Want Bruce Lee Like Strength?

Seriously? A person can do full length push ups with only their two fingers? Yes you can, and with Core Force Energy it is simpler than you might think. See you uncover how to connect every cell in your body together with your mind… then use your body in ways you’ve never previously imagined. Core Force Energy opens up a reality you have always had for your physical abilities… just one you haven’t been paying attention to until now.

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Feel the strength of a 600lb gorilla surging through you. Men and women agree CoreForce Energy gives you strength you’ve never experienced before. Join the elite athlete’s and professional coaches that use this system to push their strength training to levels even they never thought possible. Read the reviews here of what they’re saying about this revolutionary strength training program…


excerpt: Feel the strength of a 600lb gorilla surging through you. Men and women agree Core Force Energy gives you strength you’ve never experienced before. Join the elite athlete’s and professional coaches that use this system to push their strength training to levels even they never thought possible. See CoreForce Energy reviews and discover for yourself what elite athletes and trainers say about this revolutionary strength training program…[ez_btn color=”green” url=”http://” target=”_self”]Button Label[/ez_btn]


One of the most essential components that athletes of any kind develop and master is the element of speed. Lightning fast speed and reflexes are what make the likes of Mohammed Ali, Usian Bolt, Michael Phelps, and legendary Bruce Lee stand head and shoulders above the competition.

Too many think that in order to gain greater speed that they should continue concentrating on to amp up their strength training routines. Of course, strength is certainly a very important element to quickness, but still it’s only one element of many.

Have you ever seen a humming bird zoom away almost effortlessly? Or the blinding speed that a cobra can strike? Imagine knowing how to tap into the source of this kind of lightening speed. Is speed like this just muscular strength? Absolutely not.

Most humans get caught up in thinking that they can get faster if they can just generate more muscular and explosive strength. They exercise with mechanical equipment and robotic movements expecting that somehow someday that all this will miraculously lead to natural organic speed and power.

Mechanical movements and breathing patterns create too much tension throughout the body and lungs to obtain one’s ultimate speed.

The number one cause for lack of desired speed, strength, and endurance is excessive muscular tension and inefficient breathing patterns that constipate one’s cardiovascular system and muscular movement. Most athlete’s are fighting against themselves without even realizing it. Unfortunately, they keep training the same way expecting a different result!



Mastering muscular strength, efficient organic movement, optimal breathing patterns, and eliminating excessive tension will greatly help you achieve dramatic speed increases quickly.

But that’s the only the beginning…

When the synergy of all hemispheres of your brain are connected together with your muscular power and structural integrity, your body is able to move organically and powerfully like elite athletes do so effortlessly.

Core Force Energy unlocks your true organic power within you quickly with breakthrough techniques you won’t find anywhere else that fuse your mind and body together to unleash insane synergy and unreal strength and speed.

Elite athletes have honed their bodies and minds over years and years of training.

Unfortunately, the majority of them do a large percentage of what they do so much on an unconscious level that haven’t learned how to teach their skills to others. Minute yet crucial aspects that they’ve incorporated into their physical performance over the years are the very elements that give them superior peak performance and dominance over their competitors.

Coreforce Energy Gives You Breakthrough Techniques That Synergize Mind And Body Together

If you’ve ever had a rush of adrenaline and found yourself moving faster and more effortlessly than you ever have, imagine being to access that same kind of effortless power and speed any time you want – and on command.

It doesn’t matter your age, whether you’re a man or woman, young or older, or your current physical conditioning, CoreForce Energy will help you master all these elements that are the very secrets that will make you excel in your physical and mental performance faster than you ever thought possible.

Here’s why CoreForce Energy works… 

CoreForce Energy fuses All hemispheres of your brain together with innovative breath/sound power mastery techniques that precisely blueprint the optimal energy that will enable you to be as strong and fast as possible.

Without precise blueprinting, how can you expect your body to respond to vague commands and yet optimally produce the most organic and powerful movements?

In CoreForce Energy you will learn how to quickly master and blueprint your energy so that you are always accessing your optimal strength, speed and power.

You will learn how to fuse ALL hemispheres of your brain together with Breath Power Mastery. You will discover how that synergy alone will enable you to think more clearly and focused without mental constipation.

When linked with optimal emotional attunement and congruent muscular movements, your speed and strength skyrocket immediately and you’re well on your way to mastering effortless speed and strength that you can apply to any sport or exercise.

