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The type of music you listen to can have a dramatic impact on your physiology and intelegently applied to your  workouts can help build strength and speed much faster. Here's some ideas on how music can improve your peakperformance training and strength.

The top 40-playlist music that you hear at the gym screaming out of fellow gym goers earphones is music that may get the adrenaline pumping, but can actually cause you to unconsciously add more tension to your body. This results in less strength and an internal battle between your muscles and your mind, it's like driving with the handbrake on, you're not going to be able to get very far are you?

Use Music To Motivate, Don't Be It's Slave

You see, most Rock/Metal music is produced in a way (especially now with advancements in technology) that the music is almost “pounded” into you. You have no choice but to be it's slave. It pushes you around and quite often the steady pounding beats influence your body movements to be stiff, angular, and excessively compressed rather than organically fluid, powerful and spontaneous.

Trying to “out-wit” your muscles most often results in more “constipated” breathing patterns and fatigue due to the unconscious engagement of too many muscle fibers and the force being applied to them.

You may feel inspired by what you're listening too but the effect of your musculature and physiology most likely doesn't qualify as  anything near optimal peak performance training. In fact, in most cases, music playlists are just a set of haphazard of “feel-good” songs, that can actually be pulling up the handbrake on your overall progress.

How many people do you see at the gym that look the same month after month? Lift almost the same weight month after month? Have a zombie-like glaze over their eyes? Is it any wonder why they don't get results and end up canceling their membership and searching around for the next “gadget” to deliver them optimal workouts?

By not taking total conscious charge of the music playlists you listen to at the gym, it's most likely your strength, speed, endurance, weight loss, and fitness goals will be haphazard just like these people you see so often.

You'll speed up your progress much faster if your mind is truly inspired by music that actually encourages your body to move more organically powerful like some of the examples below.

The music you're currently listening to can be causing you to be driving with your handbrake on.

To change things up, try contrasting music some selections from a Rock/Metal genre with fast tempos,  with a piece from the great master Ludwig van Beethoven or Carl Orff as you'll hear in examples below.

When you listen to this music, think of how you could incorporate the movement of the music, with lifting weights, running, and cardio…

It may seem counter-intuitive at first some part but if you're brave and willing to try listening to something different and give it a chance, you'll most likely be amazed how your body and mind respond together.

Music that “breathes” different allows your body to breath different and give you better results in strength, speed, and endurance – not to mention exceptional attributes for faster recovery.

The music you pump into your brain directly correlates how your body will move and respond. It can make your stronger, faster or it can have you flatlining and over taxed.

Remember, if you think differently, you will get a different result. What you listen to directly affects everything you think and do whether you're really conscious of it or not.

So, try this..

Before you go to the gym next time, load up your mp3 player with some music from some of the examples I've given you below. Those of you who think you don't like classical music or soundtracks won't be able to help but be inspired by some of the examples below.

You've heard this music below whether you realize it or not – in bits in pieces in some of the most influential movies of all time at the places in the place where the most desirable impact needed to be conveyed.

Carmina Burana O Fortuna has been used many many times in movies for the music playing behind King Arthur and his knights pounding through the forest to battle in full battle gear to demonic thriller movies.

By linking powerful pictures you see in your mind's eye with powerful “breathing” music like this that has full of ups and downs, relaxing and dynamic phrasing, along with gagged dynamics help your body move much more organically powerful, fluid, and fast by not overtaxing your musculature.

Here's a few good examples of powerful music that will fill your body with power, strength, and inspiration AND new ways of moving and breathing…..

Carl Orff  - Carmina Burana O FortunaCarl Orff – Carmina Burana O Fortuna Carl Orff Carmina burana O Fortuna The full piece from UCtelevision :

Imagine the orchestra behind you as your lifting weights or running and as the harmony and the vocals volume increase, imagine yourself lifting more, feed off the music's energy! Imagine yourself as King Arthur or as one of his Knights of the Round Table pounding on horseback fearless and unstoppable.

Gustav Holst - MarsGustav Holst – Mars Mars, from Gustav Holst's Planet Suite, being played by The Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra and conducted by Sir Charles Mackerras.

Imagine in this music you ARE the god of war and have the power to destroy planets and solar systems with just your grip alone. Do you think your breathing patterns would change listening to this? Do you think your adrenaline will be pumping to lift more and do more to realize your fitness dreams faster?

 You could maybe utilize this in a cardio workout, imagining doing martial arts punching or kicks to this music.

Classical music has very little technology and electronics as part of it's instrumentation. To me, Classical gives the music a chance to “breathe” as well as your mind and body. It invokes the imagination like no other style can do especially because it was composed in the days long before TV and movies so that the notes themselves would paint a picture. And, they do if you know how to listen properly.  If you listen with headphones you will be able to hear more of the nuances of this style that will empower you!

