Want Bruce Lee Like Strength?

Seriously? A person can do full length push ups with only their two fingers? Yes you can, and with Core Force Energy it is simpler than you might think. See you uncover how to connect every cell in your body together with your mind… then use your body in ways you’ve never previously imagined. Core Force Energy opens up a reality you have always had for your physical abilities… just one you haven’t been paying attention to until now.

Think how exhilarating it would be to master the revolutionary system that supercharges your mind and muscles to work together - with the system so powerful that they can double and even triple your strength and speed. What would you feel like if you were two times more powerful than you ever imagined by next week?

Imagine unleashing the supreme power already hidden inside you and be able to achieve this actually in a few hours or days. Yes, you can. Core Force Energy shows you exactly how with cutting-edge peak performance training techniques you won't find anyplace else and that will improve every aspect of any exercised or sports that you do.

Now you don’t have to imagine it because you can tap into phenomenal strength, speed, and raw power like you never thought possible when you learn to fuse your mind and body together in the right ways with the breakthrough CoreForce Energy training.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a finely tuned athlete, a computer geek, body weight exercise devotee, weight lifter, martial artist, soccer mom, or couch potato – it simply doesn’t matter - as long as you have the desire and follow the amazing concepts of the CoreForce Energy training.


The fact is right now, you are sitting on vast untapped reserves of strength, speed, and creativity – scientists say you are only using 5% of your true potential.

If you don’t find ways of tapping into that other 95%, you’re not living up to your full human potential and you’ll probably be on the losing end of competition most of the time.

Simply put, CoreForce Energy is a direct way to finally harness that elusive 95% of both brain and muscular power that you don’t know how to access.

After an entire life-time of research and training, I weeded out all the mysticism, garbage, and downright falsehoods that claim a fast connection between mind and body so you can gain super strength and speed FAST.

CoreForce EnergyEasily Shows You How To
Break Through the Glass Ceiling
That's Holding You Back


My promise is to show you extraordinary techniques that you won’t find anywhere else that’ll allow you to tap into that other 95% of human potential that’s laying dormant inside you.

When are you doing this regularly with the powerful strength training and cutting-edge peak performance techniques I show you in this course and the FREE one-on-one personal coaching sessions, you will quickly realize you’ve finally found the key to unlock “super” human capabilities.

CoreForce Energy will raise you up into a whole new echelon of physical and mental performance.

Discover Revolutionary Mind Body Techniques that Unlock:

  • Unmatched muscular strength at any angle
  • ​Unprecedented speed
  • ​Incomparable 3-D Matrix-like balance and power
  • ​Massively enhanced endurance, stamina, and energy
  • Unbeatable mental focus for any sport or activity
  • ​Exceptional elevation in creativity and passion

When you’re accessing that other 95% you’ll drastically reduce the years it normally takes to develop massive functional strength and power. Many have said that the training methods of CoreForce Energy have literally shaved 5 years off of their learning of the high level physical skills that it tasks to be a top notch sportsmen.

Stop slaving away and working for years on end getting only minuscule successes.

Let’s be clear, we’re not saying that CoreForce Energy obliterates hard work entirely but the truth is that CoreForce Energy vastly accelerate your performance in any physical activity no matter what it is from exercise to sports and will give you mind-body mastery like you’ve never imagined possible.

There’s no doubt people do incredible things when life-threatening circumstances happen and that ignite adrenaline surges through their veins. But now there’s a way to tap into that buried superhuman strength on a daily basis with this revolutionary strength training system – CoreForce Energy – so you can use it at a moment’s notice for ANY situation.

Here’s testimonial from a Doctor...

“CoreForce Energy utilizes all your senses to generate the most power you can generate…”

“You must acknowledge that we are vibrational resonant beings. You have to actually. Otherwise, the MRI wouldn’t work. So if you’re scientific and skeptical, I just blew that argument out of the water.

CoreForce Energy is a way to harness these vibrational resonance energies that are all around us – the very force that many of us don’t even think about.

When you’re in vibrational harmony with things you enjoy them and you can easily create magical things. CoreForce Energy utilizes all your senses to generate the most power you can generate.”

Dr. Dave Woynarowski 
World's Top Anti-Aging Specialist                 

Check out a Lot more testimonials from high level human performance authorities here.

Not only is CoreForce Energy outstanding for strength training but it gives you direct techniques to direct your mind with intense mental focus to "get into the muscles" and into your bodily movement so that you can be in the moment - in the zone - without the endless mind chatter that destroys your game - the very thing that keeps you from attempting and achieving the impossible. It will help give you the edge that truly integrates mind and body to work together synergistically.

CoreForce Energy helps keep you in the game both physically and mentally because it gives you techniques to help guide both your thoughts and actions to be congruent with the necessary energy, trajectories and torquing power, and speed strength that'll give you optimal structural and muscular advantages throughout your movements. Giving you both economy of thought and action equals greater speed and strength. This is why CoreForce Energy works so quickly and powerfully.

