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How To Run Faster By Inspired Action

How to run faster and/or be faster in other areas are at the top of my list of questions readers write in to ask about besides how to build strength fast.


Usain Bolt

First, mindset is extremely important before implementing any particular training exercises whether you want to get stronger fast or lose weight.

So, if you want to know how to run faster, try using these simple mind hacks…

Instead of trying to beat a stopwatch or another competitor, start training with the mindset I describe below and see just how quickly this amps up your speed in comparison. I do this all the time myself and the results are incredible.

How To Get Faster By What You See, Hear, And Feel

What we see, hear, and feel all affect us all deeply.

There’s no doubt that the images in our minds affect our actions profoundly. There’s no doubt that the words and music we hear affect our actions immensely.

There’s also no doubt that what we see and hear in our minds and hearts affect our emotions intensely.

So, when the pictures in your mind are amplified and congruent with what you hear through via your ears and activate your emotions on a real visceral instead of just intellectual level, they either empower you greatly or disempower your strength and speed significantly.

Your choice of music and imagery when you’re training can be one of the most empowering forces you can use to aid you in getting stronger and faster.

Mind Hack to How To Get Faster

As a shortcut for combining empowering imagery and feeling to fuse together to ignite more powerful commands to my entire musculature, I often listen to movie soundtracks when I’m training.

I have hundreds of movie soundtracks on my various playlists. I have every song categorized for the intended energy and power I want to achieve.

Do you have separate music playlists to optimize you for:

  • Increasing Energy
  • Getting Stronger Fast
  • Generating Faster Speed
  • Effortless Endurance
  • Etc.

I suggest you start thinking about this right away if you really want to know how to get faster, or strong, have more energy, or endurance.

Think of one of your favorite action movies and an particularly inspiring scene where you felt your blood rushing through your veins fast even though you were sitting perfectly still in your movie seat.

Close your eyes for a second and imagine the movie and how the music deeply affected your emotions. Now imagine yourself training in the gym and trying to amp up your speed.

Depending on the details of the action scenes you remember seeing along with the  music you hearing in your mind, they might be inducing conflicting commands to your entire musculature if you’re trying to understand how to get faster.

Are Imagery and Songs to Run
To Making you Faster or Slower?

Here’s what I mean. For instance, if you hear and see triumphant pictures, actions, music, and sounds effects of perhaps a roman legion marching into battle, and it all inspires feelings of valor, this will certainly motivate you to move with more ponderous force, which is great for lifting more weight or being relentless in your quest.

But, all these combined forces won’t necessarily allow you to move with greater speed simply because the picture and sounds of thousands of soldiers moving across the battlefield corresponds precisely to slower ponderous sounds sequenced to a slower musical beat.

So, I ask you, is this picture and music tempo really going to inspire optimal speed? Probably not. So, why not completely optimize your speed training on every level if that’s what you really want!

Choosing a hip hop or rap song might make you want to dance hard and lift more weight with perhaps a picture in your head of being a faux movie gangster, but does it really inspire the most empowering muscular synapses and movements that will help you run faster or strike faster than lightning?

Again, probably not.

So Think About This If You Want To
Know How To Get Faster

Instead of continuing to use a music playlist of cool songs that you just like, think about the intention behind the workout that you’re about to do first.

Then, create a playlist of songs so, if it’s faster speed you want, choose music and imagery from a movie soundtrack where you immediately see, hear, and feel incredible speed in your mind so it can automatically catapult every cell in your musculature to ignite great speed.

Here’s something I use to that immediately gets me running faster than I ever would without it…

If you watched the movie 10,000 BC, there are some incredible scenes in prehistoric times of hunters trying to take down a woolly mammoth and it starts aggressively going after them.

What If This Were Chasing You?

Would you dig deep and find a way how to run faster if a wooly mammoth were chasing you trying to stomp you into the earth?! You Bet!

You need to do different things and think differently, if you want better results. Otherwise, you shouldn't expect different results. Make sense?

So, if you're not getting the results you want, be open to new suggestions and take quick action if you want quick results andMammoth feedback.

If you're not getting the speed you want while listening to cool pulsating hip hop or rap music where the only imagery that immediately comes to mind is you in a club hoping someone will notice your awesomeness, try putting on a sound track from a movie like 10,000 BC where blood pumping scenes immediately flood your mind with mammoths and saber tooth tigers chasing your ass because you're their dinner. 

When you feel the music that goes with this imagery of trying to get away from a gigantic prehistoric mammoth, believe me, those FEELINGS will inspire untapped resources throughout your entire musculature that will enable you to run much faster. 

Your Music And Imagery Should Give You
The FEELING Of Strength And Speed

Instead of intellectualizing how to fun faster like, the music and imagery should induce FEELING how fast you’d be “inspired” to run if a gigantic prehistoric mammoth were chasing your ass! Dang!

