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In this quick video, I give you a few quick tips on how to punch harder ala “Zeus strength” and/or Bruce Lee as I teach in CoreForce Energy.

This not only shows you how to punch harder but you can take this same technique and improve your strength instantly. You can apply this technique for many things including both body weight exercises and weightlifting.

Get up and try this yourself! I highly encourage you to get up out of your chair and actually follow along with this short video! I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. 🙂

You’ll see for yourself how using the idea of Zeus supercharging your punch solidifies your entire body power for instant strength and stability.

This video on how to punching harder ala Zeus gives you amazing speed and the ability to cover a large distances with minimal telegraphing in addition to instant accelerated power.

Make sure that you compare both versions of the “human punch” and the “Zeus punch” side-by-side. Keep comparing and repeating over and over until your single arm punch feels exactly the same as when you’re punching with the hand and Power of Zeus.

Remember to imagine feeling, seeing, and hearing Zeus grasping your punching hand and showing you how to knock one galaxy into another stratosphere.

Questions to Ask Yourself in this Exercise:

  • What would the massive and powerful hand of Zeus feel like touching you?
  • How would his massive lightning force give you instant exploding power?
  • Would he breathe differently than a human?
  • How would his lightning energy light up your body the moment he touches you?
  • How would that light transfer into a quasar explosive of epic proportions?
  • How does thinking that Zeus is helping you get you out of the box of and subconscious limitations of “human thinking and breathing”?
  • Do you feel the difference between punching like a human and punching like Zeus? Why wouldn't you want to feel like Zeus was helping you all the time?
  • Why would you settle for “human energy” and human breathing?!


how to punch harderYou'll be incredibly empowered if you take the time to be detailed in your answers here. You’ll start grasping the understanding of what Bruce Lee meant when he said you must engage every move with “emotional content”. It's one of the most significant concepts that made him so fast and powerful.

As I so often talk about in CoreForce Energy, when change the way you think, feel, and see things, you instantly get different results. If you think with limiting thoughts and feelings that humans often unconsciously have, you shouldn't really be surprised by your subpar results.

If you begin thinking outside of the box from where you're currently are, you'll get new results that could transport you quickly to new levels of mastery. When you combine what you feel, what you see, and how you hear together, the synesthesia – the powerful synergy – of all of these elements put together can instantly give you incredibly accelerated results.

So it's your decision if you want to continue working hard doing all the “grunt work” that humans so often do unconsciously. Or, you can immediately upgrade how you think, see things (visualize things), and feel things with far greater intensity and begin getting results that will allow you to leapfrog to new levels of experience and mastery that you never thought possible.

I will be releasing a brand-new and very affordable course on how to punch harder along with many other tips that will aid you tremendously in your martial arts strength, speed, and power.

If you’re interested in getting pre-release updates and video tips, please make a comment below and I will personally respond to you before anyone else hears about this new course publicly.

To strengthen mastery,

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This video is further proof that you can get stronger and accelerate your skills on almost every level by understanding how to master your vibrational energy.

Approximately, 60% of our bodies are made up of water. So when you see video of how sound frequencies directly affect water molecules, you can begin understanding how every single vibrational frequency you create gives you a distinct design and result.

You'll see definitive proof how vibrational energy affects matter on every level – and that absolutely includes your entire body!

Mastering how to blueprint your energy will help you get stronger in record time.

In CoreForce Energy, you can quickly get stronger at highly accelerated speeds by learning exactly how to master your vibrational energy and integrate it into your body on a cellular level.

Learning to blueprint and map optimal vibrational energy can dramatically accelerate your abilities in many areas and disciplines. This is backed up by science and not New Age “woo woo”.


Breath and Sound Blueprinting Can Dramatically
Improve Your Human Performance on Every Level


Through sound and breath mapping integrated with expansive body movement concepts instead of the usual constipated compression that everyone utilizes, you begin practicing and performing always in an optimal State of Mastery.