​CoreForce Energy training techniques maximize your thinking and give you abilities to see your a competitors movements long BEFORE they happen. It gives you concrete techniques to keep you there in an extremely amplified state. This is a transformational success optimizer right here -especially for sports where being able to read your opponent levels the playing field and gives you a supreme advantage.

CoreForce Energy Turbo Charges Your Ultimate Power​

CoreForce Energy turbo charges your ultimate power in strength and speed because it fuses your mind and body together in a new way that easy for anyone to grasp.

It puts you in command of the astonishing untapped powers of your brain and muscles in a single and streamlined way that doesn't take years of training to achieve. Your results will be incredible right from your first session. Were talking FAST!

The system is designed to fully integrate and energize your optimal “Chi” or life force energy and musculature so that mastering it is intuitive, clear, concise, and can be easily learned by anyone no matter what your gender, age, or ability.

Clients are astounded how spectacular results can be graph and achieved in one day. Many have been able to make dramatic increases in their strength in less than 30 minutes. Some have even doubled their strength on certain lifts with weights.

The system will jettison you forward to new plateaus and keep and keep you on top of your game every day and give you powers and energy you've always dreamed of.

Your Ultimate Formula for Superhuman Strength and Speed

The key to unlocking the unfathomable power and speed inside us must come from a synergistic melding of BOTH mind and body at the same time. This is one of the key differences that puts CoreForce Energy in a league of its own.

Think about a lightbulb for a second in how it has both simplicity and power at the same time. It's a tiny bit of metal and glass put together in just the right combinations to create a miracle will call light.

Metal wire and glass of been around centuries before Thomas Edison put these elements together to create light to change the world. Comparatively, CoreForce Energy is the right combination of the right ingredients put together with simplicity the generate it's unimaginable power.

CoreForce Energy generates high-voltage commands within the brain that supercharger muscles to respond with ballistic contracting power and phenomenal speed. You can get extremely strong fast with the cutting edge techniques of CoreForce Energy.

From the very start, CoreForce Energy gives you an almost intuitive Zen like mastery. Its unique techniques keep you focused on maximal power generation even if you’ve lost your balance in the bin knockdown.

From the word “Go”, you'll feel invincible surges of power race through your veins and see phenomenal improvements whether it sports, bodyweight exercises, weightlifting, martial arts, etc. etc. It will literally change every aspect of your life.

Now is your chance to unlock the missing 95% of powers that reside within YOU to unlock your ultimate human potential.

Do you really want to go another day not knowing how to access your Ultimate Strength?

We are convinced that you will be blown away by the entire CoreForce Energy strength training program (especially the exclusive RPM proprietary technique – Revolutionary Power in Motion) and how you'll quickly be accessing new reserves of super strength and power that we are going to take ALL the risk from your decision with a 60 day 100% Money Back Guarantee.

60 DAY

In the online world these days, you can’™t always be sure of the value and quality of products. We get that.

So if for any reason Core Force Energy doesn’™t work out for you,

Just say the word within 60 days of your purchase and I’™ll promptly refund all your money.

No questions, no hassles. It’™s that simple.

Seriously? A person can do full length push ups with only their two fingers? Yes you can, and with Core Force Energy it is simpler than you might think. See you uncover how to connect every cell in your body together with your mind… then use your body in ways you’ve never previously imagined. Core Force Energy opens up a reality you have always had for your physical abilities… just one you haven’t been paying attention to until now.

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Want Unrivaled MMA Strength and Martial Arts Power?

How would it feel to launch lightening fast punches and kicks with the crushing power of a freight train? Well my friend, look deeper now because what you’re about to uncover may save your life or the life of someone dear to you.

CoreForce Energy teaches you how to eliminate any threat from your very first blow. And inside you’ll discover the secret to striking up to 17 times from a single breath! How would you defend against 17 strikes at once? The simple answer is you wouldn’t.

What if I told you you’ll do all this at any angle with Matrix-like balance? Well, I know this all sounds hard to believe, yet you really can move and strike like a venomous cobra with the breakthrough mind/body union of Core Force Energy training. You can instantly unleash devastatingly lethal power against your opponents for cage fighting or to protect your family against those who intend to harm you and your loved ones.

Have you ever seen someone knocked out from only 1 hit? I’m sure you have. So let me ask you… What would it be like facing Bruce Lee and feel deep inside you that “oh crap” moment, when you know beyond a shadow of a doubt you’ve already lost from his very first movement… that level of dominating power over your opponent is exactly what CoreForce Energy gives you.

Who Else Wants This Kind of Unequaled
MMA Strength & Martial Arts Power?

Why were Bruce Lee’s kicks and punches so powerful even though he weighed only 135 pounds? Why was he able to knock a man clear across a room with a mere 1 inch punch?

Why is it so few have been able to duplicate his unbelievable strength, power, and speed even with all of the massive amounts of exercise programs and “expert” coaches out there?

Well, you’ll finally get those questions answered along with being able to duplicate many of these same legendary Bruce Lee qualities in a very short period of time.

Yes, that’s right!