You see when you’re utilizing your FULL mind/body/spirit, it’s their synergy working together that creates massive increases and results. Does this make sense? I hope so because all I’m basically saying is that CoreForce Energy allows you to operate on full amped up cylinders at every level.

Here’s another aspect that you’ll also master in CoreForce Energy that is crucial for optimal speed and greatly enhances no matter what you do.

This element is the ability be able to direction on a dime no matter how fast you’re going and where your whole body is acting as a shock absorber helping you respond to the environment lightning fast.

Could Lightening Quick Speed Be As
Easy As A Few Simple Steps?

This Is Your Chance To  Have Electrical “Lightening” Quickness! You see, I’ve discovered a way… that only takes 23 minutes… to shift your brain and muscle fibers to have extreme speed. 

I understand how you might be skeptical… and if I were you I’d might be shaking my head too… and trust me, you’re about to be surprisingly pleased at what is possible.  

Here’s exactly what I’ve discovered:  

  1. How to shave off .2-.3 seconds off your 40m time in under 30 minutes –
  2. 3 secrets to boost your speed only with how you talk to your brain
  3. What exercises you must avoid if you want to become faster
  4. Why people lose speed as they age and how to reverse that aging process so you can be lightening quick, even after 50…  

It all sounds wild… but it truly does work. 

As you’ve probably discovered already throughout the Core Force Energy website and all the testimonials, you uncover how to tap into hidden energy stores that are already in your body and mind. This is where you master how to direct your unlimited stores of energy toward the purposes most useful in your life.  

Here’s an example:   There are methods you can use to ramp up your energy levels with breathing alone. Inside CoreForce Energy training, one of the things you learn with what’s called “Zeus Breathing”. This form of breathing instantly energizes your body and mind, and has your feeling unstoppable… in only 3-7 minutes.

Even if you’re dead tired, hungover, in a crowded subway in New York City. All you have to do is practice a few simple CoreForce Energy “Zeus Breaths”.

I assure  you, this is not any kind of yoga breathing or other methods you’ve done before. But done in a specific way that you taught within the CoreForce Energy course, you’ll be feeling massively energized again and ready to get back into the day (or night).

You see as a performer myself having traveled throughout the world, I quite often have traveled 27 hours to get to the performance destination. Arriving in the wee hours of the morning to hotel, I have to go right into rehearsals and performances at night with barely any time to eat or unpack.

Audiences don’t really care what your back story is. They have paid good money to calm and see your performances and for you to deliver your highest and best energy is all they want. This is why through the years I have discovered powerful methods that allow you to access your deep reserves of energy and strength quickly even when you’re fatigued, tense, and if slept very little.

What I call the Zeus Breath Protocol took years to develop and I have tested it in the field under almost every condition and it works every time.

Pretty cool, right? I know this might sound like a lot to chew.

I know you want to have truckloads of energy at your command… and so I wanted to do my best to help others access this too. It’s why I decided to put everything together in a program that you can take advantage of today.

Introducing: Core Force Energy Training  

I created Core Force Energy Training when I struggled myself attaining the speed I wanted for years. I suffered from massive tension throughout my body from doing years of martial arts and mechanical robotic strength training like most everybody does and have been taught.

Through the years I began seeing that so many people were dealing with the same problem over and over. Just like me, with realizing it, they were standing in their own way of unlocking their true strength, speed, and ultimate power.

There’s no doubt that we stand in our way all the time in many things that we do. It’s sad to think of all the wasted years that are spent doing that. And, unfortunately, many never wise up!

That’s why much of this course is devoted to helping you get out of your way so that your body and mind can operate at the brilliant levels they are truly capable of.

After a lifetime of searching to find out techniques that ignite massive peak performance improvements quickly, I decided to teach these secrets to others.

Happily, judging by all the feedback I’ve already gotten and revealed to you in the testimonials throughout this site, I’m quite confident it can help YOU too.  

