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Access Your Ultimate Energy Strength

Even if you strength train every week, it's likely that as a woman you will not move more weight than a man. You grow stronger each month as you lift weights, but will you ever be able to use your ultimate energy strength to become more powerful than the man standing next to you on the power rack?

Women can often out power their male counterparts
after a few minutes of this training

What if I told you this is all possible without ever having to go to the gym? You don't need to lift hundreds of pounds of weight, spend tireless hours sweating through workouts to gain maximum energy strength.

In fact, you can do this all instantaneously within seconds of harnessing your core force. In my seminars, I've brought very fit women onto stage. These are women who spend a considerable amount of time working out. They are strong and power females, but are no match when put up against fit men.

Accessing Your Ultimate Energy Strength with Visualization

No match that is until I teach them to visualize their natural energy strength. My visualization techniqueenergy strength of CoreForce Energy teaches them to use the light energy that surrounds them. After only a few minutes of visualizing this light energy, they can them out power their male counterparts.

The most astounding part of all is that it's effortless. You don't see them straining and stressing trying to over power these men. In fact, it almost seems like they are out of body and they are accessing their maximum energy strength. Like something in nature has taken over and given them this strength.

You Can Pull Energy Strength From Nature and Your Mind

The human body has an amazing ability to pull energy strength from nature and use it. It's a primordial instinct that man has forgotten over time. Newer techniques like primal training have helped us bring this force back to life. This is what I teach inCoreForce Energy is how to access your ultimate energy strength, and you can learn more here.

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