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If you were to go to the hospital for an MRI where they would scan you, they would tune the frequencies to what your body is vibrating. But the question is – what is your body vibrating? Is it vibrating by itself just because your alive? Does it vibrate in harmony with what you're thinking? And, do those vibrations change from moment to moment and from person to person?

They are as individual as our fingerprints and yet are every changing.

What are you vibrating when your boss says he wants to see you in his office? What do you vibrate when someone close to you tells you they love you? Are the vibrations you feel just emotional OR do they also affect your strength on a physical level? 

Well, if you're with me already, I think you'd agree that to be at your greatest strength, you'd want how your vibrating to be optimal mentally, physically, and emotionally at all times.

I think you'd agree that your vibrational frequencies vary from day to day from moment to moment, from situation to situation, etc. 

How you learn to control them will directly affect your every experience from the gym, to the office, to the bedroom.

Think for a moment as if you were a concert pianist. You're playing 88 keys and yet inside the piano, what's making the music is how you are really controlling hundreds of strings and their very vibrations. 

It’s these vibrations that change your emotions and your audiences. Those vibrations travel invisibly through the air and affect people deeply – or NOT – depending how you press down those keys, the timing, the sensitivity, the velocity, etc.

If you were a concert pianist, it would be your job to know exactly how you create the most optimal emotional connection to your audience by stimulating the correct vibrations of the strings at the right time – AND , you’d kneed to know how to do that consistently – that, or you’ll be mostly likely playing to empty rooms.

When I say you’re in command of hundreds of strings, here’s what that means exactly. Each of the upper register notes have three strings per note – strung with such tension that it equals about 3000 lbs. per square inch! 

The middle register strings go down to two strings per key The lower notes are only one very thick string per note. Each string is a completely different length and thickness.

Each of your ten fingers is in command of a tremendous amount of vibrations when you play – commanded by your brain and heart. 

Well, lets now equate that to you “playing your strength” – instead of actually playing the piano – you “play your muscles” by commanding the intensities and the ebb and flow of each movement. 

Each muscle has hundreds and hundreds of fibers with different thicknesses and tensions – just like the strings of a concert grand piano. The intensity of the vibrations from your brain contracts and relaxes them. 

If you are going to be a concert pianist of your muscles, you need to send precise frequencies to each and every muscle fiber to connect optimally with full capacity of contractions – which equals strength and velocity – AND,  you need to do it consistently and to know how you did it the right way consistently.

Truly to be in charge of your muscle fibers, you need to be in charge of your brain and your emotions as well. But, how do you activate them ALL at the same time and to work with synergy? And so your very thinking doesn't slow you down?

You can try to gain greater strength by doing just one more rep, one more set, day after day, the same way. You may or may not get where you want. 

Wouldn’t it be more intelligent to learn how to be a concert pianist in a sense and be in command of ALL your frequencies and know how to strike each key with the right trajectory that could make each string or muscle fiber resonate with the greatest intensity?

Wouldn’t be more beneficial to learn how to vibrate every frequency of your being – of EVERY strength accelerator you have – of body, mind, and spirit?

CoreForce Energy addresses these supposedly “mysterious” forces and allows you to start taking charge of your strengths and your world in more powerful ways. As an award-wining concert pianist, martial artist, and strength coach, I’ve been studying how to intensify, manipulate, to optimize, accelerate, and consistently control vibrations all my life.

Whether it’s muscles to music, the shape, the trajectory, the intensity of vibrations is what give us an emotional experience in music OR accelerated strength and performance. Why would they be different?!

CoreForce Energy, directly teaches you how to engage your phenomenal strength and control the powerful vibrational frequencies at your disposal NOT by positive thinking or trying to engage angry emotions.  But, by teaching you exactly how sound and modeling it with exact physical action with the correct intensity and trajectory ALWAYS give you the desired result of optimal strength and movement CONSISTENTLY.

BUT, just like a concert grand piano or a high powered dragster – it’s up to YOU to learn how to play the right keys at the right frequencies, at the right time – consistently. Yes, truly mastering your universe is not just about doing another rep, set, or new exercise the same old way.

Let CoreForce Energy help to be your guide to new thinking and moving – for new strength and new life.

To Your Strength and Mastery,

Garin Bader 

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