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Why You Need Hamstring Stretches and Hip Flexibility


Hamstring stretches are very important to do for flexibility, mobility, and give stability to the lower body.

Having tight hamstrings can lead to lower back pain and tight hips. Your lumbar spine is directly affected by the actions of the hip flexors and hamstrings.

It’s rare to have chronically tight hamstring muscles and NOT suffer from pain in the lumbar region. Tight hip flexors and tight hamstrings work in tandem to create lower back pain and knee pain.

Having tight hamstrings can inhibit you from not only having ideal mobility but also drains you of achieving your optimal energy and strength in any sports activity or exercise.

These are some of the reasons why it's important to do hamstring stretches.

So, today, I just created a video for you that will help you tremendously in creating greater flexibility in your hamstring stretches.

Make sure you try it out and really follow the instruction listening very carefully to the way that you speak and breathe into your body’s muscle fibers and tendons. This may sound strange at first until you try it.

Speak and Breathe Through Your Hamstring Stretches

You will be absolutely astounded that when you start speaking out loud and breathe through the words you are saying with your actions of doing the hamstring stretches like I described, yourHamstring stretches flexibility will improve almost instantaneously.

The techniques I show you in this video will help you stretch farther in your hamstring stretches by loosening up the muscles in a completely unique way.

I'd really like you to try and check it out and let me know your thoughts. Please don't just watch it without trying all of these techniques.

You should see improvements in your stretching right away.

These hamstring stretches will help you unlock your tight hips. As I described in yesterday's email to you, it's important to learn how to unlock your tight hips because it can instantly boost your speed and power. 

“Having tight hips and tight hamstrings
is like driving with the brakes on.”

I highly encourage you to check out the 3-D Hip Flexibility Solution. I have purchased this course myself and can tell you that it is solid and full of great information that will help you transform tightness into fluid movement and power.

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