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This photo was taken on top of the famous Table Mountain in Cape Town South Africa. Yes, that ledge I'm on drops straight down. Call me crazy.

In my super hand and finger strengthening course Finger Gymnastics, I teach you how to have extreme finger and hand strength and for them to be strong at any angle and for any situation or activity.

Finger Exercises for Functional Strength and Injury Prevention

Not only is this unique in itself, there's no course that can cover such a huge gamut from strength training to dexterity training, from stretching to preventing and relieving carpal tunnel syndrome.

What amazes me is that so much advice is given about finger and hand conditioning by supposed experts who base their advice on theories, conjecture, and textbook information –  not on wisdom gathered from real live experience and by “experts” who have actually mastered the things they talk about in the real world.

I have spent my entire life mastering many disciplines from martial arts to playing musical instruments, from painting and sculpting to massage therapy and two finger push-ups. Not only do I walk my talk, but I can tell you what works and doesn't work from countless hours of practice and learning by trial and error.

Finger Gymnastics Has Everything You Need

My hands and fingers have never been injured with all the insane extreme activities and disciplines I have pursued in my lifetime. What you will find in my Finger Gymnastics course is everything you need to strengthen your fingers and hands no matter what your discipline and activities are.

What could you do if your fingers could move with strength at any angle while being fast and extremely dexterous at the same time?

Check out Finger Gymnastics now….

To your strength and mastery,


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Finger exercises can benefit you no matter who you are or what you do. I do specific finger exercises that not only strengthen my fingers tremendously but also make them very nimble and fast. I use them to make me a better concert pianist, magician, artist, sculptor, and martial artist to name a few.

Check out this quick video to see finger dexterity in action with some close up magic done in between my performances on concert tour where I combine piano, magic, martial arts, and storytelling in a big theatrical show.

Many of you know me only for my super strength training concepts of CoreForce Energy, in doing to finger push-ups ala Bruce Lee in a fully extended plank position. But, many of you might not know of my magic and performing background.

BTW, the magic in this video is done with a real deck of cards in the two finger push-ups that I do are not done with any tricks of any kind. Promise.

Those two finger push-ups are done with just raw mental and physical power that I can easily coach you how to do in CoreForce Energy where I show you exactly how to fuse mind and body together seamlessly like nothing you've seen before.

On the video on this page, there’s one move that I worked on six years to get it to the point so you can’t see it(hopefully!) even in full daylight and has fooled a lot of well known magicians around the world. Just that one move alone that happens in an instant I practiced thousands of times every week.

I was fascinated and love real sleight of hand early on as a kid. So started the practicing of serious close-up magic when I was seven years old.

Eventually, I began working as Master Magician in several prestigious hotels on the East Coast. For many years, performing close-up magic paid the entirety of the high rents and living costs in New York. This was all during the time when I was practicing 8 to 13 hours a day on the piano pursuing a career of a concert pianist.

Throughout many years of my life I've always practiced both piano and magic furiously for many hours a day. This is in addition to practicing martial arts and grappling where finger strength is detrimental.

Directly because of the finger exercises that I do even with all these things combined, I never developed the much dreaded and debilitating carpal tunnel syndrome that so many of my colleagues did while doing only a fraction of the work I put in.

There were many years of very brutally hard practice, hardships, and disappointments. But, eventually it all paid off when I was finally was able to achieve some amazing breakthroughs in a short amount of time.

The dark clouds finally parted and my performing career as a concert pianist was finally launched. It began shortly after I was blessed to have won first place in the international competition called Artists International Young Musicians Competition that put me into Carnegie Hall. That, along with a few more gold medals in other competitions, led to extensive concert touring internationally that continues to this day.

Eventually I combined both loves of playing the piano and doing magic and created an award-winning theatrical show that you can see some video clips of the show here.


 Can You Too Prevent Carpal Tunnel?

I never suffered from debilitating carpal tunnel like so many of my colleagues did only did even with all the many hours of practice on the piano and doing close up magic,. There's a direct reason for that…

That's because through the years, I also incorporated many unique finger exercises into my daily routines that tremendously helped me me evade the dreaded carpal tunnel syndrome that sidelines so many.