Take for example, the latest Hollywood blockbusters out, listen to the soundtrack, it's mostly all orchestral. Is it any wonder why, when the superhero does his/her thing the music matches it? And how when we leave the cinema, we want to be that superhero and emulate their moves?.  Unconsciously the music has sparked a change in our physiology, this is CRUCIAL to understanding the body and strength.

Here are 2 great examples form Hollywood blockbusters I found online..

Dragon:The Bruce Lee Story -SoundtrackDragon:The Bruce Lee Story -Soundtrack this was from the video ^^

Beautiful isn't it? If you were to put that on your mp3 player and listen at the gym and you imagined yourself in front the orchestra playing that,  how would that make your body move?

You would move more efficiently and effectively as the music is allowing your body to move more fluidly.

Batman 1989 - Soundtrack SuiteBatman 1989 – Soundtrack Suite A suite of various pieces from Batman (1989), edited and mixed in Audacity. composed by Danny Elfman. In light of the recent release of the “Expanded Archiva…

 Imagine yourself when lifting weights to be driving in the “Batmobile” with the orchestra behind you, whilst lifting weights or doing body weight exercises

In CoreForce Energy, I teach my clients to  feel energy and use this to accelerate their performance.

To your strength and mastery,

Garin Bader.

Use Music To Motivate, Don't Be It's Slave 

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Here's a great video explaining some key concepts to mastery and mental training for peak performance. In this video Robert Greene, author, gives some us some great insights in his book new book “Mastery” about the great minds true history and how we can achieve our own levels of mastery by adopting some of their methods of learning and adapting.

There are so many books and courses on mental training for peak performance but so many of them are filled with gimmicks and games rather than simple and practical advice that we can apply to creating habits within our daily lives that would enable us to access the true genius within all of us.

Great masters like Albert Einstein in physics, Thomas Edison in invention, Napoleon Bonaparte in warfare, Picasso in art, and Steve Jobs in computers in design all had an almost sixth sense for divining new aspects of our physical world reality and discovering opportunities that are seemingly invisible to everyone else.

This video is a little over 52 minutes long, but I guarantee you'll love the content if you're into mastery of mental peak performance and leaving your mark by accessing your full human potential.

They all have an intuitive grasp of their respective fields that allows them to operate on a much higher dimensional plane and with greater speed than most. They make the most creative associations between techniques and by mastering something highly complex, it has enabled them to master highly complex abilities that ultimately create achievements that inspire us all.

Most of us tend to think that genetics plays the most important part to attaining this kind of superior intelligence. Some say it is an innate gift, luck, or other factors that are just completely out of our control.

Robert Greene concludes that after years of studying this phenomenon, that the opposite is true. He believes it intelligence results from the processes that masters go through and that enables them to transcend others in their various fields.

He concludes that joy in discovery and love for your subject matter enables you to put in more hours of hard work and resilience than most could ever think of doing.

One of the aspects that's often missed in discussing mental training for peak performance is the importance of loving what you do. This is one of the most important factors in determining how much you will learn, discover, and persist in pursuing transcendent ideas and abilities.

The simple idea of loving what you do makes you work harder, longer, and keeps you forever inquisitive to discover new information and techniques.

This makes you excel much faster and crush those who aren't driven by a love of what they do nor have the burning desire that's necessary uncover every available resource to succeed.

Understanding all of the variables that will allow you to excel in your chosen field will make it much easier for you to attain mastery and leadership in your chosen field.

I would recommend watching this video until the end because there are some great gems for mental training for peak performance.

If you want to discover your ultimate human potential and unlock the super strength and speed that's already buried within you, check out the mind body peak performance that CoreForce Energy can helps you achieve quickly and effortlessly.

Make sure you check out Robert Greene's Mastery book here:

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According to recent studies, caffeine helps improve strength and boosts your performance by stimulating neuromuscular excitability throughout your body. It actually promotes calcium release into your muscles that also increases your strength.

Your neuromuscular peformance is very important to pay attention to for optimal peak performance training. Your energy and performance most often decrease in the early morning as well as late afternoon.

Recent studies have found that compared to afternoons and evenings our performance actually decreases most often in the early morning and late evenings.

Accoring to Spanish researchers, injesting caffeine supplements helped prevent early morning decreases in performance in strength training with weight in men by increasing muscle recruitment levels.

Caffeine is still restricted from the NCAA, but it was taken off the banned list back in 2004.

So if you want to improve strength levels and performance especially in the early morning hours, a cup of coffee is certainly going to help get you past any possible slumps.