You’ll discover:  

  • Why modern wisdom to increase your energy is completely wrong… and what to do so your energy levels are higher than a kid in Kindergarten
  • How to open up your energy stores with your imagination alone
  • Ancient breathing practices that leave you energized and feeling like a super hero who can take on anything
  • 7 secret techniques to send an electrical charge of energy through your body in mere minutes
  • What you must never do if you want more energy – Where your real UNLIMITED energy levels are stored… and how to access your vast oceans of energy instantly
  • Why certain patterns of thinking murder your energy… and how to eliminate those dangerous thought patters for good
  • What energy REALLY is… Where energy actually comes from… and how to use this knowledge to avoid embarrassing situations and gain incredible momentum in your life from now on
  • Why Core Force Energy training is more powerful for increasing your energy than flying to a Tibetan Monastery for a month of energy healing…
  • And how to use this form of energy in minutes… rather than taking years to get all the energy you desire
  • How to tap into instant “triggers” which eliminate fatigue right NOW
  • And much, much more…  

So, What Are You Waiting For?!

Get Started Today and Unlock Your Ultimate Strength, Speed, and Power! Buy CoreForce Energy Now…





























Scientists say we use only 5 -10% of our true strength. Yet that other 90 – 95% gets wasted, locked inside our minds. What if your could simply and easily unlock that strength in your very first session? What if you could continue to merge your mind and body together for a power that comes from within to shatter any previous limitation you used to think you had. Now Core Force Energy shows you the HOW…


FINALLY, Unshackle Your Mind and Body Break Through the Glass Ceiling That’s Holding You Back



Your mind is your shackle – limiting your physical, mental, and creative performance every day. It’s your throttle that holds you back in almost everything you do. But now you can finally unshackle yourself from the all limitations with the cutting-edge mind body techniques of CoreForce Energy.

“Secrets of Freakish Strength Revealed”


These secrets of unstoppable strength and mental focus will improve every aspect of your physical training and being – and now they can be yours!

Garin Bader TwoFingerPushups ala Bruce Lee





My name is Garin Bader. I stand 6 feet tall and weigh in at weigh 204 lbs. – not exactly one of those petite Circque de Solei performers to be holding all my weight on two fingers, let alone to be pumping out rep after rep of straight-arm pushups on them.


For sure, you might not want to do 2-finger pushups but IMAGINE being able to put that much focused strength and power into any sport you do!You’re probably thinking right now that you could also never do these pushups on two fingers even if you tried. That’s what I’m telling you, that’s absolutely not true at all. I have helped thousands of clients apply this kind of power and focus.These pushups are simply proof of the power YOU too can use when your mind AND body joined together in the right ways with intense focus. And obviously you can see from my photo, you don’t have to have gigantic steroid-loaded muscles to do so.




You Too Can Get Insane Power and Speed Like Bruce Lee to Accelerate Your Winning Edge for Any Sport or Exercise




I was thunderstruck when I first watched a video of Bruce Lee knocking a much larger man across the room with only a 1″ punch as it was one of the fiercest demonstrations of astonishing explosive power I’d ever seen. And, I wanted to have that level of explosive strength and power too! Especially because I grew up as as a very skinny and physically awkward kid.

Bruce Lee strength

Of course I realize not all of you are going to want to do two-finger pushups. But imagine having the ability to focus all your mental and physical power into one small point like Bruce Lee could. Not only could he do two-finger punches but he used that same power of focus and extreme strength to knock even the largest, strongest man clear across room from the devastating force of his one-inch punch – even though he weighed only 140 lbs.!


II knew this extreme power and raw muscular strength had to be generated from some other source than just muscles. But what was it? Where could I find it? These questions started me on my long search to discover the ultimate secrets of accessing our hidden powers to link mind and body together for total power.


Unfortunately, I never was able to find the answers to these supreme secrets through all my years of martial arts training in many disciplines. I was met with years of disappointment while attempting to generate this legendary kind of Chi power that Bruce Lee possessed naturally.


It was only after Years of relentless pursuit that I stumbled upon the first clues that began unlocking my ultimate human potential… breakthroughs which eventually turned into this revolutionary CoreForce Energy super strength training system.




Here’s Indisputable Video Proof of the Power of CoreForce Energy Can Give YOU To:




There are a lot of people who make promises that sound good in THEORY, but not in practicality. If you ask them to actually show you what they promise, they backpedal.


I make bold claims. But I can also back them up.


In fact, a little while ago I met a 15 year old boy who challenged me on everything I said. Over the course of a few minutes I covered every doubt he had.



Here’s the answers to his questions now :




Power Question: “Can you do the Bruce Lee’s famous 1 inch punch?”