One female martial artists that I showed my techniques to actually understood and was able to execute his incredible 1 inch punch in 23 minutes from the CoreForce Energy training. This female black belt was able to easily smash a 300 pound dummy filled with rock, sand, and water where previously minutes before, with all her black belt training, she was not even able to make it move more than a few inches. As hard as it may be for you to believe it, CoreForce Energy gives women the incredible knockout power equal to many men.

Don’t take my word for it read this Raving CoreForce Energy Review by a world-class martial artist...

"Garin Bader, a Renaissance Man, has created a system as unique as what Jigaro Kano did for Judo.​ This system can help you achieve
mastery in whatever you are after."

My name is Colin Taylor. Martial arts have been a central part of my life for over 25 years. I am a Black Belt under world renowned 10th Dan Grandmaster of HapKido Hwang In Shik. I also hold multiple black belts in the arts of Judo (Shodan) and Taekwondo (4th Dan). My Judo Sensei is Robert Varga (6th Dan). As well, I have been fortunate enough to train extensively in many other forms of combat with several Olympic and World champions.

The purpose of sharing my background is to provide an understanding for the reader of the merits of the Core Force Energy System from someone experienced in human movement and the manipulation of another person.

I have approached Core Force Energy from a combat perspective, but that is really only the beginning of what this truly revolutionary system can do for any area of your life.

This is a system that turns on all your senses through immediate mind triggers that embellish your approach to whatever that requires your full attention with an elevated performance that will tantalize your desire for life itself. Why? Because something magical happens when these triggers are engaged. You become that hero in your childhood imaginings once again and it’s an exhilarating feeling. You want to return to Shangri La over and over.

Garin Bader, has created a system as unique as what Jigaro Kano did for Judo. This system can help you achieve mastery in whatever you are after. It will certainly bring you a long way towards your goal as it helps you use all your energies and those energies around you that you aren’t even aware exist that Garin will teach you in the course.

If you want to improve your music performance, your fighting ability, your magnetism with people or learn a new skill and take your life to new exciting way of being I highly recommend Core Force Energy!

Colin Taylor
Black Belt in Judo and Taekwondo (4th Dan)


Imagine being able to duplicate the strength and unbelievable speed Bruce Lee was able to generate through his unique understanding of energy and how to harness it.  Well, now you can!
If you’re truly wanting to dominate in the cage or on a street fight, you need to know exactly how to deliver a relentless barrage of full knock out strikes with unstoppable cardiovascular endurance. If that’s the case, you will need techniques that completely transcend all of the traditional methods that your competitors are using.

Visualize being able to deliver 17+ strikes on one breath in a relentless barrage of full knock out power strikes with unstoppable cardiovascular endurance. If you’re truly wanting to dominate in the cage or on a street fight, you need to 

If that’s the case, you will need techniques that completely transcend all of the traditional methods that your competitors are using.

Uncover how awesome it would be to have the ability to anticipate your opponent’s every move if things should go to the ground. Your life could be on the line in a street fight. It’s not a game or sport in the street. Things get deadly fast.

Get 3-D functional strength and power you can use no matter what position you are in – even if you’re completely off-balance and falling on your butt with your body twisted and contorted in every which way, you’d still have full knockout power. That’s just one of the proprietary secrets inside CoreForce Energy. This is a real game-changer for any athlete!

What if you were able to close in on your opponent over huge distances in a heartbeat like vampire?Yes, this sounds like preposterous BS. Yet when you learn to move with un-telegraphing moves as revealed in CoreForce Energy, you can be upon your opponent with the slightest movement even if you’re a full 207 pounds like myself.
One of my clients who is a Homeland Security officer witnessed it himself and was completely astonished as I was able to get to him 14 feet away with only one and a half steps. No this wasn’t some sort of broad jump that you could see a mile off. I was on his padded throat before he could barely blink.

Do these sound like impossible pipe dreams?

They’re NOT, and here’s why…

You can easily get all these incredible demonstrations of strength above when you start using the cutting edge techniques revealed in CoreForce Energy. Most fighters and coaches have no idea what I’m talking about until I show them the transforming striking and grappling concepts.

Sure, many of them are incredibly powerful with their one or two pet striking moves. But nothing you’ll see comes close to anything near the raw 3-D optimal power that CoreForce Energy gives you. It’s only when they see me easily jet past their best defenses with lightning fast strikes while tossing their bodies around as if they were rag dolls, that they’re sold on the techniques right then and there.

Watch This Video And Hear Proof for Yourself

Both Men and Women Get Dramatic Results​

CoreForce Energy will not only show you how to achieve three-dimensional KO power and speed but will guide you through the precise exercises that will most effectively increase your raw power, speed, endurance, and balance ALL at the same time.

Most training systems emphasize only a couple of these items and that’s certainly not enough to cut the mustard in real combat where you intend to dominate. Or in real life where your family’s and your life is on the line. Do you really want to risk the life of your those you love on some crappy pseudo-power techniques that don’t work in the real world?

If you’re a serious fighter… or someone who just wants to know you can protect yourself and others, you need all these qualities at the same time and that’s where CoreForce Energy training delivers in spades. CoreForce Energy is your secret weapon that will propel you to the top.

