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Unlock Your Human Strength Potential

CoreForce Energy gives you the highest electrical capacity in your brain and musculature and it will create a nuclear explosion, so to speak, in your core – your entire being. All the energy in your bodies is from molecules that form our central core.

Science tells us that atoms and subatomic particles are composed of energy in a constant state of oscillation. Atoms aren't the least bit solid and are really, in fact, energy in motion. A molecule has a nucleus. Everything has a center core and your human strength potential is directly related to this

A car has its battery. A molecule has its atom. The universe is an exploding center of mass. We have electrical currents constantly surging throughout our body and dramatically affect our thoughts, creativity, and strength potential.

Most Of Us Don't Access Our Full Strength Potential

We have a powerful energetic core within all of us. Yet, many of us don't access it to utilize our full strength potential and mental capabilities. You can actually measure the current of the electricity in our bodies.

An MRI scan shows up as color and light. The energy in our bodies can be read by doctors today. That is incredible to see.

How are we building electricity in our bodies is something I always ask. How can we create optimal power and strength every moment of the day? How do we unlock our ultimate human strength potential?

It's our thoughts and how we master and harness the energy that comes from them! It's how we think. How we think and fuse our thoughts together with emotion that create more electricity, more power, more speed, more strength. This is how we access our strength potential.

Your Mind Is Your Trigger to Unlock Your Human Strength Potential

Your Mind is a trigger and it allows you to tap into your core and maximum strength potential. If your brain and thoughts aren't fully optimized, then it's impossible for your body to achieve peak performance and your full strength potential. This is the way you begin accessing what others will call superhuman strength and speed.

“Man often becomes what he believes himself to be. If I keep on saying to myself that I cannot do a certain thing, it is possible that I may end by really becoming incapable of doing it. On the contrary, if I shall have the belief I can do it, I shall surely acquire the capacity to do it, even if I may not have it at the beginning.”
~Mahatma Gandhi

Begin unlocking your full human strength potential with the cutting-edge peak performance training techniques of CoreForce Energy. Achieve Your Power Zenith and Your Full Strength Potential!
To Your Strength and Mastery,

Garin Bader

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I was at the gym doing my cardio the other day when I saw the news flash that the 6ft 5 in, 21- year old Jamacan, Usain Bolt, who was nicknamed “Lightning Bolt” some time ago who brought the world 100 metres record down to 9.72 seconds. Unbelievably Stunning show of strength and speed.

It was quite a coincidence that earlier last week May 30, I had written to my subscribers about how you can gain almost instant speed and strength by modeling your physical movement not after human attributes but by things that have much more powerful qualities like Lightning. I called it “Relaxed Ligthning”.

As I always say in CoreForce Energy strength, your body responds to how you think. Imagine if your name was”Lightning Bolt”. Would you think different? Would you run different? Would you run faster? Would your entire workout change? Would you want to live up to the name to the best of your ability because newspapers and television were writing about you? Would you use muscle to achieve “Lightning Bolt” status? Or would you try to draw on other resources greater than you?

If you use too many muscles, you end up being slow, sluggish, and burning your energy too fast, too hot, and burn out quickly. Your movement is static, rigid, and constipated.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, when you try to relax by calming down instead of charging upwards, you don't have the high voltage charges necessary to activate your musculature powerfully enough

But if you could somehow generate fantastic power with the effortlessness of a lightning bolt, think how fast you'd be! Instead of just thinking about that, try to imagine your own nickname was “Lightning Bolt”. He obviously did. And look at the stats and how he smashed his competitors.

I'm sure you'd want to live up to that name if that was your nickname as he did. If you do only this one thing by imagining that your name was “Lightning Bolt” and hear the crowd calling out your name, see the newspaper headlines – I guarantee your next workout will be transformational.

In many of the news reports, they said Usain Bolt lived up to his name. No surprise…When you think differently – you get new results.

I can't guarantee you're going to smash world records with CoreForce Energy, but I can guarantee if you begin thinking differently with its techniques, you'll begin finding new resources of power and strength that lie buried inside you waiting to be released.

To Your Strength and Mastery,

Garin Bader

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