ANSWER: YES…watch me in action right here…

Bruce Lee 1 inch Punch[wp_lightbox_special_anchor_text_mp4_video link=”http://www.coreforceenergy.com/video/0inchpunchshortbest597x336.mp4″ width=”597″ height=”338″ title=”” text=”YES…Click Here to see a 1-inch punch!”]

Watch This!




And you can do a 1 inch punch with what you learn inside CoreForce Energy. Sign up today.

Bruce Lee Question: “Can you do 2 fingertip pushups like Bruce Lee?”

ANSWER: Yes! How about I make it more impossible and do them mid-air on my fingers? YES… watch me in action right here….

YES…Click Here to watch 2-Finger Pushups in Action

arrow_sm[wp_lightbox_special_anchor_text_mp4_video link=”http://www.coreforceenergy.com/video/0inchpunchshortbest597x336.mp4″ align=center size=”35″ width=”597″ height=”338″ title=”this is my title” text=”YES…CLICK HERE to watch Garin Bader doing 2-finger pushups!”]

Watch This!



You will also be able to do 2 finger push ups with what you uncover with CoreForce Energy. I’ll show you more in our FREE video training videos. Sign up on this page.

Extreme Balance Question? “Can you PROVE you be knocked off balance and still have Matrix-like balance AND knockout power at the same time?”

ANSWER: YES… watch me in action right here.

CoreForce_Energy__Gain_Strength_Fast_with_Revolutionary_Peak_Performance_Training_Techniques[wp_lightbox_special_anchor_text_mp4_video link=”http://www.coreforceenergy.com/video/balancestrength597x448.mp4″ align=center size=”35″ width=”597″ height=”338″ title=”this is my title” text=”YES…CLICK HERE to Watch Matrix-Like Balance & Power.”]

Watch This!


And YES, You can do this too – when you use what I show you with CoreForce Energy. Claim your free 4 Part Video series today and get CoreForce Energy Access for yourself.



Are You Ready to Unlock The Phenomenal Strength, Power, and Abilities Within You Right Now?



Think how exhilarating it would be to master a revolutionary system that supercharges your mind and muscles to work together congruently — with a system powerful enough to double or even triple your muscular strength and speed – regardless of your athletic abilities, gender, or age.

Whether you’re a finely tuned athlete, a computer geek, weight lifter, a skinny wimp, martial artist, elite Combat vet, couch potato, or Soccer Mom – it doesn’t matter, CoreForce Energy will unify your mind and body together for the maximum strength, power and speed of your personal human potential.


CoreForce Energy is the human accelerant that unifies mind and body to create super strength and speed.




CoreForce Energy is Your Secret Weapon forUnreal Instant Strength!…Awesome Power!…Amazing Speed!





Garin Bader CoreForce Energy wall pushups

Have you ever heard of a mother lifting a car to save her baby? Or someone ripping right through steel with their bare hands to save a friend in an accident? That’s only a glimpse of the kind of superhuman strength that we have buried inside us. Just think of the things you could do if you could unlock and harness this kind of power consistently.


The extraordinary CoreForce Energy strength training system will help you finally unlock that elusive 95% of both brain and muscular strength and speed that’s already inside you…

Imagine if you knew the secrets to begin unleashing this kind of extreme power. Now you can… with CoreForce Energy.