This puts you head and shoulders above everyone else immediately when you're fully conscious of how to utilize optimal energy and turn it on at will to enhance anything you do. This is one of the key concepts you will learn anywhere else and what makes CoreForce Energy so powerful.

 This video will blow you away…

More Proof Vibrational Energy Directly Affects Your Body and Strength >>>>

Everything we see, hear, and feel can be measured by vibrational energy. Yet, less than 1% have any idea how to blueprint their energy to accelerate their abilities to access success and mastery with their bodies.

Did you know that the trajectory of how you breathe can be measured as vibrational energy and immediately interpreted by the body how it moves either gracefully or clumsily? Masters breathe and move completely different than everyone else. That's no accident but unfortunately it's usually very unconscious by those practitioners in one of the reasons why great masters quite often don't make great teachers.

When you learn how to consciously create and integrate vibrational energy mapping into your sports, exercises, and any area of physical mastery pursuits, you get unbelievably accelerated results that are astonishing. You can learn exactly how to energetically blueprint and map your breath, sound, and movements in CoreForce Energy. These things will quickly take you to a whole of experience and mastery in whatever you do.

Integrate Blueprinted Energy Directly Into Your
Body And Get Accelerated Performance Mastery

If your frequencies are incorrectly dialed in and/or you have no idea how to translate blueprinted energy directly into your body, you'll continue to get mediocre results.  hard gains.

Masters in any discipline are using completely different breath, sound, and thought frequencies than everyone else. However, you can leapfrog past or current abilities once you become consciously aware of how to blueprint your vibrational energy.

If you want to get stronger faster or if you want to gain accelerated mastery skill levels in almost every level, hard work alone does not guarantee you'll learn any of these things.

I know! I did things the HARD way year after year with downright flatlining and discouraging results literally fighting against myself.

Watch this video and I think you'll quickly become clearly aware of the extreme importance of why learning to resonate the correct frequencies throughout your body with sound, breath, and thoughts will give you the accelerated results that most dream of having.

Looking forward to your thoughts and comments.

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Get Fractional Plates

Get Micro Fractional Weight Plates Here

Fractional plates added to your barbell every workout can help you quickly reach the next level and overcome plateaus.

You can get stronger faster by adding fractional plates or what some call micro weight plates to your lifts each workout.

One of the reasons that so many weightlifters plateau in strength in the gym is because they set their goals too high by wanting to make constant increases in weight that are too lofty or by trying to increase their strength just by adding more reps.

Most trainers will stay with a given weight until they hit the upper threshold of the rep range they are working on.

Simply by adding a single rep to an exercise increases a predicted one rep max by 3% approximately. This is where the problem lies. A 3% increase is pretty ambitious and it’s nearly impossible to maintain that rate of increase regularly.

One of the reasons I recommend adding micro weight plates of 1.5 – 2.5 lb. every workout is because you can continue making increases of higher percentages while gaining more muscular/ tendon power necessary for constant increases.

Fractional Plates


By simply increasing your lifts 3 to 5 pounds every workout in at least one of the sets not only gives you more muscular strength all around but also gives you the confidence to continue moving forward with enthusiasm more regularly.

Fractional Plates Can Increase Your Strength In Less Time

I personally have a set of 1/4, 1/2 and 1 lbs place that I carry to the gym when I’m not working out at home. This allows you to increase your total weight by 0.5 – 3.5 lbs In one or all of your sets every workout.

Trying to just add more reps instead of more weight increases your endurance instead of your strength. Most gyms have plates no smaller than 5 lbs and by putting one of those on each side of your barbell equals 10 lbs obviously. Expecting your body to be able to lift 10 lbs more each workout or even every other workout is usually far too ambitious for most and can be downright discouraging when you fail.

Try adding fractional plates to your barbell every workout for maximum strength in a lot less time. You’ll be amazed how great it feels to see these small increases added up that not only build up your confidence but your overall strength in a shorter time.

Believe me your strength will shoot through the roof when you begin adding fractional plates to your barbell for every one of your workouts.

Try it and let me know what you think!