Strike 17+ Times on An Exhale…
With Double and Triple Your
Explosive Power And Speed

Imagine in one day knowing how to strike 17+ times with full body power on just one breath exhale. How do you defend against such a blitzkrieg?
Even more, CoreForce Energy will show you how to be able to continue this nonstop effortless attack with equal striking force on your inhale!! Over and over without gassing cardiovascularly on top of it!

That’s insane and unheard of anyplace else but in in the training area of CoreForce Energy.

Not many are going to be able to defend against you launching this kind of insane unrelenting barrage. CoreForce Energy will give you real cutting edge tools to seriously amp up your arsenal of weapons and give you domination power over your opponents with attacks and counter moves like they’ve never seen before.

Sure, you might have seen on Youtube guys with very fast hand attacks. Yet attacks in CoreForce Energy are Nothing like this at all. In real life these kinds of fast strikes you see are quite ineffective unless you happen to get lucky enough to hit soft targets like the eyes and throat, and here’s….

Why CoreForce Energy Strikes are So Powerful

In reality, you must have complete and fluid full body structural integrity throughout every millisecond of every movements to have devastating power spiraling up from the toes upwards. Without this crucial component and the revolutionary concept of RPM (Revolutionary Power in Motion), the fast strikes you may learn to do are flimsy at best – no matter how fast they are.

Even a jab in CoreForce Energy has devastating knockout power because of the full structural integrity of your ENTIRE body.

CoreForce Energy truly gives you fast devastating and complete power throughout every millisecond of every move. By igniting your mind and entire body to move together as one unit instead of separate parts as in all traditional training with explosive energy and fluid structural integrity, each and every strike will have devastating consequences.

​These concepts were developed after spending my entire lifetime literally searching the world for real methods that would develop my ultimate strength or Chi power. here and there I found a few nuggets but for the most part I was completely disappointed with the results and this is what led me to finally develop a system of my own that finally shows you how to quickly unleash your ultimate power.

In This Revolutionary Course You Will Discover:

  • How to break your opponents Will right out of the gate with your indomitable physical force.
  • The revolutionary Zeus breath that turns on the full synergy of your mind and body at the same time lighting up your senses and muscle fibers like nothing else.
  • Get the exact upper and lower body exercises that give you lethal strikes and ultimate power in any angle.
  • Cutting edge breathing exercises giving you superior endurance like nothing else.
  • One technique that no one trains for but is the foundation of being able to strike with full body power every single time. See the preparatory RPM mentioned above.
  • How to develop kinesthetic and spatial awareness that gives you the advantage over any opponent and the upper hand even in a gang assault.
  • ​How to generate equally devastating strikes whether your breathing in or out – this is something almost no one knows about and alone can give you a shattering advantage over an opponent.
  • ​The secret to strike 17+ times with lightning fast full body power on just one breath. Not many are going to be able to defend against this insane barrage.
  • Little known toe and ankle exercises enabling you to have full body power with the speed of an angry cobra. You’ll learn how Bruce Lee’s dance training background allowed him to be so fast. This is an insight no one has ever revealed up until now.
  • The precise exercises and drills that gives incredible strength and speed at the same time.​
  • ​One of a kind breakthrough exercises that quite literally install Matrix-like balance into your body without losing any of your full power and speed – regardless of the angle. Be able to deliver optimal strikes even if you’ve been knocked off balance and are falling backwards. These concepts are also something you won’t learn any place else and are exclusive to CoreForce Energy.
  • The precise breath work and exercise drills that teach you to launch your opponent clear across the room like Bruce Lee did with his 1-inch punch.
  • Exact iso tension striking exercises and the innovative exercise equipment (that you can easily make at home with the detailed instructions) that will develop strength and full body structural integrity at any angle. (These exercises and the exercise apparatus that are revealed are alone have been said to be worth the price of the entire course and material that you won’t find any place else.)
  • How to launch non-telegraphing power punches and kicks from great distances.
  • Awesome techniques never before revealed that will allow you to get out of just about any hold – including a rear naked choke! This has freaked out some high level combat experts.
  • ​Unique ways to protect your body from injury against strikes that would knock out most fighters.
  • Secrets to read your opponents mind and body movements. This "Magnation" will put you several steps ahead of their striking and grappling moves so you always have the dominating edge.
  • ​Speed and coordination drills that will not only make you fast beyond belief but will give you the advantage of what Bruce Lee called broken rhythm to massively confuse and leave your opponents in the dust.
  • ​Revealed are speed and coordination drills that will not only make you fast beyond belief but will give you the advantage of what Bruce Lee called broken rhythm that will massively confuse and leave your opponents in the dust.
  • ​How to control your anxieties so they never undermined your training and crush your self-confidence.
  • Insider methods to model an adrenaline dump so you can immediately and consistently tap into superhuman strength and endurance without burning its fuse out quickly.

You’ll never find this unique and proprietary training anywhere else so what are you waiting for?

Get CoreForce Energy TODAY

Unlock Your Ultimate Strength and Ultimate Human Potential and Get Onboard Now with CoreForce Energy Training.



