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‘I am only one,

But still I am one.

I cannot do everything,

But still I can do something;

And because I cannot do

I will not refuse to do the
something that I can do.'

– Edward Everett Hale
I try to use every opportunity to program my mind for super strength and success. It's in the everyday things we do and in each second that passes by that great moments and ideas are born and are the very things that can make all the difference in fast-forwarding ourselves towards the goals in our lives that really matter.

Too many people think they need to allot a bunch of time to think about success and their goals. They feel a need to find a quiet place, the right time, the right mood – and it usually never comes.

By the time they think about scheduling the “right time”, they've already passed hundreds of opportunities to program their minds for victory in so many things – the very things that matter to them the most if they could become a reality.

We say so often that the time just flew by and then turn right around and say that time stands still. So which is it?

Time's second hand is always ticking the same relentless beat. It's our minds that interpret it as being fast or slow.

Regardless of whether it's fast or slow, take each second that seems idle to program your mind for success instead of with stupid mind chatter that disempowers us.

For instance, upload several awesomely inspiring photos into your phone for a screensaver. Every time you answer your phone the screensaver will light up and you'll see a picture that inspires you towards a goal, a peak performance moment, a victory snapshot.

Upload several photos that REALLY inspire you deeply and represent things that make you move towards just by the image they represent – pictures that inspire action and ideas. If you have the skills, put text on a photo with an editing application that states your victory in capitals. Sure, you might not have a large screen, but a postage stamp often gets a powerful message across even with its size – and most phones are quite a bit bigger, right?

Every time you answer the phone, you'd want your voice to exhibit optimal strength and confidence anyway, right? We'll here's a flickering moment of opportunity to program your mind towards success that doesn't take a lot of time and is super powerful. Instead of faking it without a truly empowering picture in your mind, you might as well feel it and see something that affects you deeply and that's genuine, right?

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Most ab training exercise videos fail miserably in their content and are a big waste of time and I'd like to tell you about one that's quite extraordinary. Of course, a lot of ab training videos on the market have great eye candy with models who usually have never worked out with the very program they promote and have first-rate production values and all kinds of hype.

In spite of all this, most these are quite often an ineffectual waste of time and you're left with only hope by some chance they will sculpt six-pack abs. Instead you're left with flab and frustration – and the only thing that's flat is your wallet.

You've heard that doing crunches or some other small motion ab exercises will trim and tone your tummy. But the fact is, watch real gymnasts with the best abs in the world train, and you'll rarely ever see them doing such exercises.

Gymnasts Have The Strongest,
Most Muscular Abs On The Planet

It's a well-known fact that gymnasts have the strongest, most muscular abs on the planet.

So, why would you want to spend hours doing ab exercises from videos by quite often diet fatigued skinny models with air-brushed abs doing exercises that barely move your heartbeat up one notch – and think you're going to get gymnast strong abs?CoreForce Energy Gymnastic Abs

Most of us don't have a lot of time these days but we still want awesome results. You know I haven't recommended many products and I will tell you the program I'm going to tell you about gives you an incredible workout in no matter how little or much time you have. It gives you ab exercises that hit your entire body to give you full functional strength – something most courses don't do.

These exercises run the gamut of very easy to very difficult, and this course shows you exactly how to progress and really get into the muscles and motions to get the most effective results for sculpting and strengthening.

To really get a lean set of abs and to truly carve your core, you need to do the exercises that are done by
those athletes with the best abs and who demonstrate powerful muscular strength and strength in all angles: the gymnasts.

A good friend of mine, Eddie Baran, is a first class gymnast and he walks his talk in every dimension and that's always a good indicator of someone to learn from. I recommend this one highly for good reason. The exercises will rip your abs and give you tremendous core strength. You will learn how to use your abdominal muscles for full functional strength and exercise all parts of the abs including those obnoxious “love handles”.

Rip Your Abs and Get Rid of Those Love Handles!

In his Gymnastic Abs program, Eddie Baran shows you the gymnast's secret to powerful ripped abs and full body strength. The program works and gets results if you do it.

If you do exactly what he instructs, in no time your midsection will be chiseled and flat. With this program, you're guaranteed to get a great workout, increase strength, and get rid of back pain in a very short time by doing his ab exercises.

If you use this special link to buy Gymnastic Ab Strength , I will send you bonus videos with additional ab exercises that I personally use in my CoreForce Energy workouts with my wife Vanessa, creator of HotBurning Body. She'll be giving you some of the tips for ab training that has given her a first-class physique as well an put her into the Ms. Bikini USA competition this year.

I do get a commission from this product but as always, I only promote it because I believe in it and use it myself. If you'd rather go to the Gymnastic Ab Strength without my affiliate link, I'll give you this link then click here. But, please remember, if you buy from this link, you will not get any of our smokin' core ab bonuses.

To Your Strength and Mastery,
Garin Bader

P.S. These bonus ab exercises I'll include are completely different than what you'll see in Eddie's program, not only complimenting them but also showing you how to apply CoreForce Energy strength and HotBurning Body body sculpting to Eddie's program with tips that'll help your ab workouts generate even more power in all that you do. Remember though it's only through this special link that you get these bonuses:
Gymnastic Ab Strength

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It seems that most things come down to time management and mental focus in the right places in getting things done as quickly as possible.

