Reading time: 5 – 8 minutes

I just got back from the most exhilarating time at the golf course. I just had one of the local golf pros hitting with and without the CoreForce Energy principles.

Applying CoreForce Energy principles to golf looks and works like magic. It looks like magic because you can hardly believe your eyes when you see the incredible distances achieved using it and how drastic the decrease in power and distance is without it.

Of course, he's a pro and head coach, so he's already golfing at a top top levels already. But the point is, that with it, his power was undeniably superior and the superior distance of the ball, height, trajectory, doesn't lie.

When I asked him to turn off what I'd shown him, his power, height, distance and even sound were immediately FAR below what the results were with it. In fact, because once you feel the the power and ease of strength it allows you to move with, you don't want to turn it off.

In fact, he said, “why would I ever want to turn it off after driving the ball so much farther like that?!”

Even though I've taught this for years, it never ceases to amaze me and to give me a thrill when others so easily begin excelling to a whole new level when they simply apply the principles.

When you apply CoreForce Energy exactly as I outline in the course and in the generous bonus ( yes, no charge!) phone coaching I give with the course, there's no question you begin feeling stronger and exhibiting it in real ways – because the results are fast and provable.


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“What do you most want to know about CoreForce Energy and building super strength?”


In the end, that's the only thing that matters to me. Provable improvements in strength, power, and mental focus in a short time.

Like I say on my website CoreForce Energy, we are operating FAR below our full potential simply because we either don't know how to get to it or for many – that it even may exists inside. But there's no question that when you access it, it's powers immediately spring forth whether you're a pro or beginner.

To me, it's like treasures hiding behind a wall. From one side you can't see it. From the other, the wealth is glowing gold.

I would think we'd all want to be treasure hunters and all go out to find the hidden treasures of strength and potential inside us. To me, the first thing is to know that treasure exists within us.

To, me then the logical step is “what intellegent tools are we going to use to find it!?”

More digging and more work in the wrong place is not the answer. To me, we must utilize ALL our resources to access the unfathomable powers within. To me the only way is not through more dumb work upon more dumb hard work.

To me, accessing your super strengths comes through utilizing the synergy of left/right brain hemispheres, engaging the power of your emotions in the most empowering ways, gluing the power of that synergy to create more synergy with congruency of thought and body mechanics to more powerful muscular contractions.

If you don't know how to use all those powers at the same time. It's like have 12 guys standing around hoping to find treasure and 1 guy digging. What's wrong with that scenarios? Especially if the 1 guy is digging in the wrong place!

There's no denying you know you have powers within you waiting to be discovered. What are you waiting for to discover them? Get started now with CoreForce Energy and utilizing ALL your resources at the same time. Get used to working with synergy of intelligent utilization of mental and physical focus techiniques.

Whatever you do, find your treasure and stop hiding it behind walls. For in the end, those are the things we take with us – the power and lessons we gain from our existence – not the trinkets which have no energy within themselves.

To Your Strength and Mastery,

Garin Bader

Reading time: 4 – 7 minutes

A subscriber wrote in with with a great question. They wanted to know about meditation and developing chi strength. Here's my answer….

Great question about how does one begin to develop their chi. There's not a simple one or two line answer.

In a nutshell, there are many forms of what one might call chi strength and many ways to develop it. Most traditional ways take years and years to master and many of those ways also leave questions to whether its benefits really improve physical strength all that much. Some will say there is just one kind of chi but I believe there are many many kinds. There is calm chi, there is fierce chi, there is flowing chi, etc. etc.

In essence chi is energy – life giving energy that is said to unite body, mind and spirit. Logically speaking, if that's so, wouldn't you think there'd be more than one way that could possibly create this unity?

My question is, what is the precise chi or energy you're looking for to achieve all these things? Is there just one kind? It seems like a good question would be – what is the state of mind you would need to unite mind, body, and spirit to achieve the optimal physical action at hand?

When you apply the right kind of energy to the action at hand, then you've adapted your chi to work for you rather than against you. To me it's like choosing the right tool for the right job. A hammer is not going to work so well on a screw. A screwdriver would be better. A drill would be even better. Sometimes people get so caught up in choosing the right tool that they forget to apply how it even relates to the job at hand. It's all about relationships to your energy and what you're applying it to. There should be a connection.

The famous pianist/composer Johannes Brahms once said, “use your nose – as long as you get the right sound”.

See, to me, instead of working on trying to achieve one kind of chi or state of mind, body, and spirit, I want to learn and master how to associate myself to being connected to the energy that's needed at every moment. When I associate chi to living energy, then I'm automatically more alive and engaged in exuding fluid adaptability for the situation at hand.

Thinking of chi as a journey rather than a destination automatically engages your mind to finding more possibilities in how to move and think with stillness or electricity. It puts you in the exact place you need to be – blending energy into what is needed rather than forcing energy into actions and situations that aren't appropriate but that adhere to tradition or blind acceptance that one kind will work for all situations.