Boundless Energy and Agility is Yours for Any Activity

What if you had the cat-like reflexes and the agile power and energy of a tiger? When you move in the way Core Force Energy shows you, you’ll find yourself mastering energy and dramatically enhanced speed with agility and grace.

Body Energy of CoreForce Energy

Your friends notice how abundantly energized you suddenly become. Your life turns a corner for the better and you achieve excellence with ease. And, on top of all this, your quickness for any athletic activity shoots through the roof.

Do you want to gain awe-inspiring strength fast? Are you feeling a little nostalgic for your glory days? Do you want to gain more strength in one day than you have in years of training and have energy to burn?

Do You Want These....

  • Would you like to get back in shape, fast WITHOUT spending hours at the gym?
  • Do you want to feel decades younger with energy to burn?
  • ​Do you want to gain strength fast and unlock what some will call superhuman strength?
  • ​Do you want boundless energy, a happier frame of mind, and your life back?

If You Want These, Keep Reading...

You see I am VERY confident that I can show you how to tap in to unlock the superhuman strength that lies within and show showing you exactly how to gain strength fast and have more energy.

Gain Strength Fast to Unlock Your Superhuman Strength

These are truly revolutionary peak performance techniques and once you tap in, you’ ll be able to cut years off your training time (no matter what sport you’re in). Triple your speed. Double your strength. Gain superior mental focus. It doesn’t matter what types of genes you have. These are universal factors that just work. Period.

Do You Feel Like This?

  • Are you tired of running out of gas?
  • Are you sick of not being able to accomplish all the things you want in a day?
  • ​Not having enough juice to exercise to your full peak potential?
  • ​Feeling tired and not being able to give your spouse and family your absolute best because work has drained your best resources?
  • ​Tired of other people having stamina and wind that you don’t have?

If you want to transform your life, CoreForce Energy just might be the solution you've been looking for to get that boundless energy back like you had as a kid with that same abundant energy, excitement, and exhilaration that will effortlessly propel you throughout your entire day every day allowing you to always display your best resources, strengths, and creativity.

It’s Time to Get Energized with CoreForce Energy!

We all know that a tough time at work, conflicts, and any resulting bad mood can sap all your energy because it keeps your mind busy ruminating even when you’ve thought you’ve let things go.

We all know that boundless energy is something that would allow us to do the extraordinary things we dream of. Boundless energy has enabled the most creative geniuses throughout history to relentlessly pursue their visions that have changed the world.

Inexhaustible energy is a MUST to give you the competitive edge not only in sports but also in the business world as well. Without having mastery over your own energy and being able to call it up in abundance on command, you will never be able to unlock your full human potential mentally or physically.

"Most people don’t have a clue how to create energy right here and
now - within an instant."

Sure, they can quickly tell you that energy comes from eating well, getting plenty of sleep. Others will explain how they get energy from coffee, energy drinks and other stimulants.

Some athletes and especially fighters will tell you they can generate more energy and power by amping up feelings of anger and revenge.

Unfortunately, the strength that’s obtained this way usually is short lived. They end up being gassed in a short amount of time because of tense constipated breathing patterns completely coerces them into moving angularly with short ranged, inferior, and telegraphing strikes.

Boundless Energy

Still others, who think energy is about just about relaxing and breathing deeper lose much of their power because they fail to realize the structural integrity of their bodies that would give them optimal and fluid strength are governed by these same ineffective breathing habits.

A relaxed deep breath in the wrong action sequence can sap you of not only essential oxygen that your brain and muscles desperately need, but weaken the structural integrity of your body with movements that are not organically powerful.

If you’d like me to explain this more in detail, sign up on this site for the FREE video coaching….

​The Bottom Line for Getting More Energy

When I actually ask people what energy is and for them to define it, they can not tell you how to generate organically and instantly. Sure, they’ll say that you can get more energy with adequate sleep, good nutrition, relaxing, meditating, etc. But so far, I’ve only met a handful of people who can actually define what energy is and how we can organically create more with the power of our mind that’s instant, definitive, and dramatic.

Just to be clear, I’m not talking about creating energy via positive thinking or affirmations and please also don’t be thinking for a moment that CoreForce Energy is about using hypnosis of any kind or having you trying to recall or manufacture self-induced crisis or trauma situations.

CoreForce Energy does not use anything like these methods and yet it will give you the ability to think and move in ways that will completely electrify your entire body with the kind of energy that’s created when people get into life-threatening situations and adrenaline instantly ignites their body with raw superhuman strength.

What Do I Know About Giving You High Energy?

Garin Bader CoreForce Energy

In addition to being the creator and founder of CoreForce Energy, I’m an award-winning stage performer. I’m telling you that an audience doesn’t care if you’ve just traveled 27 hours flying five 5 flights in as many countries to the other side of the world.

They’ve paid good money to see a show and it better be first class! They don’t care how tired you are or how you feel. They don’t really care if sick or you’ve just got out of the hospital. They want to be entertained, moved, and taken someplace. That’s why they’re there.

So, to walk on some of the best stages in the world like Carnegie Hall as I’ve done, I’ve had to learn how to dig deep within me to harness resources that just didn’t seem like they could possibly be there. Having traveled as well and search the world over for the best mind body energy techniques, I can tell you without a doubt that CoreForce Energy is exceptional and completely ground breaking.

