96 deeply saddens fitness buffs and millions around the world.

I practically grew up on his television series expounding the benefits of fitness and body weight exercises and he was the first to get me inspired to build up my body with body weight exercises.

He has influence millions of lives by his powerful life, message of fitness, and feats of strength.

Jack LaLanne, at the age of 42 pumped out over 1,000 push-ups in 23 minutes on the “You Asked For It” television show!

Another feat of strength that impressed me was that he swam from Alcatraz Island to Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco — handcuffed, shackled and towing a boat. I went to the San Francisco Conservatory of Music and remember all the stories of the wicked tides there are known to be incredibly dangerous and was one of the reasons why they built a maximum security prison in the middle of the harbor.

BTW, he was 60 years old at the time! Imagine!!!

Here's one of my favorite Jack LaLanne quotes:

“The only way you can hurt the body is not use it. Inactivity is the killer and, remember, it's never too late.”

“Anything is possible – as long as you make it happen”


Jack LaLanne superhuman strength at 71
Jack LaLanne at 71!

This is a massive salute and THANK YOU to a truly great man who walked his talk to the fullest degree and left lasting images of superhuman strength in the minds of many people.

Here's a great link to hear about some of his amazing feats of strength and unstoppable endurance. He truly was a remarkable man on many levels and if you don't know that much about him I encourage you to read about his life and to listen to this link:

I remember he had a long-standing bet to any athlete who can keep up with him with any of his crazy workouts in the gym. The money he put up for the bet was quite substantial and no one ever took him up on it to win the prize. They knew they would be humiliated by his unstoppable super strength.

His television shows were always a big inspiration and a remember watching them and doing exercises with my mother. His advice was always stellar and he was the person who really got me to start eating right, exercising wholeheartedly with bodyweight exercises, and starting my quest for maximum peak performance training.

Let's send a prayer to him and his family and let his feats of strength and great advice on health and nutrition make us better. We are forever grateful. THANK YOU.

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Improve muscular strength and speed quickly by learning to move your entire body like the relaxation and tension waves that music inherently possesses.

If you can learn to move your entire body with the effortless relaxation and tension waves that music inherently possesses, your body begins moving much more effortlessly and your strength and speed increase exponentially.

This is where you leave the world of mundane human performance and begin entering the realm of superhuman strength and speed and true peak performance training.

Understanding Our Relationship to Music and Strength


Enjoy this video by the remarkable conductor of the Boston Philharmonic and inspired music educator, Benjamin Zander. Understanding our relationship to music and living with passion are melded together exquisitely in this inspiring video. He gives us exceptional insights in appreciating each moment of our life and understanding its relationship to the next – just like then notes of a beautifully crafted musical phrase.

Whether it's strength training or life in general, remembering our relationship to music, time, and passion is paramount. To enter the realm of possibilities and cross over into our greater self that exhibits effortless superhuman strengths and creativity, developing a relationship to our passion is essential and learning to eliminate all unnecessary movement and tension for the action at hand. This is how to improve muscular strength and speed quickly where you can see results not in weeks but in minutes.

Leraning to move effortlessly with superior strength and speed is what I teach extensively in my superhuman strength system, CoreForce Energy.

Watch this video the end and I think you'll be inspired and energized to live each moment with more passion and appreciation. If you're a muscle head and think that talking about classical music and phrasing has nothing to do with improving your muscular strength quickly, you're missing out on some extremely valuable peak performance training.


Check out this outstanding book co-authored by Benjamin Zanders: The Art of Possibility: Transforming Professional and Personal Life


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Many athletes use a form of mental focus training to help them achieve extreme strength. This training allows for them to make their workout routines both creative and effective in the long run. It also allows them to exhibit extreme strength by having maximum mental focus.

Did you know that the combination of extreme strength and focus training can be helpful beyond the gym and training areas? It can also be helpful in every day situations and events that you might encounter.

Here's 3 every day activities that mental focus training helps focus athletes and even non-athletes.

Mental focus training helps with conversation following. Ever notice that in conversations your attention may wander? Mental focus training can help people focus upon a certain conversation and keep the mind from wandering. This will allow for more effective communication between people. Effective communication will lead to a more productive work and social life. To help stay in the moment, really listen and concentrate on what the other person is saying and try to come up with two questions while they're talking that would lead the conversation in different directions. This helps you really understand what they're saying and stay in moment. This also makes you more interesting because everyone loves someone who's interested in them.

A busy day will be less hectic and run smoother. The ability to use mental focus to work out a daily routine will allow for ones personal life to go smoother. The training that is used will carry over into figuring out a schedule that works for each individual person. By focusing on a specific task at one time it will allow for a day that might appear chaotic to run smoothly. Getting rid of the clutter around your desk also help rid the clutter in your mind and keep you focused on one task at a time.

The ability to learn and adapt new tasks. People have to adapt to all types of new and different situations throughout the day. Mental focus can help in focusing upon that specific task and allow the brain to process the information that is needed to learn such a task or skill. I've been able to learn many skills in many disciplines because they focus short bursts of time on only one thing at a time. The short bursts with breaks in between help encourage enthusiasm as well as rapid learning skills.

Setting the countdown timer is extremely helpful to not help keep your commitment to keep the brakes short and regular, but they also help encourage energy rejuvenation which is vital to keep maximum enthusiasm and optimal peak performance output.

Mental focusing can come in handy in many other daily situations. Training the mind to be prepared to deal with such situations will allow for a better response when one is faced with a possibility that requires concentration or the ability to focus. It'll be surprising how many situations mental focus helps in once you've learned the ability to apply it to daily life situations.

I'd love to hear your mental focus training techniques that you use during your day and hear comments from you because I personally respond to every comment. So, go ahead and comment and ask…