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It's exciting how many areas there to master if you want to achieve true “superhuman strength”. You can train in body weight exercises to weights to kettlebells, to dance to aerobics, to mental focus, to nutrition, to literally thousands of martial arts hard and soft…


We can lift up our being to higher levels via self-hypnosis, relaxation techniques, sleep learning, mental focus methods, visualization systems, to New Age thought and of course, the biggest of all – religion.


Each one of the above splits into thousands of subcategories, leaving your head spinning in where to even start. 


And amazingly, many never really attempt to master more than one or two of these in spite of ALL the choices. Maybe the list is too daunting – maybe it never crosses their mind that small steps made the Great Pyramids and the Great Wall of China. 


That one or two books, a class, every once in a while is just not going to get you too far.


Maybe some will think I’m a bit fanatical, but it’s truly exciting to me to wake up each day and have in front of me, hundreds of thousands of physical and mental ways to improve yourself. 


It’s probably also one of the biggest reasons why I’m like a big kid – excited with wide-eyed enthusiasm as I work on how many arrows I can put in my quiver in one day.


That’s why even when I’m traveling, driving, coaching, rehearsing, painting, sculpting, performing on stage, I’m always thinking how I can move better, sound better, communicate better, have keener mental focus and emotional excitement and sincerity to whatever I’m doing.


Everyone has the same opportunities and time in a day when they’re body has to just sit in a traffic light, stand in a bank line, waiting for someone to call them back, etc. It YOU that chooses how to master those times by doing extraordinary things that will bring you super strength – just pick one of the categories.


You don’t have to make a reservation for the right time. The time is now  – standing, sitting, getting your luggage off the conveyer belt. “Everyday actions” don’t have to be every day.


You don’t have to actually wait go to the gym, meditation class, church, synagogue, dojo – or to turn on your “happy excited” face only when someone is watching.


Just standing or sitting still, you can be working on amazing skill sets. “Dead time” doesn’t have to be dead – I’m sure you know that beneath a “barren desert” is life you would never believe.


Sometimes, while perhaps waiting for my wife, it may appear I’m just leaning against a wall – but actually, with my hands behind my back, I’m leaning into the wall with full bodyweight supported by one finger while also gyrating the finger in a circular fashion to attain strength and flexibility from any angle.


I teach a whole myriad of these kind of practical but powerful exercises in my super hand conditioning course, Finger Gymnastics  


The very thing that people seem to want the most is to SEE great improvements in their lives. So they wait til it comes. They wait for the big moment, the right teacher, or for “when they have more time”. Etc.

Then moment is now to fill your eyes with excitement to learn new skill sets, new mental sets, new spiritual practices that will automatically make your eyes open wide with excitement.

Every waking moment, we can hone what we learn from every source in what appears to be the smallest ways to give us the very thing that most of us seem to want the most – the joy of seeing improvement – riding the crest of the wave – to know that we do have real power to change our lives. 


Those that know me and who have coached with me will tell you first hand that the powerful techniques of CoreForce Energy can be used for anything you do and at any time – from shaking hands to create an unbelievable rapport, to two-finger pushups, to public speaking and performing, to lifting an extraordinarily amount of weight.


That’s why I’m so generous with the bonus phone time that comes with the course – I get excited seeing others’ excitement.


Seize the moment to use the things that you read, heard about, see, and start utilizing them to discover how you can become superhuman. 


This illusive quality is not so illusive after all – it’s in you already and you have the time. Be a kid again – there’s many to model! – Play, experiment, ask questions, and the smile on your face will be genuine when you all of a sudden one day wake up and realize that all those tiny things you do throughout your days have added up with compound interest and you truly have become – Super Human.


To Your Strength and Mastery,

Garin Bader

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