Garin Bader Musical Magic show

Don’t just take my word for it, read the CoreForce Energy reviews by clicking here from top-notch athletes and strength coaches who use these techniques every day to accelerate their strength, speed, endurance, balance, and power.

Along with my unique background as a musician, martial artist, strength coach, and world-class performer, I’ve come up with mind body energy techniques that are truly extraordinary and will propel you to new heights of energy and power.

You will finally have the stamina and agility to do all the things that you've put off.  Again, I will show you how without any kind of hypnosis, worthless woo-woo techniques, or supplementation of any kind.

The state-of-the-art mind body energy techniques of CoreForce Energy have literally been road tested and refined throughout the world through research, performances, and training sessions and have seen great success with high-level athletes and coaches alike.

These powerful unprecedented techniques literally give me boundless energy to not only elicit extraordinary super strength, speed, and endurance for strongman feats like the legendary Bruce Lee had, but also have fueled my body, mind, and spirit in my career also as award-winning concert pianist and master illusionist, martial artist, sculptor, painter, and author.

Your mind is truly magnificent and scientists agree that you’re using only 5% of your true potential. That’s phenomenal but why isn’t anyone giving you real ways to actually tap into that other 95%? If you’re looking for an almost immediate surge in your energy and speed...

Well, the wait is over, CoreForce Energy will
show you how to have mastery over your Energy and Life!

Sign Up To Get Your Crash-Course Videos To
Unlock Your
Ultimate Strength And Human Potential

Dominate Your Competition With The Winning Edge for ANY Sport

What if you had the cat-like reflexes and agile power of a tiger? When you move in the way Core Force Energy teaches you, you'll find yourself mastering agility with speed and grace. Your quickness shoots through the roof. Your friends notice how abundantly energized you suddenly become. Your life turns a corner for the better and you achieve excellence with ease.

In every sport, you need to be agile, fast, and powerful all at the same time. In all sports, you also need incredible endurance and balance. Also without a doubt, you will also need to have un-bendable mental focus to achieve and maintain the winning edge consistently you desire.

CoreForce Energy delivers all of these qualities with its innovative physical and mental training. There's really nothing else like it in the world and you can see for yourself how powerful it achieves by it is in the results reading the testimonials of high-level athletes and high performance coaches here.

If you want to take your sports abilities to their highest levels, you will also need to have full body strength and structural integrity at any angle. Most sport specific peak performance training has you doing the same tired old exercises with the hope that these mostly mechanical exercises will someday magically give you truly organic and powerfully fluid movement and phenomenal functional strength like you might see the highest level athletes.

​CoreForce Energy training techniques maximize your thinking and give you abilities to see your a competitors movements long BEFORE they happen. It gives you concrete techniques to keep you there in an extremely amplified state. This is a transformational success optimizer right here -especially for sports where being able to read your opponent levels the playing field and gives you a supreme advantage.

Discover how satisfied clients have ALREADY started unlocking enjoying these secrets to ultimate human strength and peak performance…

  • Phenomenal muscular strength
  • ​Unprecedented speed
  • ​Incredible Matrix-like balance
  • ​Extraordinary flexibility and fluid movement
  • Fantastic endurance
  • Laser-like mental focus

CoreForce Energy will give you all of the necessary components and exercises for you to not only excel in any sport but to achieve your ultimate human potential that will give you the winning edge you been searching for.

Most sport specific peak performance training has you doing the same tired old exercises with the hope that these mostly mechanical exercises will someday magically give you truly organic and powerfully fluid movement and phenomenal functional strength like you might see the highest level athletes.

CoreForce Energy sports

Many athletes and coaches agree that many of the moves that you're able to do with CoreForce Energy are much like you might see done in the Matrix movies which are done almost entirely with special effects tricks.

It may seem hard for you to believe but with CoreForce Energy, your colleagues, coaches, and competitors will be stunned by how you’re able to quickly move more powerfully, with greater strength, speed, balance, and endurance.

So I hear you asking how you’ll be able to quickly master all these elements? Is this all a bunch of BS and pipe dreams? Absolutely NOT.

CoreForce Energy can deliver all these thing simply because of its revolutionary training that fuses together its innovation methods of physical and mental training together with some of the best elements of strength training all at the same time.

CoreForce Energy shows you exactly how your body moves with maximum strength in full body integrity that works optimally for YOUR body and not by insisting on using the the same old cookie-cutter one-size-fits-all techniques that almost 99% of other strength training systems use.

What's the point of modeling anyone else regardless of their high level of sports success when your body is completely unique from anyone else's in the world because of the length and sizes of your bones, tendons, and muscles.

You need to be move and have techniques to employ that work for YOUR body, YOUR muscles, and YOUR unique movement patterns. This is what will ultimately allow you to excel in any sport

Duane Janse van Rensburg
Personal Trainer, Professional Athlete, South Africa

“I’m now throwing a ball harder and faster than ever and my arm doesn’t even hurt anymore which is a blessing.”

