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According to recent studies, caffeine helps improve strength and boosts your performance by stimulating neuromuscular excitability throughout your body. It actually promotes calcium release into your muscles that also increases your strength.

Your neuromuscular peformance is very important to pay attention to for optimal peak performance training. Your energy and performance most often decrease in the early morning as well as late afternoon.

Recent studies have found that compared to afternoons and evenings our performance actually decreases most often in the early morning and late evenings.

Accoring to Spanish researchers, injesting caffeine supplements helped prevent early morning decreases in performance in strength training with weight in men by increasing muscle recruitment levels.

Caffeine is still restricted from the NCAA, but it was taken off the banned list back in 2004.

So if you want to improve strength levels and performance especially in the early morning hours, a cup of coffee is certainly going to help get you past any possible slumps.


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Training for Peak Performance is Essential To Develop the Edge Over Your Competition

Everyone is looking for that one secret element that will help them excel during their training for peak performance and that'll give them the edge over their competition.

People take multiple supplements, develop extensive workout routines and push themselves to the brink of a mental and/or physical breakdown, all in the name of training for peak performance.

The truth is there is no need to unnecessarily go through these extensive and elaborate workout schemes because you will achieve peak performance when you really aren't trying so hard and looking for answers outside of yourself.

Overthinking in Training for
Peak Performance is a No-no

Not trying doesn't mean you sit around and mysteriously you reach your peak performance levels. Not trying means you give into your training and stop overthinking and working so hard during your training for peak performance.

Start trying to experience the real joy and exhilaration of how you play the game and how brilliantly your body actually moves.

When you do this you'll find that you reach and operate at your peak performance levels faster and quicker than when you were overthinking and trying too hard.

Here's a look at why not trying too hard during your training for peak performance will help you in the long run.

Here's a couple of tips for training for peak performance to maintain the edge over your competition.

1. Train Yourself Not to Overthink
When you overthink and overcomplicate your training for peak performance, you put your whole body under huge levels of stress that are difficult to overcome. This stress prevents you from reaching your peak performance because your body is unable to just let go and reach its full potential. This is where you're more apt to make unrecoverable mistakes.

2. Learn What Works for You and Keep With It
Ultimate peak performance is different for everyone and your training for peak performance will also differ from your competition. If you are overthinking and overcomplicating your workouts, you are preventing yourself from listening to your body and learning to work with it – not against it.

When you try to copy someone else's athletic peak performance, most of the time you can rarely incorporate all the nuances that give them their own peak performance. Their movements will rarely fit your own body movements.

When you learn to work with your body during workouts and training sessions, you will find that you are able to reach your peak performance because you are working with what you have and not forcing something to work that your body isn't capable of doing.

Try not overthinking and overcomplicating your workout and training sessions next time you train for peak performance and you just might be surprised at the levels you reach.CFE Training for Peak Performance

Fusing mind and body together to create a powerful mind body connection is what will ultimately give you the edge over your competition and allow you to achieve your highest athletic and human potential.

Enter CoreForce Energy – The Cutting-Edge
Training for Peak Performance

In the cutting-edge training for peak performance of CoreForce Energy, I give you breakthrough techniques that you won't find anywhere else that fuse mind and body together so you don't activate the usual tension that everyone experiences.

It's this tension that makes you fight against yourself both mentally and physically and keeps you from attaining your full potential.

Most people's training for peak performance concentrates on practicing mental focus techniques and athletic skills separately – instead of together. But, this is where CoreForce Energy differs from anything else, because you learn the exact language that the mind and body speak to allow you to rid yourself of all that debilitating tension and allows you to enter the realm of super strength and speed quickly.

The simple truth is, your mind and body speak separate languages and unless you know exactly how they communicate most effectively, you will almost certainly never unlock your ultimate human potential. Find out more about the cutting-edge training for peak performance of CoreForce Energy.

To Your Training in Peak Performance and Mastery,


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How To Develop Superhuman Strength

The fundamental element to develop superhuman strength begins first in the mind. Too many people want to achieve peak performance these days and treat the body and mind as if they were separate entities.

The quicker you learn to understand that there must be a powerful fusion of mind and body to develop superhuman strength, the quicker you will achieve peak performance you seek. So many people think that when they're using their willpower that they are indeed using their mind to command their body to develop superhuman strength. But, in fact, willpower often brings on debilitating tension which ultimately weakens the body quicker.

Most people understand the muscles don't have an intrinsic intelligence. Yet, many of us in the Western cultures tend to treat the brain as a supervisor and the muscles as their employees who will must follow their bosses commands without question. Unfortunately just as in that real life and with real people, the body doesn’t always want to graciously follow impulsive, cavalier, and often dangerous commands that put it at risk.

Should The Mind and Body Be Trained Together Or Separately to Develop Superhuman Strength?

Inadvertently thinking of the mind and body as separate entities, so many go to the gym thinking they are really using their mind because they’re using their willpower to whip their bodies into submission. This is one of the reasons why the majority of people have so much trouble achieving their goals super strength and supreme mental focus  AND end up with a lot of injuries. Many Eastern cultures always talk about the blending of the mind and body together to create Intrinsic Energy or Chi. Yet, most of the time, it's extremely rare to find someone that can teach a student how the mind and body can be completely fused to develop superhuman strength without years and years of meditation and practice. I have spent years practicing meditation myself and although I believe in it wholeheartedly in being able to achieve miraculous transformations, I have proven time and time again with my principles of CoreForce Energy that students can achieve what I will call superhuman strength within a few minutes of using its principles — yes, without all of the years of brutal training and years of self-actualizing meditation.

Fusing the Mind and Body Together for Peak Performance

I do believe in extreme hard work but I definitely believe in first engaging the mind intelligently to work in unison with the body with smart tools – rather than on hoping those tools may come one day through work alone. CoreForce Energy is all about fusing the mind and body together to develop “superhuman strength” through the use of smart tools. Yes, to be great at anything will still require diligent work, but to train only the muscle with more force labor and willpower will most of the time keep your strength limited to slightly above average human strength – instead of the superhuman strength that you can achieve by truly accessing the vast resources of your mind to engage your muscles with truly astounding power, coordination, and endurance. To Your Strength and Mastery, Garin Bader