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Peak Performance Training and Breath Control

Your breath is one of the very best assets you have that can determine your life force. Amazingly, your body can go with out food for months and with no water for weeks. However, you cannot go without oxygen for more than a few minutes.

The oxygen you breathe everyday nourishes every part of your body and is the only vital bodily function which is done consciously and that you can in fact control with yourPeak performance training breath conscious mind.

Perhaps because we inhale and exhale every instant of our life that we take it for granted and we don't often give much thought to how enhancing the way we actually breathe can accelerate maximum peak performance training in any sports activity or exercise.

It has lots of different physiological effects on your body. Many say that breath is a doorway between your conscious and the unconscious mind. Many individuals understand how it helps relax you and feeds specific parts of the body like your brain with valued oxygen.

Peak Performance Training Breath Control Can Give You Better Control Over Your Nervous System

The way you breathe with proper peak performance training breath control can give you greater power over your nervous system and can speedily put you into a much more kinesthetic state – a feeling state. It’s to great advantage that sports athletes under pressure learn to stay in a feeling state via breath techniques rather than exit it by pulling back to the the tension filled left-brain over-intellectualizing state that generally brings on both constipated thought and movement.

Peak performance training should include this unique emphasis on breath control because greatly boost your strength, power, stamina, and mental focus by learning to map the trajectory of your breathing on both inhalation and the exhalation phases. By utilizing some simple strategies that I will describe, you can quickly improve the overall performance of your lungs as well as change the entire structure in the way that your body moves efficiently with strength and stamina.

Most people inhale in and out in an angular fashion that’s short in both the inhalation and exhalation stages. We’ve also been taught that power is to be demonstrated only on the exhale.

Peak Performance Training Should Emphasize Power on Your Inhale

In fact, most athletes pretty much completely disregard the fact that the inhalation can very often be every bit as powerful as the exhalation phase. In reality, understanding how to exude power on the inhalation effectively can often give you greater flexibility, fluidity, and powerfully organic movement that quite often will overshadow the typically overly compressed constipated way people exhale when attempting to apply more physical strength.

Peak performance training should therefore give equal emphasis to the inhalation and exhalation phases when engaging in strength training and sports training. You will not only considerably expand your stamina and lung capacity, but your strength, speed, organic movement – and especially, your mental focus.

If you want to discover how to be equally powerful both on your inhale and exhalation, CoreForce Energy will show you how to apply it in such a way that you will have an unparalleled advantage over your competition in sports in strength, speed, endurance, and mental focus. Learn more about the ultimate peak performance training of CoreForce Energy.

Reading time: 3 – 5 minutes

Can CoreForce Energy Techniques Enhance Your Energy?

Everyone wants energy to burn but few know how to get it organically from within. The breakthrough CoreForce Energy techniques can quickly show you how, especially with the one-on-one video conferencing that comes free with this cutting-edge super strength system.

With energy drinks and caffeine drinks so prevalent everywhere you look, so many people these days have few ideas outside of those solutions of how they can really amp up their own energy to accomplish not only their fitness goals but even their most prized life goals.

CoreForce Energy Techniques Give You Powerful Energy Organically

Without having techniques to improve your vital energy or developing chi, as some mightEnergy CoreForce Energy techniques call it, sometimes achieving your dreams and getting things done quickly seems almost insurmountable. But, with unstoppable energy and power, things can often become almost effortless when you engage and access the synergy of optimal thought process and the most powerful emotional connections that allow every cell in your body to be energized deeply in the right way to work together as one – instead of as separate entities. 

CoreForce Energy Techniques Give You Mental Clarity and Powerful Muscular Strength

With your internal energy amped up optimally, your concentration and mental focus almost immediately improves and brings incredible mental clarity at the same time. When your internal energy is enhanced from the precise way you engage your left and right brain hemispheres with the CoreForce Energy techniques, you create an undeniable synergy with the body when they are working in harmony. This, in turn, creates a dramatic increase in contraction power of your muscles that is intense. This is what quickly gives you ballistic strength and speed increases.

