How to Gain Muscle Mass Fast

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How to Gain Muscle Mass Fast

So you have signed up on a gym membership and have been working out regularly in your quest to be more muscular. Weeks and months have gone by and you have not seen much muscle gain. Why is that so? How can you gain muscle mass faster?

Well, you are not alone. This is because there plenty of science and hard work involved if you really want to build muscle mass like those of bodybuilders. However, I understand that most guys will not want to get that big and so, your it will be much easier if you just want muscles big enough for you to go shirtless at the beach or at the public swimming pool to impress girls.

So here are two surefire ways for you get impressive muscle gain real fast!

Muscle mass workouts – There are two exercises you must do to pack on impressive muscle mass and they are The Squat and Deadlift. These are two powerful exercises that can build impressive muscle mass all over your body.

Strangely, most people in the gym are not doing these excercises. Somehow people tend to favor puny exercises like dumbbell bicep curls and dumbbell triceps kickbacks. This is the reason why most of them don't gain the muscle size that they want because they are not doing mass builders like the Squat and Deadlift.

The mere fact that each of these two exercises work out about 75% of your entire body speaks volumes about its effectiveness as a mass muscle builder. On top of that, because so many body parts are being worked out at the same time, you will be lifting heavier weights with greater intensity which is the basis for muscular development. This will also force your body to release more of your natural human growth hormone and testosterone which are important hormones for muscle building and tissue repairs.

The result from the hormonal increase will result in bigger muscles all over your body.

The Deadlift and Squats are classified under the category of compound exercises. Compound exercises are workouts with movements on two or more joints. The more joints that are involved in an exercise, the more muscle fibers and body parts are involved. This means that you are working on many muscle groups simultaneously.

If you ever hope to get gain bigger muscles all over your body, then compound exercises are mandatory. There are no two ways about it. So your workouts must include compound exercises like deadlifts, squats, bench presses, barbell rows, pull ups, chin ups, military presses and dips. If you are only doing isolation exercises like bicep curls and triceps kickbacks, then your muscle gain will be very slow and tedious and that is if they ever grow in the first place.

Forty Five Minute Workout – If you are working out with compound exercises with enough intensity, you would have worked out your entire body within 45 minutes. Then it is time for you to get out of the gym, take a quick shower, wolf down your protein shake and consume a well balanced meal to feed your muscles.

Another reason for leaving the gym within 45 minutes is because with the intensity and toll compound exercises exert on your body, it is under tremendous stress. When under stress, your body will produce a hormone called cortisol. This hormone can suppress your testosterone production and cause your body to store body fat.

So if you want to gain muscle mass fast, do add the squat and deadlift into your bodybuilding program. Then workout with compound exercises and remember to have rest days in between for your body to recuperate and grow.

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Jump Higher Faster by Getting Your Core Muscles Stronger

The purpose of this article is to show you how important it is to strengthen you core muscles in order to jump higher faster. After reading this article one should be able to determine what core muscles to workout and how then can help to increase your vertical leaping ability.

When I first started to research online I found a lot of programs out there that promised to increase your vertical leap. And a lot of them worked! however unfortunately a lot of the didn't either. And after years of research it still bothers me to this day to see how so many are training incorrectly or are just simply not getting the most out of there workouts.

Your core is one of the most important sections of your body to include into your jumping workout routine. Your core is important because it provides you with stability, and in addition it also helps you with the swinging of yours as you jump to gain momentum. The more stable you are when you take off the more power and lift you are able to generate when you jump.

Some great exercises for working out your core are back extensions, sit ups, crunches, and reverse crunches. Be sure to include these exercises into your routing if you are not doing them already in order to get the best results, as far as increasing your jumping ability is concerned.

In conclusion working out your core is an important to increase you vertical and ensure maximum gains.

Additionally you want to make sure that you don't also forget about your upper body as well. Although you core is important to focus on it's only one detail out of many that need attention as well.

Moreover you not only want to work on getting muscles stronger you also want to work on explosiveness.

You can be the strongest man in the world but that doesn't mean anything once you get on the court.

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