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Do you want to develop superhuman speed and strength?

When you think of super human speed, heroes like Bruce Lee and Usain Bolt likely pop into your mind. If you've always thought their ability to be unattainable because they are genetic phenoms or have access to coaching that you cannot afford, think again.

Yes, to a certain degree, there is only one Bruce Lee and one Usain Bolt. But that doesn't mean that others can't be like them. And that doesn't mean that you're incapable of harnessing the same superhuman speed and abilities to move at the speed of light.

Can Your Mental State Really Develop Superhuman Speed?

Moving at the speed of light isn't a physical act, but a mental one. Of course, we're not talking the kind fantasy superhuman speed that enables a superhero to travel across galaxies. Yet, the likes of Bruce Lee and Usain Bolt, become human heroes in their own right by their fantastic physical performance as well as their mental attitude of modeling super energy instead of just normal human muscular movement.

It's a mental state though that will help you develop superhuman speed. It also requires the right kind of relaxation. I ask you to imagine yourself holding a ball and in that ball is a source of energy as great as the sun.

From a scale of 1-10 and 10 being the highest, turn up the power inside this ball of energy so that it becomes a 10 of roaring powerful energy.

As you focus and concentrate on this energy, you likely build up tension that runs from the top of your neck all the way through your spine and limbs.

Now if we watch Bruce Lee in training, or view a clip from Usain Bolt's 100-meter win in Germany, you will see something entirely different. Watch the movement of their bodies right before the action begins. Is it tense like you are when focusing on that ball of energy?Develop superhuman speed

No, it is quite the opposite. In fact, they seem so relaxed and yet poised with incredible elastic body energy and total structural integrity, it's as though they are somewhere else within their minds.

Relaxtion and Elastic Body Energy Will Help You Develop Superhuman Speed of a Bruce Lee or Usain Bolt.

Tension actually slows down your movement and restrains your power. It withholds the actually force within you and disables your ability to release that force, hindering the escape of explosive energy making any successful progress towards superhuman speed impossible.

If you want to see how much speed and power you are truly capable of exerting, learn to relax into your movement and focus your mind on then innate energy you possess within. This is the beginning process that will help you develop superhuman speed like these great sports heroes.

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You might be really surprised what a powerful relationship there is between developing superhuman strength and speed and the sounds of music. Whether you want to run faster, move on the field with more agility, or train as a pianist with fluidity and ease, your practice coalesces with the sound of music. If you want ultimate peak performance training, you're likely asking what speed and agility training have to do with the piano, or with with the sounds of music in general.

I work with musicians as well as various types of athletes, and teach them the same lessons about developing super human strength and speed. Your ability to move with sound and actually feel the sound vibrations throughout your body will increase your speed 2, 3, and even 4 times as fast as what you are normally capable of.

Why is that? Sound and actions are ALWAYS congruent. Your actions directly affect the sounds that you make. If you are playing a song on the piano, the forceful motion that most piano students make causes a sort of blunt sound with each note.

When you start using your imagination and creating an imagination that has a sound, you change the way you play. This works for my piano students as well as my students who want to learn how to increase superhuman speed for any sport or recreation.

This works because there is a fundamental difference between volume and velocity. When you sprint down the track, your feet literally pound the pavement. Though you may feel your steps are light, you are packing in a ton of volume each time your shoes hit the ground. The same thing goes for any movement that needs speed and power: a punch or jab, a kick, or the moving of your fingers across the keys of a piano.

Adding in the velocity and trajectory of sound with your movement will allow your imagination to increase your speed. This single action determines the difference between a good pianist and a great one, a fast runner and one that moves with superhuman speed, or a good fighter versus a legendary one.

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