CoreForce Energy Techniques Will Allow You To Access Your Internal Energy Systems

Knowing how to develop chi, or the ability to increase your internal energy levels with the power of your mind and CoreForce Energy techniques will give you amazing benefits from creativity to getting things done faster to increasing your bodyweight exercise power to weight lifting strength to martial arts power to dancing finesse.

A lot of people ask, “Does CoreForce Energy work?” Well, the answer is an emphatic ‘Yes' because the power of your mind is limitless – that is, if you learn to tap into how to make it work more efficiently for you.

CoreForce Energy Techniques Give You Precise Ways to Map Your Energy

With the revolutionary CoreForce Energy techniques, you will get precise ways to map your energy quickly that are so practical that you'll be able to utilize them to greatly enhance your strength, speed, balance, and mental focus for any sport or physical exercise.

If you truly want the edge over your competition and gain access to the incredible reserves of power already inside you, give the CoreForce Energy techniques a try. You get a 30 day money back guarantee.

Free Personal Coaching on CoreForce Energy Techniques If You Act Now

And, if you act now, you get personal one-on-one coaching with the program that's completely FREE and accelerates your learning and mastery for gaining peak performance in any sport or exercise.

Find out more and get started today with expanding your mind and horizons with the CoreForce Energy techniques.

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Unlock Muscle Energy Fast

Understanding how to unlock muscle energy fast is an important ingredient in building strength for incredible chi power. I just did a presentation at a life-changing event for 11-11-11 called Santorii in Joshua Tree California with some amazing coaches in their respective fields.

In the 1st part of my presentation, I showed everyone why their default concept of what strength really is actually debilitates them on every level creating incredible tension – which in turn, immediately destroys your ability to access your real human potential, super strength, speed, balance, flexibility, and cardio endurance.

how to unlock muscle energy fast

I took them through a revealing CoreForce Energy process where the visualizationprocess reveals your “default strength setting”. If you want to unlock muscle energy fast for bodyweight exercises, martial arts, or any sport, read on to discover why you're not currently able to access your full human potential.

Why You're Not Able to Unlock Muscle Energy Fast

The CoreForce Energy visualization and physical process that I take you through always reveals 2 important facts…

1. Everyone, almost with no exception, compresses their energy every time they think about accessing more strength speed power mental focus with shortness of muscular movement and breath.

If your concept of energy and muscular power is of compression, you will always be activating too many muscles at the same time and not be able to optimally unlock muscle energy fast. This not only creates constipated movement but thought as well always keeping you from attaining your true human potential and peak performance.

This translates into your real strength potential being greatly diminished. If your mental “strength default” always tells your musculature to compress your energy, breath, and mental focus, then you will always get excessive tension which makes you weaker, slower, less flexible, less stable, and greatly diminishes your cardiovascular abilities. All this, will forever keep you from attaining your true “superhuman strength”.

2. Generally, it takes most people up to 5 minutes to actually be able to genuinely say that they are accessing a true “10” when I ask them to visualize their optimal strength and power. What’s revealing in the process that I take people through in CoreForce Energy is that when I ask clients to “freeze” when they’ve accessed their “10”, their bodies are riddled with tension everywhere along with shortness of breath.

Only when you can change your default mental concept of what strength is when you need it that you will truly understand how to gain strength and unlock muscle energy fast. The first step to changing this is to even be aware that everyone’s “default strength setting” is set to compress instead of expand.

How to Unlock Muscle Energy Fast for Super Strength

When you can access your true strength by expanding your muscle energy with the right velocity and trajectory, instead of compressing it, this is the 1st step in accessing your true superhuman strength. 

When you can access your CoreForce Energy expansion of energy within a millisecond instead of minutes, you’ll be super strong, quick, resiliently balanced, flexible, and cardiovascularly superior – and VERY Fast.

In the real world, accessing your full human potential will make you excel in all areas but, you need to be able to access it immediately – within a millisecond to truly stay ahead of your competition.

Learn more about truly accessing your human potential and build chi for strength here with CoreForce Energy.