Here’ s What This Groundbreaking CoreForce Energy Does For You…

  • Reaches your ultimate physical potential no matter what your age, gender, or athletic background while increasing your muscle strength – FAST.
  • Gives you “superhuman” strength and speed you can tap into, instantly, every day in every aspect of your life – this is truly a life transforming secret which gives you immense confidence because you always know the power is there inside you.
  • Discovers your ultimate secret of instant power generation and ultimate “Chi” energy.
  • Gains more strength in one day than you did in years of weightlifting or martial arts.
  • Moves your body with remarkable speed and power in any situation.
  • Enables you to enjoy 3-D strength so you have maximum power at any angle while remaining fluid and supple. This is something you won’t learn anywhere else.
  • Improves your cardiovascular strength and stamina with a special CoreForce Energy technique using little-known breathing approaches not 1 in 1,000 people know to bring you effortless power. (No these aren’ t traditional deep breathing techniques that gas you out.)
  • Unlocks your concentrated focus faster and for more power than the biggest weightlifting muscles could ever do for you.
  • Flows your new power effortlessly without exhausting your muscles to failure – you’ll still have energy to burn – shooting your stamina and endurance through the roof.
  • Makes you phenomenally stronger without putting on an ounce of weight or developing massive muscles – but if you want massive muscles, this system enables you to build them faster and easier than ever before.
  • Teaches you how to walk through your opponent as if he were a sheet of paper – no matter how bigger and stronger he is. Read and watch videos from high level black belts for yourself by clicking here.
  • Gets you in shape FAST – without the usual long hours in the gym, tons of sweat, thousands of reps or fancy equipment to become stronger and faster.
  • Harnesses the “Chi” Power elite martial artists, world champions, spec op warriors WISH they knew – This proprietary CoreForce Energy secret dramatically explodes your striking power and speed.
  • Gives you possession of laser-like mental and physical focus that super athletes and geniuses access unconsciously to become brilliant and play at the highest levels.
  • Shows you how to get Matrix-like balance and still be able to fire back punches and kicks with maximum power and speed even if you’re off balance or have been knocked down by an opponent.
  • Gives your body an armadillo coat of armor against injuries.
  • Installs the mental edge through powerful mental imagery training for superior sports performance.
  • Unlocks your vast reserves of your deepest creativity by fusing all your hemispheres of your brain together with your most empowering emotions so you tap into the very ingredients that geniuses like Da Vinci accessed on a daily basis.
























CoreForce Energy super strength training system is a universal energy system. Meaning you can apply CoreForce Energy techniques to ANY sport or exercise to accelerate your strength, speed, balance, endurance, agility, and power – AND, also many areas of your life.

CoreForce Energy teaches you how to tap into the stores of hidden power laying dormant inside of you right now. Once you do this your power will be far greater than you’ve ever imagined.

CoreForce Energy turbo-charges your ultimate powers in strength and speed because it simply fuses your Mind and Body together in a new way that’s easy for anyone to grasp – optimizing the raw resources you already possess.

It puts you in command of the astonishing untapped powers of your brain and muscles in a streamlined way that doesn’t take years of training to achieve. It is indeed cutting-edge applied sports psychology combined with innovative speed strength training exercises. Ultimately CoreForce Energy gives you peak performance in every arena you apply it to. Your results will be incredible from your first session onward.


This powerful strength system is designed to fully integrate and energize your optimal “Chi” or life force energy and musculature so that mastering it is intuitive, clear, concise, and can be easily learned by anyone – – no matter what your gender, age, or ability — no matter if your left-brain or right-brain dominant.


Gain Strength Fast to Unlock Your Superhuman Strength and Speed Fast with Revolutionary Peak Performance Training Techniques of CoreForce Energy













Discover Revolutionary Mind Body Techniques that Unlock:

  • Unmatched muscular strength at any angle
  • Unprecedented speed
  • Incomparable 3-D Matrix-like balance and power
  • Massively enhanced endurance, stamina, and energy
  • Unbeatable mental focus for any sport or activity
  • Exceptional elevation in creativity and passion

Today is the Day to Become Extraordinary Start Using this Life-Changing System NOW…FIND OUT MORE BY CLICKING HERE



  Listen to more experts…

“This course is a must-have for anyone serious about getting stronger in any activity. “



“When Garin Bader first told me about his CoreForce Energy, I was more than skeptical. To prove that he could teach me his method in a matter of minutes, he had me do a simple experiment. First, I exhausted my muscles by doing a number of different exercises. To test my strength level I then did some handstand pushups, but since I was physically wasted, I couldn’t do much at all; I felt very heavy and very weak. Next, Garin showed me just one simple CoreForce Energy concept that took only a couple minutes. To make sure my muscles didn’t recover, he had me do some more exercises before I retested on the handstand pushups; he wanted to make sure I was even more exhausted than before. When it was time to test my strength on the handstand pushups, I cranked them out like it was nothing. I couldn’t believe how easy they were to do, how strong I was, and how light I felt. I was shocked at the transformation. And I was surprised that it was so simple and quick to learn.But this isn’t some parlor trick. The effects are real and lasting. I use these concepts when I’m training now and have seen excellent long – term results. This course is a must-have for anyone serious about getting stronger in any activity. “




Eddie Baran Author of The Secret Power of Handstand Training, Primate Power Super Strength System and Body Sculpting Bodyweight Exercises for Women               

NOTE: Read more raving reviews about CoreForce Energy by clicking here.

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