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Unlock Muscle Energy Fast

Understanding how to unlock muscle energy fast is an important ingredient in building strength for incredible chi power. I just did a presentation at a life-changing event for 11-11-11 called Santorii in Joshua Tree California with some amazing coaches in their respective fields.

In the 1st part of my presentation, I showed everyone why their default concept of what strength really is actually debilitates them on every level creating incredible tension – which in turn, immediately destroys your ability to access your real human potential, super strength, speed, balance, flexibility, and cardio endurance.

how to unlock muscle energy fast

I took them through a revealing CoreForce Energy process where the visualizationprocess reveals your “default strength setting”. If you want to unlock muscle energy fast for bodyweight exercises, martial arts, or any sport, read on to discover why you're not currently able to access your full human potential.

Why You're Not Able to Unlock Muscle Energy Fast

The CoreForce Energy visualization and physical process that I take you through always reveals 2 important facts…

1. Everyone, almost with no exception, compresses their energy every time they think about accessing more strength speed power mental focus with shortness of muscular movement and breath.

If your concept of energy and muscular power is of compression, you will always be activating too many muscles at the same time and not be able to optimally unlock muscle energy fast. This not only creates constipated movement but thought as well always keeping you from attaining your true human potential and peak performance.

This translates into your real strength potential being greatly diminished. If your mental “strength default” always tells your musculature to compress your energy, breath, and mental focus, then you will always get excessive tension which makes you weaker, slower, less flexible, less stable, and greatly diminishes your cardiovascular abilities. All this, will forever keep you from attaining your true “superhuman strength”.

2. Generally, it takes most people up to 5 minutes to actually be able to genuinely say that they are accessing a true “10” when I ask them to visualize their optimal strength and power. What’s revealing in the process that I take people through in CoreForce Energy is that when I ask clients to “freeze” when they’ve accessed their “10”, their bodies are riddled with tension everywhere along with shortness of breath.

Only when you can change your default mental concept of what strength is when you need it that you will truly understand how to gain strength and unlock muscle energy fast. The first step to changing this is to even be aware that everyone’s “default strength setting” is set to compress instead of expand.

How to Unlock Muscle Energy Fast for Super Strength

When you can access your true strength by expanding your muscle energy with the right velocity and trajectory, instead of compressing it, this is the 1st step in accessing your true superhuman strength. 

When you can access your CoreForce Energy expansion of energy within a millisecond instead of minutes, you’ll be super strong, quick, resiliently balanced, flexible, and cardiovascularly superior – and VERY Fast.

In the real world, accessing your full human potential will make you excel in all areas but, you need to be able to access it immediately – within a millisecond to truly stay ahead of your competition.

Learn more about truly accessing your human potential and build chi for strength here with CoreForce Energy.

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CoreForce Energy Can Dramatically Improve Your Body Strength

Here's a video of even a skeptic dramatically improved his body strength after going through a few minutes of the cutting-edge super strength and mental focus techniques of CoreForce Energy and still was able to dramatically improve his strength in the bench press.

CoreForce Energy Will Improve Greatly Your Body Strength Quickly

In years of training hundreds of clients, I still haven't found any physical activity or sport that the powerful peak performance training principles of CoreForce Energy don't apply to. It's important to note that CoreForce Energy super strength concepts work to improve your body strength whether you do body weight exercises to weight lifting; or do martial arts to dancing.

There's nothing mystical about the concepts yet you will see dramatic improvement in your body strength and life when you begin fusing your mind and body together to unlock that other 95% of vast resources of power that scientists say we never use.

Isn't It Time to Unlock Your Ultimate Body Strength?

Everyone has vast powers that they're not using. But Not every knows how to use them or unlock them. If you want to unlock your ultimate body strength, superhuman strength, and speed to access your ultimate peak performance, then I encourage you to begin learning the powerful breakthrough concepts of CoreForce Energy.

To Your Strength and Mastery,

Garin Bader

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Unlock Your Human Strength Potential

CoreForce Energy gives you the highest electrical capacity in your brain and musculature and it will create a nuclear explosion, so to speak, in your core – your entire being. All the energy in your bodies is from molecules that form our central core.

Science tells us that atoms and subatomic particles are composed of energy in a constant state of oscillation. Atoms aren't the least bit solid and are really, in fact, energy in motion. A molecule has a nucleus. Everything has a center core and your human strength potential is directly related to this

A car has its battery. A molecule has its atom. The universe is an exploding center of mass. We have electrical currents constantly surging throughout our body and dramatically affect our thoughts, creativity, and strength potential.

Most Of Us Don't Access Our Full Strength Potential

We have a powerful energetic core within all of us. Yet, many of us don't access it to utilize our full strength potential and mental capabilities. You can actually measure the current of the electricity in our bodies.

An MRI scan shows up as color and light. The energy in our bodies can be read by doctors today. That is incredible to see.

How are we building electricity in our bodies is something I always ask. How can we create optimal power and strength every moment of the day? How do we unlock our ultimate human strength potential?

It's our thoughts and how we master and harness the energy that comes from them! It's how we think. How we think and fuse our thoughts together with emotion that create more electricity, more power, more speed, more strength. This is how we access our strength potential.

Your Mind Is Your Trigger to Unlock Your Human Strength Potential

Your Mind is a trigger and it allows you to tap into your core and maximum strength potential. If your brain and thoughts aren't fully optimized, then it's impossible for your body to achieve peak performance and your full strength potential. This is the way you begin accessing what others will call superhuman strength and speed.

“Man often becomes what he believes himself to be. If I keep on saying to myself that I cannot do a certain thing, it is possible that I may end by really becoming incapable of doing it. On the contrary, if I shall have the belief I can do it, I shall surely acquire the capacity to do it, even if I may not have it at the beginning.”
~Mahatma Gandhi

Begin unlocking your full human strength potential with the cutting-edge peak performance training techniques of CoreForce Energy. Achieve Your Power Zenith and Your Full Strength Potential!
To Your Strength and Mastery,

Garin Bader