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Bruce Lee was legendary for his incredible power and speed and revolutionized many ways of thinking about moving in martial arts with greater efficiency, strength, speed, and power. The Bruce Lee one inch punch.

Bruce Lee's notorious one-inch punch demonstration became one of the most celebrated blows in the world and certainly a daring feat of strength to many.

He literally could send a grown man hurling across a room from this devastating exhibition of raw strength, speed, and explosive power.

It’s amazing that all his power was seemingly generated within one inch and with no telegraphing or cocking energy first – just pure explosive power outwards from ground zero. bruce lee workout

Here's a quick video showing and exhibition of the Bruce Lee one inch punch.

Bruce Lee One Inch Punch Secrets


Bruce Lee's incredible punching power didn't come from just his arm strength or hip power as many will tell you. This is what most students trying to duplicate his power fail to see.


In this article, I'd like to give you my take on how he generated his ferocious power and give you some ideas if you want to know how to do the one inch punch.

His energy was initiated right from his very toes that then spiraled fiercely upwards through his entire body and core to finally extend outwards from his fist with a wicked release of power within a millisecond.

You'll understand some important nuances of the Bruce Lee one inch punch that I believe were the most important driving factors behind his ability to generate his tremendous crushing power.

Of course, first and foremost, perhaps we should look at how Bruce Lee’s one-inch punch and true power came from his intellect before we start analyzing his actual physical movements.

Bruce Lee's Blueprint of Energy & Power

I think you'll see that he obviously had a clear blueprint embedded in his imagination of the exact timing and trajectory of the energy he would ignite within milliseconds.

Most students are taught to compress their power upon impact. Their entire structure usually moves downward and locks down even further with the exhalation of their breath.

Even with punching with complete follow-through, traditionally taught ways of punching look completely different than when you learn to EXPAND outward with power that's precisely matched with congruent breath power that expands instead of compresses.

Watch the videos carefully and you’ll see Bruce Lee’s energy and power EXPAND outward.

What’s fascinating is that Bruce Lee's trademark combat sounds he made throughout his movies were not at all like a compression of energy and breath like most martial artists make when they attack with the usual compressed and harsh “kiai”.

No, the Bruce Lee “cat like” sound was intrinsically linked to distinct trajectories of energy and breath patterns that directed his congruently powerful and quick movements.

Most of this vocal expressions were expansive and they often curved and arched diabolically like the sound a dragon's tail might make whipping outward and hooking flesh on it's way back with its barbed scales.

Inside the CoreForce Energy Training Academy, we explore in depth his sound and energy trajectory, his breath pattern, and his phenomenal body mechanics and training.

You’ll immediately realize how intertwined and completely united and congruent all these components all were. One can not be separated from the other.

Bruce Lee one inch punch

Expansion vs Compression Power

Human being's natural tendencies are to execute their “explosive power” with both compression of their breath and entire musculature. This creates too much tension and consequently dissipates your power greatly in the intended direction drastically.

Doesn't an explosion burst outwards – not inwards?

Once you answer that question, you may begin looking at Bruce Lee's one inch punch differently and perhaps see it as an expansion of force instead of a compression of energy.

Furthermore, you'll see that Bruce Lee's body is not locked down with compression after striking.

You'll see that his energy is an outwards explosion that also completely recoils back afterwards so he can do again over and over with equally devastating power.

Keep watching the quick clip within this article above closely and you'll see that he isn't locked down with compression at all in the traditional sense. Doesn't it look expansive when you actually think about it now?

CoreForce Energy Expansion Power

Expanding your energy instead of compressing it is one of the underlying concepts that distinguishes CoreForce Energy super strength training from any traditional strength and power training and is a complete paradigm shift. It engages your core completely differently.

No matter what your sport is, try training thinking about expanding your energy outwards instead of compressing it inwards or downwards.

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Bruce Lee one inch punch


NOTE: This is Part 1. If you want me to write more on this subject, please comment below. I appreciate you and thanks for reading!

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How good are super strength training techniques if you are not stimulating your mind to acquire superior abilities as well?

So many jocks I encounter these days condition their bodies feverishly with often bizarre and extreme methods in the desire to transcend into the domain that people might call “super human”.

It's a fantasy of so many athletes and people as a whole to possess “super human” qualities – to find ways to access their ultimate human physical performance and excel far beyond what their competition can do.

Maybe it was bred by so many childhood comic books, animated cartoon, films, and computer games. Maybe it is just in many people's genetic code to want to be more — to be special and to be heads above the herd.

Do You Want to Enter the Super Human Realm?

Regardless, if we're genuinely to one day develop beyond our human capabilities into a “superhuman-realm”, then I ask why is it that the absolute majority of athletes still condition their bodies so unrelentingly and yet habitually omit to condition their minds as aggressively with comparable time and exuberance?

Call me strange, but even as a youngster I always believed that my favorite superhuman characters would for sure have to be in command of some sort of super brainpower in order to do all the herculean feats of strength they did.

How could all those superhumans possess so many astonishing skills and yet be barren of a superior brain of some kind to make it all possible?strength_definition

Even though most of them purportedly developed their super strength from some kind of nuclear reaction, chemical reaction, or from having been born on another planet or solar system with completely different laws of physics, I always imagined that their mental capacity would sure enough function so differently from ours and that's the precise reason their bodies would react so magnificently and far beyond our human capabilities.

Is Over Training Giving You Diminishing Returns?

It IS the brain that commands the body isn’t it?

In the interest of acquiring superhuman strength, so many an athlete drive themselves into a spiraling whirlpool of decreasing returns called overtraining and other irrational behaviors.

Living with the ideal that “more is better” frequently leads so many to be forgetful that the pain and stiffness they are seeking to work through are in reality their muscles, nerves, and body mechanisms attempting to communicate to the brain that they need a lot time to mend properly before they can be pushed further into accessing the powers of super strength.

Employing our will over utilizing some common sense does not seem to equate to superior intelligence.

Every human being with a desire to become super human had best not only train their brains systematically and regularly to think more expeditiously and creatively, but to train it to acknowledge the distress signals that the body is trying to communicate to the brain and to promptly take time off from their super strength training in order to rest adequately.

A super brain must have not only the ability to press the body harder but to heed what the body is also telling it more intelligently. These are things that will assist it in order to heal faster and to become stronger in the shortest amount of time.

Let Your Body Recover Sufficiently

I think it would be sensible for us to expend a good deal more time letting the body recover sufficiently so it can come back supercharged for the next workout.

What better time than on our recovery periods away from the gym to learn better ways to bridge the immense powers of the intellectual realm with the exact language your body intuitively translates to aggressively change the manners in which you move and explode with muscular strength and speed?

Perhaps it’s just me, but it appears logical that a human being who desires to become superhuman physically would as well prefer to be developing a super human brain at the same time to go along with the tights and superior attributes of their ideal superhuman.

Melding the Mind and Body

If acquiring super strength is your goal, then what a great idea would it be to expend your recovery time away from the gymnasium expeditiously to learn fresh ways of thinking and new ways of powerfully melding the mind to the body?

How extraordinary it would be if schools began seriously advocating super strength training for BOTH mind and body and teach pupils how the body and the mind functioning as one can really wake up our hidden capabilities to truly be more than we ever believed imaginable?

Hmmm, perhaps I have read too many comic books…what do you think?

To your strength and mastery,
Garin Bader
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