Imagine that while you’re running to escape from it’s massive steps, you flashing across an open plain gets the attention of a saber toot tiger and it begins in the chase also.

Picture it leaping ferociously at you as you frantically jump over creeks and boulders with the longest strides you can manage.

But still, the saber tooth tiger is gaining on you. How do you Feel at this moment?

What You Feel And See In
Your Mind’s Eye Will Make You Faster

Every few seconds, as you can almost smell and feel the saber tooth tiger’s hot breath on your back, it snaps at you trying to take out big chunks of your hamstrings with it’s enormous dagger-like to get faster

Now, ask yourself, would you be running faster thinking and hearing music like this?

Would the idea that each snap of the saber tooth tiger’s jaw activate you to run faster?

Well, if the answer is a resounding YES, then if you want to learn how to get faster, use music and imagery that will inspire your most empowering emotions and make separate playlists for every workout you do.

Bottom line: Create separate playlists for every training session with your intention and end outcome very clear in your mind’s eye. Do this and watch your speed, strength, endurance, productivity soar to new horizons!

Train hard – and train inspired!


sprint training how to run faster

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You might be really surprised what a powerful relationship there is between developing superhuman strength and speed and the sounds of music. Whether you want to run faster, move on the field with more agility, or train as a pianist with fluidity and ease, your practice coalesces with the sound of music. If you want ultimate peak performance training, you're likely asking what speed and agility training have to do with the piano, or with with the sounds of music in general.

I work with musicians as well as various types of athletes, and teach them the same lessons about developing super human strength and speed. Your ability to move with sound and actually feel the sound vibrations throughout your body will increase your speed 2, 3, and even 4 times as fast as what you are normally capable of.

Why is that? Sound and actions are ALWAYS congruent. Your actions directly affect the sounds that you make. If you are playing a song on the piano, the forceful motion that most piano students make causes a sort of blunt sound with each note.

When you start using your imagination and creating an imagination that has a sound, you change the way you play. This works for my piano students as well as my students who want to learn how to increase superhuman speed for any sport or recreation.

This works because there is a fundamental difference between volume and velocity. When you sprint down the track, your feet literally pound the pavement. Though you may feel your steps are light, you are packing in a ton of volume each time your shoes hit the ground. The same thing goes for any movement that needs speed and power: a punch or jab, a kick, or the moving of your fingers across the keys of a piano.

Adding in the velocity and trajectory of sound with your movement will allow your imagination to increase your speed. This single action determines the difference between a good pianist and a great one, a fast runner and one that moves with superhuman speed, or a good fighter versus a legendary one.

If think you are ready to develop superhuman speed, then visit Core Force Energy to unlock your potential by learning how to master your true vibrational energy with maximum peak performance training.

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I was at the gym doing my cardio the other day when I saw the news flash that the 6ft 5 in, 21- year old Jamacan, Usain Bolt, who was nicknamed “Lightning Bolt” some time ago who brought the world 100 metres record down to 9.72 seconds. Unbelievably Stunning show of strength and speed.

It was quite a coincidence that earlier last week May 30, I had written to my subscribers about how you can gain almost instant speed and strength by modeling your physical movement not after human attributes but by things that have much more powerful qualities like Lightning. I called it “Relaxed Ligthning”.

As I always say in CoreForce Energy strength, your body responds to how you think. Imagine if your name was”Lightning Bolt”. Would you think different? Would you run different? Would you run faster? Would your entire workout change? Would you want to live up to the name to the best of your ability because newspapers and television were writing about you? Would you use muscle to achieve “Lightning Bolt” status? Or would you try to draw on other resources greater than you?

If you use too many muscles, you end up being slow, sluggish, and burning your energy too fast, too hot, and burn out quickly. Your movement is static, rigid, and constipated.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, when you try to relax by calming down instead of charging upwards, you don't have the high voltage charges necessary to activate your musculature powerfully enough

But if you could somehow generate fantastic power with the effortlessness of a lightning bolt, think how fast you'd be! Instead of just thinking about that, try to imagine your own nickname was “Lightning Bolt”. He obviously did. And look at the stats and how he smashed his competitors.

I'm sure you'd want to live up to that name if that was your nickname as he did. If you do only this one thing by imagining that your name was “Lightning Bolt” and hear the crowd calling out your name, see the newspaper headlines – I guarantee your next workout will be transformational.

In many of the news reports, they said Usain Bolt lived up to his name. No surprise…When you think differently – you get new results.

I can't guarantee you're going to smash world records with CoreForce Energy, but I can guarantee if you begin thinking differently with its techniques, you'll begin finding new resources of power and strength that lie buried inside you waiting to be released.

To Your Strength and Mastery,

Garin Bader

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