Many people find great benefit in meditation and will tell you that it develops chi as well. Its practices certainly have calming effects on the mind. But just by doing it doesn't mean it automatically creates the right frame of mind for every situation in life and for every action. A stillness of mind can often be a detriment rather than a benefit sometimes. Adaptability and quickness of that adaptability is very important.

In my opinion, sometimes the calming of mind that meditation may give us can quite often enable attributes that hinder fast action and adaptability for the processes at hand. They say we can't think two thoughts at the same time. Well, the body can't move differently than how the mind thinks as well. So, for instance, if you need extreme speed, certain kinds of meditation doesn't automatically preclude the fact you'll be able to move and think fast.

Some meditation might calm the mind so it becomes still as a lake. That might be perfect for many situations. But sometimes, to be super adaptive, the mind needs to flow with the current like a river and still practice doesn't automatically give you that ability.

Traditionally meditation means practicing calmness or oneness. Some will say that chi is about aligning chakras to generate powerful energy. But, stillness and/or powerful flowing of energy are ALL forms of energy in the end. One is not better than the other. The right one at the right time is most important.

If you concentrate on developing your powers of being in charge of your energy whether it be waves, rivers or stillness, then you're learning to become master of ALL kinds of energy that contain the elements of both chi and meditation. Learning all the facets of both and applying the right one at the right moment are the very elements that make life exciting, supercharged, and filled with serenity and joy.

Learning to be master of all kinds of chi energy will give you greater flexibility and allow you to express many more facets of strength to make you much stronger in mind, body, and sprit – much faster.

To Your Strength and Mastery,
Garin Bader
CoreForce Energy gives you unique and creative ways to help you to become master of your energy, your power, and and your mental focus so that you can activate many kinds of energy that is adaptable to every situation. It teaches you direct ways that give you instant and undeniable strength quickly and without years of practice.

Fearless Strength

Reading time: 4 – 6 minutes

Tonight on television, “America's Got Talent” there were three very inspiring stories that teach us all about different facts of powerful strength like fearless strength.

I'll tell you about them in three different emails as they are great stories and some powerful lessons are within these stories.

First, there was a little 4 year old girl that sang, “Somewhere Out There”. She was a little angel that spoke with that childlike lisp we all have when we're that age and she walked fearlessly out onto a stage of thousands seemingly oblivious to the fact that there were millions behind the television cameras as well going to watch her sing.

She walked with unwavering determination out onto the stage and sang all the words without missing a single one – and on pitch! Two impressive feats for even grownups and some professionals.

There wasn't an ounce of fear in her little voice as she communicated to the judges with a casualness of a pro. She projected complete confidence and won the crowd and judges over completely getting all thumbs up and a cheering audience. She's on to Vegas now.

As children most of us are born with an innate fearlessness. Sadly, we listen to people who tell us we can't and then as adults we continue the cycle by telling ourselves we're not worthy and compare ourselves to others we have no business comparing ourselves to.

Children are sponges because they “don't know any better”. It's a beautiful thing and how great would that be if we continued that into our teenage years and onto adulthood. “Not knowing any better”, is a good thing to remind ourselves of and to go back to the days when we were fearless in our hearts and minds.

My own parents had me performing for huge crowds when I was 3 years old. By the time I was 5 I performed 5 instruments, sang, and tap danced on the Regis Philbin show. Yes, I was fearless when I was young and picked things up like a sponge as most children do. And I was happy that my parents brought me up to be fearless – even though I sometimes still have to kick myself in the arse for my own limiting beliefs.

Being ignorant of fear is a good thing sometimes. It's one of the great gifts of being young. But as adults we also need to remind ourselves to practice fearlessness as it can also bring great rewards along with talents and strengths you never knew existed.

If you remember that child inside, you don't care what others think – you're not afraid of bruising your ego because you're just too busy having fun having fun. (Yes, there's a reason for saying it twice) ūüôā This in itself will help build your self-confidence almost without trying.

Sometimes you might try not adding up the poundages in the gym in your mind or the reps. Just keep stacking plates on and ignore what you did yesterday, what others can do, what other might think if you fail. Stop the stupid peanut gallery adult mind chatter.

Activate the “I can do it” tape instead of “that's 20 pounds more than my best” or “5 more reps than my previous”. Remember words like the great Reg Park who said that he never thought about the weight. His mind moved the weight.

We are beings of creative energy. Get busy being creative in building yourself up instead of creatively limiting yourself with “clever” debilitating thoughts. This little girl's face lit up when the judges and crowd went wild. But it was already lit up when she walked out.

There's a lesson just in that. When your fearless, your entire body will exude joy because you're not waiting for approval and you're not limiting your own innate strengths.

Expressing fearlessness and joy in what we do gives you strength and power that will light up you and everyone around you because you're expressing the pureness of your innate raw energy without limitation.

Set your mind into creative high gear to seek possibilities in all you do – Today.

To Your Mastery and Strength, 

Garin Bader

P.S. If you want to learn to bring the joy back to movement, mental focus, and experience strengths way beyond where you are now, let CoreForce Energy super strength training bring you there but filling your mind with ideas that energy is what creates strength – not mental and physical force.