Sure, if we lived lifetimes like a vampire, we could conceievably learn to master the piano, art, scultping, writing, etc. etc. But the problem is that we don't have that kind of time and all of us have exactly the same hours in the day.

But, if you team up time management and precise mental focus as allies, you can get an extraordinary amount done within the time you've been given here on earth.

There's a great movie you can rent called “Jumper”. It'll give you a great feeling of the need to compress time and mental focus to reach your destination.

It's a great sci-fi flick about the tale of an underground world of teleporters. It's director is Doug Liman who also did the blockbuster action hit, Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

Jumper is about a young man who has the ability to instantly teleport himself to another place in the world with the power of his mind. As he learns what his mental powers are capable of, his adventures multiply allowing him to raid bank vaults, seduce girls in London, have lunch on the pyramids, and surf in Fiji within seconds of visualzing his destination.

He soon discovers though that he is not the only one bestowed with this unique gift and that there are others who feel threatened by his unique powers and have made it their mission in life to eliminate him and others like him.

Samuel Jackson plays the part of the shadowy figure who tries to eleminate the Jumper in some really thrilling action sequences. Jumper, our hero, is beaten to a pulp several times trying to escape using his powers. But, sometimes he's just not quick enough to transport himself to a safer location.

So, herein lies today's tip. I see so many people with great ideas on mental focus and peak performance. Yet, those very people quite often can't apply it to the playing field in real life. In theory, everything sounds great. But in action, there are reasons why they fail.

You don't have a lot of time to set up a basketball shot. You don't have forever to set your mind before the pitcher throws the ball. You have barely fractions of a second to respond to an incoming soccer ball and to kick it with the right trajectory past the goalie.

In real live action sports, you don't have a lot of time to set your mind – to calmly gather your focus and thoughts. And, even more so, time is moving. Action is moving, haphazzard, and unpredictable. It's NOT waiting for you to gather your wits, mental focus, with deep breathing.

So many I see with great theories on mental focus and peak performance fail on the “battlefield” of sports performance because their mental focus is slow to actually focus. Practicing quick mental focus that encapsulates every megabite of informantion necessary for a successful “jump” is extremely important – hence time mamagement – lightning fast time management in fact on focusing.

Being able to gain and regain superior mental focus time and again is one of the paramount attributes of successful people in all endeavors. In real life, we don't always have time to take in long deep breaths to get ourselves “centered” to feel the “power of the universe” or whatever.

The world and our universe is way too busy whirring at molecule speeds to stop and wait for us to try and catch up with some slow diaphramatic breathing and mental pictures that are hazey and slow to materialize. Those practices certainly have there place. Don't get me wrong.

But being able to change your mental focus on the spot to something more precise or adapting quickly to everchanging circumstances is paramount to practice just as well.

Most of the time, you need to be able to quickly focus on successful trajectories instantaneously to adapt to the haphazard things that come your way in fast moving sports or business.

Not practicing adaptive and keen mental focus can have severe consequences of failure. But also, not being able to get fully developed mental pictures in complete focus in an instant will also add to stockpile of failures. When Jumper was attacked, he barely had time to visualize his “jump target” to make his escape. But in order to live, he had to find that split second – someplace, somehow – to see it clearly in his mind and then execute the jump with his mind to make his escape.

If you watch the movie, imagine yourself as Jumper and someone has broken into your home and begins pummeling you, throwing you accross the room, out the window, down the staircase…You're being chased. Can you gain the composure quickly enough to visualize your jump location before this person eliminates you?

Under that kind of pressure, could you perfectly visualize your escape jump in every detail in order for you to make it to that point before your demise? Can you encapsulize everything with powerful emotional content and precision within 5 seconds? Can you get that same feeling in 3 seconds or less? Or does it take you a long 20-45 seconds or several minutes to see everything with such clarity to get into the “zone”?

Cutting that time down is paramount. But sharpening that focus within that time is also just as important.

Who knows, maybe one day we'll be able to transport our bodies to other locations in an instant. It'd sure beat the airport hassles. But until that time, why not practice mentally jumping to your success quickly and seeing every detail. See Every minute detail as if you were already there seconds after launching teleportation with your mind. Pretend you don't have ages of deep breathing to get there and that you're being chased.

You only have seconds to encapsulate every detail of your jump for a successful escape. Then, transport yourself to your desired location quickly on a quick exhalation of breath. This is not creating more undue pressure. It's teaching you the reality of life. Life is fast and it's not slowing down. Within the wood and metal of your desk are whirring molecules and atoms. Why are we the ones that need so much time to center ourselves and gain superior mental focus?

Try to encapsulate all that you feel when you're perfectly centered from the perfect visualization sequence or envigorating meditation and see if you can get to that same clarity within mere seconds. Better yet, mere fractions of a second.

It IS possible to have super clarity and mental focus in fractions of a second. But it takes practice. Doing it slowly doesn't necessarily give you any advantage when high speeds predict. Practice and the belief that it's possible will get you there and will make you masterfully fast. It's time for me to jump to another location.


To Your Strength and Mastery,
Garin Bader