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Today I'm writing you from Cincinnati Ohio where we performed last night for some of the city's dignitaries and philantrophists including one who has met with 3 different Popes, founded the #1 school in the world for pediatric eye care, is world famous for his contributions to medical research and his devotion to try to wipe out preventable blindness in children, and even owns a key to the city given to him for all his contributions and giving eyesight to countless citizens here.

He's 84 years old and is a spitfire who swims every day for an hour and still is actively involved in contributing to people on high levels. His work inspires him and it shows in the incredible energy and enthusiasm that he exudes from his personality and his physical presence in spite of his age. But he also is constantly engaging his mind with creative solutions to new possibilites – a mental workout in a respect that makes improves strength in more ways than one.

It really is inspiring to see this kind of bounding energy and is a eye opener in more ways than one. He told me of his young years of training to be in the Olympics and being a brown belt in karate. Yet, he told me that his great quality of life he has now is a direct result of his thinking and being inspired by all the people he's saved from eye diseases that would have taken their sight without his help.

When we're young and healthy, we so often think we'll be like that seemingly forever. But, day by day many of us slack off a little here and there. The degrees and percentages are so small that we don't even notice. And then all of a sudden one day, we find that not only are our body is starting to feel great aches and pains but we're lacking that lust for life – the passion – the enthusiasm that once made us seem invincible.

It's enthusiasm, a lust for life, and keeping highly elevated thoughts that gives us super strength in many ways no matter what our age. But it too must be rehearsed to get better just as physical exercise.

In our performances throughout the world, I will tell you first hand that I've met many astounding  people and many others young and old who have nothing wrong with them who are way beyond their years who's innate natural physical strength is tragically sapped, who have aches and pains that doctors can't seem to diagnose, and who's quality of life drained because they didn't put any importance on developing and nurturing mental fortitude, passion for what they do, or freely giving their talents to others.

It seems that many forget that a passion for life weakens not only their physical being but deadens the spirit and weakens the physical body.

Our musculature and strengths, after all, are determined firstly by how and what we think.

We all have a  tendency to let ordinary mundane life-things occupy our minds outside of our workouts. We let the greatest computer, our brains, spin and whir at great speeds on trivial things, mundane things, silly things, useless things and then wonder why we lack energy, inspiration, and eventually strength.

Cultivating your mind to keep your energy at high high levels, to keep learning, and to practice being inspired, passionate, and giving to others not only keeps your spirits on a high level but that very training will give you more inspired workouts that will give you new strengths for the rest of your life and keep you young.

To Your Strength and Mastery, 

Garin Bader 

P.S. This is why CoreForce Energy superhuman strength shows you how to keep yourself mentally focused on highest energy levels that will keep your inspirations high but also infuse your body with optimal physical strength whether your young or older.

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