“I’m a personal trainer and I saw a different side of training when I saw Garin workout one day. I asked him what he was doing and he told me about CoreForce Energy” which was really interesting. I told Garin that I play professional baseball and asked if he could help me before I go back to South Africa. Well, Garin showed me all my energy forces and what to do with them. When I got back home, I kept on practicing using Garin’s techniques. I’m now throwing a ball harder and faster than ever and my arm doesn’t even hurt anymore which is a blessing. I even use Garin’s techniques with training in the gym and my weights have increased by 20kg on the bench – that’s 40lbs! Big difference hey.

As a professional athlete using these techniques, I definitely approve and highly recommend them.“ 

Tom Hanson, Ph.D.

“I have a PhD in sport psychology but your stuff blows away anything I learned before.”

“I have a Ph.D. specializing in sport psychology, I’ve coached Major League baseball players and top Fortune 500 executives, and I’ve never been more excited about a new mental training technology.

Two days after my first Core Force Energy lesson I played both golf and softball.

Golf: “I hit a personal record 305 yard drive. My previous best was 273 yards.

Softball: During the CFE lesson I felt so good holding a bat that I made the off-hand remark ‘They better get the married men off the infield.’ Well, after smashing a double in my first at-bat, I crushed an absolute lightning bolt one-hopper that drilled the pitcher in the knee and caromed all the way into left field. The pitcher had to be helped from the field. I was sorry to see the injury — and amazed at the power I’d generated.

This is amazing stuff, Garin.”

The CoreForce Energy peak performance training techniques will give you the winning edge over your competition for ANY SPORT.

There isn't a single sport or exercise regime that CoreForce Energy doesn't not dramatically improve - physically and mentally.

Unlock Your Full Human Strength Today

Scientists say we use only 5-10% of our true strength. Yet that other 90-95% gets wasted, locked inside our minds. What if your could simply and easily unlock that strength in your very first session? What if you could continue to merge your mind and body together for a power that comes from within that shatters any previous limitation you used to think you had. Now Core Force Energy shows you the way.

FINALLY, Unshackle Your Mind and Body
Break Through the Glass Ceiling
That's Holding You Back

Your mind is your shackle - limiting your physical, mental, and creative performance every day. It’s your throttle that holds you back in almost everything you do. But now you can finally unshackle yourself from the all limitations with the cutting-edge mind body techniques of CoreForce Energy.

"Secrets of Freakish Strength Revealed..."

These secrets of unstoppable strength and mental focus will improve every aspect of your physical training and being - and now they can be yours!

Who Am I and Why Can I Show You Some
Unreal Ways To Achieve Super Strength?


My name is Garin Bader. I stand 6 feet tall and weigh in at weigh 204 lbs. - not exactly one of those petite Circque de Solei performers to be holding all my weight on two fingers, let alone to be pumping out rep after rep of straight-arm pushups on them.

But I think you can see right away These insane pushups on two fingers are proof of the power YOU can use when mind AND body join together with intense focus - And you don't have to have gigantic steroid-loaded muscles to do so.

You Too Can Have The Insane Power
and Speed Bruce Lee

Of course I realize not all of you are going to want to do two-finger pushups. But imagine having the ability to focus all your mental and physical power into one small point like Bruce Lee could. Not only could he do two-finger punches but he used that same power of focus and extreme strength to knock even the largest, strongest man clear across room from the devastating force of his one-inch punch - even though he weighed only 140lbs.!

I was thunderstruck when I watched video of him doing this as it was one of the fiercest demonstrations of astonishing explosive power I'd ever seen. And, I wanted to have it too! Especially because I grew up as as a very skinny awkward kid.

I knew this extreme power and raw muscle strength had to be generated from some other source than just muscles. But what was it? Where could I find it? These questions started me on my long search to discover the ultimate secrets of accessing our hidden powers to link mind and body together more congruently.

Unfortunately, I never was able to find the answers to these supreme secrets through all my years of martial arts training in many disciplines. I meant with years of disappointment in generating this legendary kind of Chi power that Bruce Lee possessed naturally.

It was only after Years of relentless pursuit that I stumbled upon the first clues that eventually created this revolutionary CoreForce Energy super strength training and was able to finally begin unlocking my ultimate human potential.

Are You Ready to Unlock The Phenomenal Strength, 
Power, and Abilities Within You Right Now?

Think how exhilarating it would be to master a revolutionary system that supercharges your mind and muscles to work together congruently -- with a system powerful enough to double or even triple your muscular strength and speed - regardless of your athletic abilities, gender, or age.

Whether you're a finely tuned athlete, a computer geek, weight lifter, a skinny wimp, martial artist, Soccer Mom, couch potato, or elite Combat Conditioning athlete - it doesn't matter. Now you don't have to imagine it.

"CoreForce Energy is the human accelerant that
unifies mind and body to create super strength and speed."

CoreForce Energy is Your Secret Weapon for Unreal Instant Strength!...Awesome Power!...Amazing Speed!

  • Without months or years of extensive and difficult training.
  • Without any high priced equipment.
  • Without dangerous steroids.
  • Without worthless silly gimmicks.

