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How To Increase Strength and Access Your FULL Human Potential

Do you have a burning passion to find out how to increase strength to your highest capability? Do you have a passion to unlock your full human potential? Then discovering cutting-edge mind body fusion technology is an absolute must and that's exactly what this article is about.

Most athletes these days have heard of the importance of developing a strong mind body connection. But, it's when you learn how to really fuse your mind and body together in the right ways that you can unlock what many would call superhuman strength and powers.

The fact is that you DO have superhuman strength and capabilities trapped inside your body. Everyone, and I mean everyone , is operating far below their capabilities. You might say, sub-human in a sense simply because we were born with unfathomable powers that we simply don't use because of our self-limiting beliefs and inadequate techniques that fuse mind and body together in the right way that can unlock our innate powers. Modern science back this up.

When you learn to fuse all the hemispheres together with the most empowering emotional attunement to specific functions of your body and movement patterns, your strength, speed, endurance, creativity, and mental focus can skyrocket far higher than you ever thought possible. 

Fusing your mine and body together in the right way is key.

Unfortunately, too many are using antiquated techniques, that may sound sophisticated and all, but actually have real world applications in really fusing your mind and body together organically that would improve your strength.

When you properly learn how to increase your strength by training your mind and body together as one cohesive unit instead of separately, you will immediately have a massive edge over your competition in almost any sport. You will have in you possession the key that will show how to increase strength in the fastest possible way. 

More importantly, this is the only way to unlock your own full human potential..

Do You Want to Know How To Increase Strength Fast? 

Many scientists have stated that we're only using 5% of our true human potential. When I first heard this, it started dawning on me that maybe we find better was to unlocking that other 95% – because the best ones we're using right now are only accessing that 5%. Pretty pathetic when you think about it, right?

How to Increase Strength Arthur Saxon performing a bent press....

English: Arthur Saxon performing a bent press. Français : Arthur Saxon effectuant un dévissé à un bras (bent press). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When you think of it that way, it becomes rather obvious that traditional methods really aren't as effective as their practitioners tout.

Three reasons you're NOT accessing your other 95% of strength potential:

1.) Not fully understanding that there must be a thorough melding of mind and body together to achieve your full peak potential.

2.) You're using traditional mind body connection techniques that aren't effectively giving you real measurable results – more promise than show.

3.) You're training mind and body as separate entities and then wonder why they don’t cooperate with each other more cohesively.

By fusing mind and body together correctly, you can discover exactly how to increase strength, speed, and mental focus almost instantly. 

Want to Learn How To Increase Strength Train Hard? Train Smarter!

If you want to access vast resources of strength and power – that other 95% that scientists say we're not using, then you MUST train smarter.

So what's that mean?

You MUST learn to really fuse all hemispheres of your brain together with optimal emotional attunement. At the same time physical training all at the same time – with fully integrated training.  This is the only way you're going to reach your full human potential – NOT by just another physical exercises or mental gymnastics game that aren't truly integrated to give you maximum integrated power.

Your emphasis should be on training smarter!

If you're passionate about learning how to increase strength, then you must begin utilizing your intellect more instead of just mindlessly following what everyone else is doing. You don't need MORE exercises. You don't need train your mind with MORE mental focus, visualization exercises, or positive affirmations.

What you need is a scientifically based fusion combining your mental, physical and emotional capacities all at the same time.

Learning to fuse your mind and body together organically is something your competition most likely won’t be doing – because they're following what everyone else is doing. this where you will always secure the advantage.

CoreForce Energy Will Show You Exactly How to Increase Strength FAST and Unlock Your Other 95%

If you really are serious about learning how to increase strength and unlock your other 95%, then I'd like to introduce you to CoreForce Energy. It's absolutely NOT ANOTHER old or rehashed method you've tried before. No, this something very different and unlike you've ever seen before…

CoreForce Energy is a new scientifically based cutting-edge neurosport technology that cohesively fuses your mental, physical and emotional capacities together and to their optimum levels. THIS IS WHY you're able to unlock your other 95% so quickly – simply because you'll be optimizing ALL your resources, cohesively and organically at the same time.

If you want to tap into that 95% to unlock your ultimate strength and human potential both physically and mentally. If you want to attain that winning-edge over your competition in ANY sport or exercise, then learn more about CoreForce Energy by clicking here

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Here's a cool magical visualization exercise I thought you'd like to see. Check out this video and enjoy…

It's an amazing video showing how a brilliant artist takes an old scratched and tattered photograph of the famous magician Houdini and breathes so much life into it that you'd swear it he just posed for it just recently.

The power of visualization can empower us or cripple us in dramatic ways. This reminds me of how its so important to work on bringing our visualizations to life one brush stroke at a time — taking out all the scratches and filling in all the faded black and white parts with full living color.

The more clarity you can see in your visualization exercises, the more you are likely to truly believe in achieving the goals you desire. The more you believe in them, the more you begin working enthusiastically to magnetize those goals towards you.

When you fuse mind and body together, we can all achieve amazing things. Clarity of vision is paramount and doing visualization exercise every day in the morning and right before bed can imprint your brain with the exact blueprints that will determine the outcome of your life for the better.

When you do your visualization exercise, try to imagine brining the picture you see in your mind to life like this magical artist. Attention to detail will put magic into your dreams and hasten them to manifest.

I look forward to your comments.


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CoreForce Energy Can Dramatically Improve Your Body Strength

Here's a video of even a skeptic dramatically improved his body strength after going through a few minutes of the cutting-edge super strength and mental focus techniques of CoreForce Energy and still was able to dramatically improve his strength in the bench press.

CoreForce Energy Will Improve Greatly Your Body Strength Quickly

In years of training hundreds of clients, I still haven't found any physical activity or sport that the powerful peak performance training principles of CoreForce Energy don't apply to. It's important to note that CoreForce Energy super strength concepts work to improve your body strength whether you do body weight exercises to weight lifting; or do martial arts to dancing.

There's nothing mystical about the concepts yet you will see dramatic improvement in your body strength and life when you begin fusing your mind and body together to unlock that other 95% of vast resources of power that scientists say we never use.

Isn't It Time to Unlock Your Ultimate Body Strength?

Everyone has vast powers that they're not using. But Not every knows how to use them or unlock them. If you want to unlock your ultimate body strength, superhuman strength, and speed to access your ultimate peak performance, then I encourage you to begin learning the powerful breakthrough concepts of CoreForce Energy.

To Your Strength and Mastery,

Garin Bader