You can find out more abou my dynamic finger exercises course, Finger Gymnastics, e

It takes real serious practice over many years and thousands of repetitions every day to do close-up magic with a real deck of cards with no gimmicks of any kind. A couple of the moves you will see in the video, I continually practice daily 500 plus times just to keep in shape.

To Your Strength and Mastery,
Garin Bader

P.S. If you want fantastic finger exercises to increase your finger strength and finger dexterity while protecting your hands from the dreaded carpal tunnel, check out Finger Gymnastics. It contains a huge array of the very unique finger exercises that I continue to do daily especially on concert tour throughout the world to keep my hands in top shape so I can deliver the best performances I'm capable of.

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Most ab training exercise videos fail miserably in their content and are a big waste of time and I'd like to tell you about one that's quite extraordinary. Of course, a lot of ab training videos on the market have great eye candy with models who usually have never worked out with the very program they promote and have first-rate production values and all kinds of hype.

In spite of all this, most these are quite often an ineffectual waste of time and you're left with only hope by some chance they will sculpt six-pack abs. Instead you're left with flab and frustration – and the only thing that's flat is your wallet.

You've heard that doing crunches or some other small motion ab exercises will trim and tone your tummy. But the fact is, watch real gymnasts with the best abs in the world train, and you'll rarely ever see them doing such exercises.

Gymnasts Have The Strongest,
Most Muscular Abs On The Planet

It's a well-known fact that gymnasts have the strongest, most muscular abs on the planet.

So, why would you want to spend hours doing ab exercises from videos by quite often diet fatigued skinny models with air-brushed abs doing exercises that barely move your heartbeat up one notch – and think you're going to get gymnast strong abs?CoreForce Energy Gymnastic Abs

Most of us don't have a lot of time these days but we still want awesome results. You know I haven't recommended many products and I will tell you the program I'm going to tell you about gives you an incredible workout in no matter how little or much time you have. It gives you ab exercises that hit your entire body to give you full functional strength – something most courses don't do.

These exercises run the gamut of very easy to very difficult, and this course shows you exactly how to progress and really get into the muscles and motions to get the most effective results for sculpting and strengthening.

To really get a lean set of abs and to truly carve your core, you need to do the exercises that are done by
those athletes with the best abs and who demonstrate powerful muscular strength and strength in all angles: the gymnasts.

A good friend of mine, Eddie Baran, is a first class gymnast and he walks his talk in every dimension and that's always a good indicator of someone to learn from. I recommend this one highly for good reason. The exercises will rip your abs and give you tremendous core strength. You will learn how to use your abdominal muscles for full functional strength and exercise all parts of the abs including those obnoxious “love handles”.

Rip Your Abs and Get Rid of Those Love Handles!

In his Gymnastic Abs program, Eddie Baran shows you the gymnast's secret to powerful ripped abs and full body strength. The program works and gets results if you do it.

If you do exactly what he instructs, in no time your midsection will be chiseled and flat. With this program, you're guaranteed to get a great workout, increase strength, and get rid of back pain in a very short time by doing his ab exercises.

If you use this special link to buy Gymnastic Ab Strength , I will send you bonus videos with additional ab exercises that I personally use in my CoreForce Energy workouts with my wife Vanessa, creator of HotBurning Body. She'll be giving you some of the tips for ab training that has given her a first-class physique as well an put her into the Ms. Bikini USA competition this year.

I do get a commission from this product but as always, I only promote it because I believe in it and use it myself. If you'd rather go to the Gymnastic Ab Strength without my affiliate link, I'll give you this link then click here. But, please remember, if you buy from this link, you will not get any of our smokin' core ab bonuses.

To Your Strength and Mastery,
Garin Bader

P.S. These bonus ab exercises I'll include are completely different than what you'll see in Eddie's program, not only complimenting them but also showing you how to apply CoreForce Energy strength and HotBurning Body body sculpting to Eddie's program with tips that'll help your ab workouts generate even more power in all that you do. Remember though it's only through this special link that you get these bonuses:
Gymnastic Ab Strength

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