Today is the Day to Become Extraordinary

Start Using this Life-Changing System NOW…

Garin Bader CoreForce Energy wall pushups

You've heard of a mother lifting a car to save her baby. Or someone ripping right through steel with their bare hands to save a friend in an accident. That's only a glimpse of the kind of superhuman strength that we have buried inside us. Just think of the things you could do if you could unlock and harness this kind of power consistently.

The extraordinary CoreForce Energy strength training system will help you finally unlock that elusive 95% of both brain and muscular strength and speed that’s already inside you…

Imagine if you knew the secrets to begin unleashing this kind of extreme power. Now you can...

Here’​s What CoreForce Energy Is Going To Show You:

Here’ s What This Groundbreaking CoreForce Energy Does For You...

  • Reaches your ultimate physical potential no matter what your age, gender, or athletic background while increasing your muscle strength - FAST.
  • Gives you "superhuman" strength and speed you can tap into, instantly, every day in every aspect of your life - this is truly a life transforming secret which gives you immense confidence because you always know the power is there inside you.
  • Discovers your ultimate secret of instant power generation and ultimate “Chi” energy.
  • Gains more strength in one day than you did in years of weightlifting or martial arts.
  • ​​Moves your body with remarkable speed and power in any situation.
  • ​Enables you to enjoy 3-D strength so you have maximum power at any angle while remaining fluid and supple. This is something you won’t learn anywhere else.
  • ​Improves your cardiovascular strength and stamina with a special CoreForce Energy technique using little-known breathing approaches not 1 in 1,000 people know to bring you effortless power. (No these aren’ t traditional deep breathing techniques that gas you out.)
  • ​Unlocks your concentrated focus faster and for more power than the biggest weightlifting muscles could ever do for you.
  • ​Flows your new power effortlessly without exhausting your muscles to failure - you'll still have energy to burn - shooting your stamina and endurance through the roof.
  • Makes you phenomenally stronger without putting on an ounce of weight or developing massive muscles - but if you want massive muscles, this system enables you to build them faster and easier than ever before.
  • ​Teaches you how to walk through your opponent as if he were a sheet of paper - no matter how bigger and stronger he is. Read and watch videos from high level black belts for yourself by clicking here.
  • ​Gets you in shape FAST - without the usual long hours in the gym, tons of sweat, thousands of reps or fancy equipment to become stronger and faster.
  • ​Harnesses the "Chi" Power elite martial artists, world champions, spec op warriors WISH they knew - This proprietary CoreForce Energy secret dramatically explodes your striking power and speed.
  • ​Gives you possession of laser-like mental and physical focus that super athletes and geniuses access unconsciously to become brilliant and play at the highest levels.
  • Shows you how to get Matrix-like balance and still be able to fire back punches and kicks with maximum power and speed even if you're off balance or have been knocked down by an opponent.
  • Gives your body an armadillo coat of armor against injuries.
  • ​Installs the mental edge through powerful mental imagery training for superior sports performance.
  • ​Unlocks your vast reserves of your deepest creativity by fusing all your hemispheres of your brain together with your most empowering emotions so you tap into the very ingredients that geniuses like Da Vinci accessed on a daily basis.

Because the CoreForce Energy super strength training system is a universal energy system, you can apply it to ANY sport or exercise to accelerate your strength, speed, balance, endurance, agility, and power - AND, also many areas of your life.

Think About This:

If you could daily tap into that unused 95% of both brain and muscular potential, the focus and synergy of that dynamic fusion would simply put you in control of an unreal tornado of power, endurance, and energy. From what science tells us, it's clear that the compound interest from the mind and body working as one engine would launch your abilities into the next stratosphere.

This is Exactly What CoreForce Energy Does

CoreForce Energy turbo-charges your ultimate powers in strength and speed because it simply fuses the Mind and Body together in a new way that's easy for anyone to grasp - optimizing the raw resources you already possess. It puts you in command of the astonishing untapped powers of your brain and muscles in a streamlined way that doesn't take years of training to achieve.

It is indeed cutting-edge applied sports psychology combined with innovative speed strength training exercises to give you for peak performance in almost every arena. Your results will be incredible right from your first session. We're talking FAST!

This powerful strength system is designed to fully integrate and energize your optimal "Chi" or life force energy and musculature so that mastering it is intuitive, clear, concise, and can be easily learned by anyone - - no matter what your gender, age, or ability -- no matter if your left-brain or right-brain dominant.

Gain Strength Fast to Unlock Your Superhuman Strength and Speed Fast with Revolutionary Peak Performance Training Techniques of CoreForce Energy

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It can truly help your training! Getting instantly stronger and faster.​..

"Garin Bader is simply amazing! Its not often you meet a guy like him, much less have the opportunity to train with him.

Garin's combination of innovation with energy, movement pattern, breathing and sound is revolutionary! Literally no one else in the world is doing this! And it can truly help your training! Getting instantly stronger and faster. Take advantage of this or miss out on being your best!"

Bud JeffriesAuthor, professional strongman, world champ/record holder, anti bully speaker...and much more!X Designer