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Here's a fascinating video on David Epstein why humans continually get stronger, faster, and better.

Athletes continually shatter new records all the time. What are the reasons? Are genetics changing? Is it just mindset? Or is it the technology they use to get the competitive edge?

You'll see in this video that it even seems their body types are changing rapidly to adapt to their sport and to gain the competitive edge over their competition.



Gain Strength Fast

Reading time: 1 – 2 minutes

To gain strength fast, you need to immediately begin amping up your strength thermostat in your mind.

Let me explain. We all have what I'll call a strength thermostat setting in our minds. We have many kinds of thermostats that limit our abilities in a myriad of ways.

MindpowerYour body is surely capable of expressing much greater strength than you already are. It's your mind that's holding you back. Since your muscles can't think on their own, it's up to you to shift your thought patterns to begin channeling new and powerful energies throughout your body – into every cell, into every muscle fiber.

It's not a new training regime that you need. It's not new equipment that you need. It's not a new diet that you need to gain strength. It's not a new supplement that you need to gain strength.

Gain Strength Fast = Amp Up The Strength Thermostat
In Your Mind!

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