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Everywhere you look there seems to be countless advice on the benefits of having a strong heart. You see controversy everywhere of whether intense cardio workouts or moderate cardio is the better way to achieve and maintain optimal health.

Hundreds of thousands of books are written on the benefits from medical journals to fitness magazines extolling the benefits of putting a powerful cardio routine into your exercise to keep you and your heart healthy and strong.

But few seem to mention the benefits of relaxing the heart quickly from intense beating and training it to have an elastic quality – and elastic resilience.

It's elasticity of the heart, arteries, and capillaries that will give you super strength, stamina and energy from your youth well into old age.

Many think that just doing quick sprints or intense spurts of bodyweight exercises, super sets of weights, or kettlebells will automatically give them this elasticity. But it doesn't come automatically for everyone.

You must train your heart to relax quickly from extreme tensions just as you would train your muscles to relax quickly after a quick jab or punch so you have maximum recoil and elasticity.

A quick release to muscular contractions in a punch or kick gives you greater snap, strength, and speed. The same goes for the heart. But intention and purpose must be there for it to happen. It doesn't always happen by itself.

I train with a heart rate monitor no matter what I do in the gym. I watch it constantly to monitor not only how fast my heart rate goes up but how fast it comes down.

As unusual as it may seem, my aim is not to get my heart rate up to a highest number every time for maximum cardio benefit. When your intention is to get it to a certain number, your body usually responds – and responds faster each time with regular training. Thus you train your body to respond to get to a high number – faster. Your body follows your brains commands – its intentions. 

I think it's much smarter instead to intend on LOWERING the heart rate every time while INCREASING the workload. I don't always succeed but the point is that I try to increase my speed and resistance, while lowering the heart rate mentally by intending it right from the start instead of setting a goal to get to my “maximum heart rate” as quick a I can and to keep it there.

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One of the things I often talk about for power and speed in CoreForce Energy is Relaxed Lightning. The superiority of this kind of thinking in relating it to physical movement was so apparent in this past weekend's UFC 84 “ill will” showdown here in Las Vegas. Two fighters in particular seemed to move with ease, grace, powerful strength, and what I call Relaxed Lightning. Two words that seem like they don't go together. Yet, two words when you combine them are like bringing the two parts together to make TNT.

The other two fighters that opposed them fought in the more traditional way using muscular strength. As impressive as that muscular strength and speed was, it was sadly slower than their opponents who were supple, fluid and elusive. When these two Relaxed Lightning fighter struck, they struck like a thunderbolt out of nowhere catching their opponents by surprise almost every time. They were in and out, before the others could react many times even with their Incredible speed.

It seemed as if the two fighters were in two different time zones – two different planes of reality. The fighters who were relaxed fought as if they had all the time in the world and saw ahead of time – in slow motion. They were “elusive” – a word that was used many times throughout these matches.

But, in reality when you're relaxed and yet are measuring your speed to a higher source of power such as “ligthning strikes”, why wouldn't you be incredibly fast and yet have all the time in the world? When all your force is used in the thunderbolt that only lasts for mere milleseconds instead of guarding, squeezing, and holding a “figthing stance” with muscular tension and then trying to explode with that same muscular tension that's holding you back, you're going to be be saving energy and using it only when necessary.

The problem that most people have when they know they're using too much “muscle”, they try to relax – going too far to the other side where they forget that what controls extreme and fast contraction of muscles is electricity.

In CoreForce Energy, it's not just the generation of force that makes you strong, but the understanding of how to create relaxation of both body and mind that's still filled with explosive energy instead of sluggish power from everything being shut off from the relaxation. That's why I spend so much time teaching the particular distinctions that make them unique.

When your brain holds powerful pictures evoking phrases such as “Relaxed Lightning” or “Sting Like a Bee” as something to measure up to in physical movement, your body ends up moving like the very things that seem impossible to someone else who thinks we can only move like humans.

When you think of yourself and strong, muscular, fast, you will always be slow in comparison to electricity or that quick flash bang of a thunderbolt. That's why we always need to try to measure up to things outside of ourselves trying to emulate things and attributes much greater and richer in qualities than ourselves. In doing so, we bring ourselves to higher levels.

If you watch the flight replays of B J Penn and Lyoto Machida striking, you will see what I'm talking about in regards to Relaxed Lightning. Their opponents, Sean Sherk and Tito Ortiz respectively, who were indeed in incredible condition and impressively fast always seemed to be slow, late, and most often off target in comparison. Their reach was short and held back with muscular tension. Many will look at Ortiz shaking his hands out as being frustration from the elusive moves of Machida. But if you watch closely, you'll see that he's trying to get the cramps out – while Machida dances around him hardly out of breath it seems exuding energy instead of muscular exhaustion.

If you want speed and strength, hold yourself to a higher standard. Think of Relaxed Lightning.

If you want to take this kind of thinking to the next level both mentally and physically, this is where the CoreForce Energy course of 9 DVD and the bonus phone calls that comes with it will take you to your power zenith in strength and speed and mental focus.

To Your Strength and Mastery, 

Garin Bader

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To increase body strength for power and speed, in CoreForce Energy it's paramount that you have visceral ways to direct your energy so you know if what you're doing is empowering or disempowering. One of the first things I teach on the personal bonus calls that come with your purchase are CoreForce Energy's unique techniques of learning breath power and trajectory.

By learning to hear your breath and having creative and easy-to-learn ways to visualize it, your breath becomes one of the very best ways to translate energy into powerful and efficient movement.

Listening first and then learning to direct the sounds your breath makes as it whistles in and out of both your nose and mouth is one of your best teachers you'll ever have to understand how your brain and body interprets the most efficient movement that “fits” your body.

Instead of learning to force fit someone else's optimal movements or techniques into your body through copying body movement by rote, you learn how to assimilate those techniques organically into your own movements by seeing and interpreting them as energy projections and velocity waves instead of purely mechanical procedures.

Also, through learning CoreForce Energy Breath Trajectory and interpreting physical movement as breath energy, those movements fit us more organically and empower us with much more strength very quickly.

By learning to listen and direct your energy through your breath, you start to master your body movement right from the beginning – the body movements that are the most powerful and efficient for YOUR body and not someone else's.

When you begin seeing your breath as waves of energy with unique and ever changing patterns much like music, you almost automatically begin getting creative in expressing them as velocity curves of power and grace rather than body parts and muscle trying to coordinate their efforts to generate more speed and strength.

When you're thinking in terms of energy instead of muscle, you're already faster and engaging only the muscles that are necessary rather than everything and the kitchen sink thinking more is better. In terms of strength and speed, more muscle isn't always the key. Precision of mind and body is and using only what's necessary for the action at hand and that's what give you raw strength.

To Your Strength and Mastery,
Garin Bader
P.S. If you haven't taken advantage of your bonus calls that come automatically with CoreForce Energy, make the time because I always have time for people who want to master strength and success.

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