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Here's a great question I just got in after just finishing two performances that received two standing ovations….


I’m curious how do you use CoreForce Energy on the stage? Does it help with confidence and make you a better performer?

Kind Regards,


Great question Peter,

First, let me say that CoreForce Energy can dramatically help anyone doing any kind of presentation whether it’s asking for a raise, talking to your children or spouse, stage performance, etc. – to always be totally engaged in the most powerful kind of energy that is possible for each particular circumstance.

It does this by making you keenly aware that the right kind energy is what either inspires or loses an audience and this is where you immediately begin thinking in the now as to whether you're connecting with them in the right way rather than fretting whether you're performing well-rehearsed actions or words to the best of your ability.

It takes you immediately to a more powerful presence when you understand that every performance is a transmission of energy on many levels. Varying degrees of frequencies translate into different intensities of emotion, strength, and power that are communicated to an audience through your voice, your body language, an instrument, and basically through every ounce of your being.

We are basically transmitters and receivers of energy. Our degrees of success rely totally on those abilities. Our five senses interpret everything we perceive through fluctuations in vibrations. Take hearing for example, tiny bones vibrate and interpret vibrations from the ear drum into sounds that are either pleasing or repulsive.

Our brain interprets those vibrations as sincere emotions, self confidence, power, etc. as well as all their opposites and all the in-betweens.

So instead of thinking what techniques you're going to pull out of your bag of tricks to try on an audience, CoreForce Energy helps you begin being more aware that all actions must begin with the right energy for the situation at hand and that all energies fluctuate and must be constantly monitored to be mastered.

Every atom and molecule in the universe is ever moving in constant vibration at particular energies.

When you learn that every movement you make is an expression of your energy and that it always has an equivalent readout in sound wave patterns, you quickly begin understanding that when can directly change your energy to meet the right intensity and trajectory, you can resonate with unbelievable power on many levels.

Understanding intensities of vibration as sound waves translates directly into activating more muscle fibers to lift more weight as it does to projecting your voice so that the furthest person in an audience in the balcony feels that you’re speaking heart to heart to them. Passion, emotion, powerful body language, or super strength can be directly measured as frequencies of sound waves.

When you learn to see and master your energy, you understand that the quality of your energy comes out through your hands, exudes in the sound quality and projection of your voice, to affecting your entire body language in a much more powerful way.

When you think this way, it’s one of the most exciting things in the world to know that you can be in control of these things that once seemed so out of your reach.

To Your Strength and Mastery,

Garin Bader

P.S. Good thoughts and intentions alone don't translate optimally into the body to make it as powerful as it can be. They are only approximate destinations at best. Start learning now how to REALLY master your energy and strength with CoreForce Energy.

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Being a musician as well as a strength trainer is, to a lot a people, a very odd combination. To me though, it makes perfect sense that one helps the other. Here's a little of why not only do the two of them work so well together, but how music actually can give you insights into creating greater strength and speed.

Having been in the recording studio countless hours in my life, a constant thing I look at and analyze are sound wave files. Each piece of music has a unique sound print, each phrase, each note. And each time a musician plays a note, not only must that note be perfectly projected, but how each note moves into the next becomes like a fingerprint unique to the artist and unique to the point in time that it was created. No two recordings will ever be even remotely the same. Of course, they may sound the same. But if you look at the sound waves, those sound waves tell a completely different story. But each time you play a piece of music, it changes the sound file in minute ways that make profound differences.

That's why to record a music album takes months and months – to get just the right sound, just the right feel, just the right emotion so that those sound waves (music) will affect us deeply.

Each one of those sound wave files are physical measurements that are recorded by musicians playing their instruments in a particular way, with a particular emotion, with each phrase having a completely different trajectory, motion, pressure, and velocity.

Now if we start thinking of our movements having the subtleties of sound waves and that those sound waves are very accurate measurements of what we put forth, we begin thinking of new ways to move. We become more creative and that creativity brings us new horizons to see.

Our movement can not only become more physcially powerful if we pay close attention to those waves, but we can accurately start seeing how if we imagine what the sound of our trajectory is before we do it, the body flows with a more solid base as well as flows with more fluidity.

Even though musicians may play the same music over and over, very few of them would ever play the same phrase exactly the same way every time. Why would they want to?

Yet, many of us move in the gym the same way every day – day in and day out.

A musician actively thinks of each note and phrase so that it may have the right intensity, the right trajectory, the right speed, the right timbre, the right emotion – just to create just the “right sound”.

What if you start thinking that way with your own movement in exercise? I dare say you'd start finding new ways to express your energy with more power and strength even if you aren't a musician.

In CoreForce Energy, I constantly emphasize students to learn how to create sounds correctly. I don't mean singing or playing a musical instrument. What I mean is, the when you can learn to not only hear the sound you want to project before you utter it, but that you learn to see with your imagination that your movement matches that frequency, then it always follows, that people’s physical movement ALWAYS matches their sound creation and visualization.

It cannot be otherwise. Sound waves are measurements of physical actions AND visa versa.

To Your Strength and Mastery,

Garin Bader

P.S. With your bonus calls that come with investing in the course, I give you a ton of time in personal instruction not only where you have an opportunity for me to personally show you exactly what to do, but where you'll find that in doing these things the correct way, that you start moving completely differently and strength exudes. Yes, even over the phone – again emphasizing the fact that sound waves affect us in ways that we're only begining to understand totally.