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When you set a goal to achieve peak performance in whatever you do, it's the exact mindset that quickly propels you leaps and bounds past your competitors.

Believe me most people don't think that way on a continuous basis. They train, they exercise hard, they try to learn the latest techniques, they try to lose weight, they try to lift more weight, do more reps, or run faster.

But when those two words – Peak Performance – are foremost in your thoughts, you will always get a different outcome than if they're not.

Everyone is trying hard, working harder, scurrying to try the latest exercise gadget, wanting to get more ripped.

But they fail to put empowering words like Peak Performance into their every day vocabulary.

Peak performance is a powerful mindset that puts your brain in a completely different gear – a gear so vastly different than how we normally think that its alarming how fast it can bring us closer to our dreams when we begin training for peak performance instead of “trying our hardest” or “training with more discipline than we've every had”.

The words and the words we put together make all the difference in our outcomes and dramatically affect the questions we ask ourselves to get more empowering answers.

I believe most of us instinctively know what we should and should not be doing if those words – peak performance – were predominant “gears” of your working vocabulary.

Do you think there's an Olympic athlete training this year who doesn't have those words as a predominant goal in their mind? I think not and that's why whether they win a gold or not, it's that kind of mindset that will spur them to become the finest athletes in the world.

Peak performance is a mind set that has been second nature to them for many many years and has deeply affected the choices they've made that got them to the Olympics in the first place.

You will find that using those two words will completely change your whole demeanor immediately when you walk into the gym or into the office. With the thought that you're training for peak performance, you begin asking empowering questions – you begin having new and higher expectations of yourself and the tools you'll use to achieve it quickly.

Incorporating words “peak performance” into your life already presupposes that you'll be using the best resources and getting things done the quickest way possible. That's a good mindset to have.

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Quite often when I tell people I can quite often double their current muscular strength in one day, they look at me as if I were from outer space.

I don't know whether they think it's completely impossible; whether they think I'm completely bonkers; or both.

As a young boy, the first moment I read that scientists said that we use, at best only 5% of our real strengths, talents, and intellectual capacity, my eyes lit up as if I had just found the Treasure of the Lost Arc.

With my eyes wide with enthusiasm as such a prospect, my first question was if they were saying this, then where could I find the answers to discover and use it?!

Of course, I wanted it NOW, if what scientists were saying was really true – it could be done.

So, when people ask me about CoreForce Energy and I tell them what it can do, and see hardly any reaction – not even a flicker of light behind their eyes, I just wonder what kind of activity is going on in their brains – if any at all.

As a kid, the thought of knowing ways to unlock super creativity, strength, talent, mental focus, peak performance etc. just seemed like it would unlock the beginnings of whole new worlds. As a boy, it seemed like if you could learn secrets to access the powers of the brain scientists said we don't use – I'd have powers like the Great Houdini.

Then it occurred to me — the scientist who were saying that we were only using 5% of our capacity weren't talking about just ordinary people. They were talking about the best of the best – the likes of Houdini, Michael Jordan, and Tiger Woods of the world.

So, if it was true that the best of the best were only using 5%, then why was I wasting even a precious second not trying to access all my resources to discover the secrets that would allow me to start breaking past that 5% myself?!

This awakened a quest that I think everyone should be on in one way or another.

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Hope you all had a great 4th of July and are continuing on with a blast of a weekend. Here's some strength lessons from some of America's greatest leaders…

In thinking of the great history and beginnings of America's independence, I spent some inspiring time in front of our big screen tv watching the History Channel – one of my favorite things to do.

Once again it's good to remind ourselves that victory isn't always achieved with overwhelming force. Victory often comes from hard work and persistence in believing that seemingly little things will make all the difference. In the end, when you're a history buff, you realize that most victories were the result of many small things whose compound interest, so to speak, created the synergy to create strength, victory and success.

What blows me away is to think of what a rag tag undisciplined army George Washington had to work with. Without his fateful decisions to turn them into a organized and highly motivated and disciplined fighting machine, there would have been little likelihood of victories and little likelihood of our American Independence.

Although his troops were a tough and hardy bunch, their lack of discipline to work as one unit would be their and our nation's doom unless he did something drastic. That is indeed what he did. Our Continental army was hemorrhaging badly from heavy loses, desertions, sickness, and many other detrimental essentials.

George Washington personally designed Valley Forge from the placements of barracks to roads to battlements, etc. One of his first appointments was to discipline his soldiers to the point of fanaticism to make certain their hygiene habits wouldn't spread sickness. Then, a Prussian officer was brought to his attention who brought to it changes that transformed Washington's entire fighting force into a single minded highly disciplined machine. The very one that without it, victory would have been lost – Independence would have been a figment of our imagination.

Baron Von Steuben systematically trained the amateur American troops relentlessly getting them into battle-readiness throughout the harshest winter months. He did this in spite of the fact he spoke no English and in spite of the rag tag bunch of troops he had to work with – complete amateurs in battlefield experience working as one unit.

George Washington and General Friedrich von Steuben

Don't get me wrong, the Americans were good individual fighters. But, their ignorance of elementary principles of organized maneuvering quite often put them at a fatal disadvantage against their very well-trained enemy.

Our independence was won by the strengths of George Washington and Von Steuben who drilled their soldiers relentlessly to work as one. In one harsh winter under almost unbearable conditions under George Washington's command, he took rather amateur troops to victory against one of the world's superpowers – the British empire – to bring about the massive changes that brought about the kind of independence necessary for the birth of one of the greatest nations in history – America.

Yes, it's a great lesson to remember. In a short time, when ALL your resources are engaged to work as one, all of us can surmount impossible odds from the massive strength engaged from this synergy.

In fitness, your optimal muscular strength is achieved when you train your body to work as the one powerful machine that it really is. Then it can do impossible things. However, that's only a small part of our real resources. Just because you do exercises that engage the full body also doesn't mean you're engaging full capacities. Not by a long shot.

In CoreForce Energy, I train you to optimally use the supreme guidance system of both your left-brain right-brain hemispheres fused together with powerful emotional engagement and mental focus while making certain that congruency of fluid and powerful muscular and skeletal alignment is activated at all times. THAT's using All your resources and that's the reason why you can make drastic improvements in such a short time.

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