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In this quick video, I give you a few quick tips on how to punch harder ala “Zeus strength” and/or Bruce Lee as I teach in CoreForce Energy.

This not only shows you how to punch harder but you can take this same technique and improve your strength instantly. You can apply this technique for many things including both body weight exercises and weightlifting.

Get up and try this yourself! I highly encourage you to get up out of your chair and actually follow along with this short video! I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. 🙂

You’ll see for yourself how using the idea of Zeus supercharging your punch solidifies your entire body power for instant strength and stability.

This video on how to punching harder ala Zeus gives you amazing speed and the ability to cover a large distances with minimal telegraphing in addition to instant accelerated power.

Make sure that you compare both versions of the “human punch” and the “Zeus punch” side-by-side. Keep comparing and repeating over and over until your single arm punch feels exactly the same as when you’re punching with the hand and Power of Zeus.

Remember to imagine feeling, seeing, and hearing Zeus grasping your punching hand and showing you how to knock one galaxy into another stratosphere.

Questions to Ask Yourself in this Exercise:

  • What would the massive and powerful hand of Zeus feel like touching you?
  • How would his massive lightning force give you instant exploding power?
  • Would he breathe differently than a human?
  • How would his lightning energy light up your body the moment he touches you?
  • How would that light transfer into a quasar explosive of epic proportions?
  • How does thinking that Zeus is helping you get you out of the box of and subconscious limitations of “human thinking and breathing”?
  • Do you feel the difference between punching like a human and punching like Zeus? Why wouldn't you want to feel like Zeus was helping you all the time?
  • Why would you settle for “human energy” and human breathing?!


how to punch harderYou'll be incredibly empowered if you take the time to be detailed in your answers here. You’ll start grasping the understanding of what Bruce Lee meant when he said you must engage every move with “emotional content”. It's one of the most significant concepts that made him so fast and powerful.

As I so often talk about in CoreForce Energy, when change the way you think, feel, and see things, you instantly get different results. If you think with limiting thoughts and feelings that humans often unconsciously have, you shouldn't really be surprised by your subpar results.

If you begin thinking outside of the box from where you're currently are, you'll get new results that could transport you quickly to new levels of mastery. When you combine what you feel, what you see, and how you hear together, the synesthesia – the powerful synergy – of all of these elements put together can instantly give you incredibly accelerated results.

So it's your decision if you want to continue working hard doing all the “grunt work” that humans so often do unconsciously. Or, you can immediately upgrade how you think, see things (visualize things), and feel things with far greater intensity and begin getting results that will allow you to leapfrog to new levels of experience and mastery that you never thought possible.

I will be releasing a brand-new and very affordable course on how to punch harder along with many other tips that will aid you tremendously in your martial arts strength, speed, and power.

If you’re interested in getting pre-release updates and video tips, please make a comment below and I will personally respond to you before anyone else hears about this new course publicly.

To strengthen mastery,

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Can CoreForce Energy Techniques Enhance Your Energy?

Everyone wants energy to burn but few know how to get it organically from within. The breakthrough CoreForce Energy techniques can quickly show you how, especially with the one-on-one video conferencing that comes free with this cutting-edge super strength system.

With energy drinks and caffeine drinks so prevalent everywhere you look, so many people these days have few ideas outside of those solutions of how they can really amp up their own energy to accomplish not only their fitness goals but even their most prized life goals.

CoreForce Energy Techniques Give You Powerful Energy Organically

Without having techniques to improve your vital energy or developing chi, as some mightEnergy CoreForce Energy techniques call it, sometimes achieving your dreams and getting things done quickly seems almost insurmountable. But, with unstoppable energy and power, things can often become almost effortless when you engage and access the synergy of optimal thought process and the most powerful emotional connections that allow every cell in your body to be energized deeply in the right way to work together as one – instead of as separate entities. 

CoreForce Energy Techniques Give You Mental Clarity and Powerful Muscular Strength

With your internal energy amped up optimally, your concentration and mental focus almost immediately improves and brings incredible mental clarity at the same time. When your internal energy is enhanced from the precise way you engage your left and right brain hemispheres with the CoreForce Energy techniques, you create an undeniable synergy with the body when they are working in harmony. This, in turn, creates a dramatic increase in contraction power of your muscles that is intense. This is what quickly gives you ballistic strength and speed increases.

CoreForce Energy Techniques Will Allow You To Access Your Internal Energy Systems

Knowing how to develop chi, or the ability to increase your internal energy levels with the power of your mind and CoreForce Energy techniques will give you amazing benefits from creativity to getting things done faster to increasing your bodyweight exercise power to weight lifting strength to martial arts power to dancing finesse.

A lot of people ask, “Does CoreForce Energy work?” Well, the answer is an emphatic ‘Yes' because the power of your mind is limitless – that is, if you learn to tap into how to make it work more efficiently for you.

CoreForce Energy Techniques Give You Precise Ways to Map Your Energy

With the revolutionary CoreForce Energy techniques, you will get precise ways to map your energy quickly that are so practical that you'll be able to utilize them to greatly enhance your strength, speed, balance, and mental focus for any sport or physical exercise.

If you truly want the edge over your competition and gain access to the incredible reserves of power already inside you, give the CoreForce Energy techniques a try. You get a 30 day money back guarantee.

Free Personal Coaching on CoreForce Energy Techniques If You Act Now

And, if you act now, you get personal one-on-one coaching with the program that's completely FREE and accelerates your learning and mastery for gaining peak performance in any sport or exercise.

Find out more and get started today with expanding your mind and horizons with the CoreForce Energy techniques.

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Balance, super strength, and flexibility are all absolutely essential attributes to develop if you want to become a top athlete in any sport and to consistently have the winning edge over your competition.

Do You Want Super Strength and Balance?

When you lose balance, your strength is drastically diminished. Few athletes when falling backwards for instance would have sufficient power to still strike with great power or block as in football with full-on strength in the opposite direction.

Yet, this is exactly what CoreForce Energy can teach you quickly so you can not only achieve Matrix-like balance but super strength and speed in compromising positions.

Achieve Super Strength and
Matrix-like Balance At the Same Time

Rarely is super strength and balance taught so you can have both at the same time. CoreForce Energy accelerates super strength and balance quickly and you can apply it to ANY sport or physical exercises whether they're weight lifting or body weight. Here's a martial arts demo in the video below…

Check out this video showing you how you can achieve Matrix-like balance, super strength, and flexibility with the cutting-edge peak performance training techniques of CoreForce Energy.

To Your Strength and Mastery,

Garin Bader