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How To Develop Superhuman Strength

The fundamental element to develop superhuman strength begins first in the mind. Too many people want to achieve peak performance these days and treat the body and mind as if they were separate entities.

The quicker you learn to understand that there must be a powerful fusion of mind and body to develop superhuman strength, the quicker you will achieve peak performance you seek. So many people think that when they're using their willpower that they are indeed using their mind to command their body to develop superhuman strength. But, in fact, willpower often brings on debilitating tension which ultimately weakens the body quicker.

Most people understand the muscles don't have an intrinsic intelligence. Yet, many of us in the Western cultures tend to treat the brain as a supervisor and the muscles as their employees who will must follow their bosses commands without question. Unfortunately just as in that real life and with real people, the body doesn’t always want to graciously follow impulsive, cavalier, and often dangerous commands that put it at risk.

Should The Mind and Body Be Trained Together Or Separately to Develop Superhuman Strength?

Inadvertently thinking of the mind and body as separate entities, so many go to the gym thinking they are really using their mind because they’re using their willpower to whip their bodies into submission. This is one of the reasons why the majority of people have so much trouble achieving their goals super strength and supreme mental focus  AND end up with a lot of injuries. Many Eastern cultures always talk about the blending of the mind and body together to create Intrinsic Energy or Chi. Yet, most of the time, it's extremely rare to find someone that can teach a student how the mind and body can be completely fused to develop superhuman strength without years and years of meditation and practice. I have spent years practicing meditation myself and although I believe in it wholeheartedly in being able to achieve miraculous transformations, I have proven time and time again with my principles of CoreForce Energy that students can achieve what I will call superhuman strength within a few minutes of using its principles — yes, without all of the years of brutal training and years of self-actualizing meditation.

Fusing the Mind and Body Together for Peak Performance

I do believe in extreme hard work but I definitely believe in first engaging the mind intelligently to work in unison with the body with smart tools – rather than on hoping those tools may come one day through work alone. CoreForce Energy is all about fusing the mind and body together to develop “superhuman strength” through the use of smart tools. Yes, to be great at anything will still require diligent work, but to train only the muscle with more force labor and willpower will most of the time keep your strength limited to slightly above average human strength – instead of the superhuman strength that you can achieve by truly accessing the vast resources of your mind to engage your muscles with truly astounding power, coordination, and endurance. To Your Strength and Mastery, Garin Bader

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  1. David Maclean

    Regular meditation can help bring tremendous focus to your mind and body–if you stick at it. Add a good healthy eating plan and regular bodyweight exercises to achieve supreme physical health & fitness plus stunning mental clarity.


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