Scientists Claim Humans Only Use 10% of Our Brain… Here’s How to Access the
Other 90%… Your Supermind…

Now is your chance to finally access your true human potential and stop needless years of spinning your wheels with mediocre results.

My desire is to help you transform your life with the cutting-edge mind body fusing technology of CoreForce Energy, as it has done for myself and hundreds of elite athletes, coaches, business execs, artists, musicians, and performers of all kinds, to the average Joe or Jane, young or old.

With CFE, you'll be able to achieve mastery levels in almost any sport, exercise, or physical action you do and finally be able to do extraordinary things as many others have that surpassed their wildest expectations - things that they once thought impossible to accomplish.

Discover Cutting-Edge Mind Body Hacks that Give you Unreal Strength, Speed, and
Unlock Your Full Creative Genius and Full Human Peak Performance Potential.

CoreForce Energy

Now is your chance to open up entirely new horizons of mental and physical possibilities!



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This is a revolutionary system that will allow you to unlock unreal strength, speed, fluidly organic functional movement while supercharging your energy, creativity, and mental focus. You will tap in to your buried powers and be able to tap into mastery skill sets and personal power that usually only elite sports stars and world-class performers have had exclusive privilege to - that is….Until Now

Imagine how even just an extra 1, 5, or 10% boost in your performance, energy and strength… Well, CoreForce Energy users report averaging 83% increases in their performance across different sports and exercises, strength levels and many say they are experiencing astonishing energy and rejuvinated aliveness and vitality.  

And it happens faster than you realize when.

Imagine how this number can entirely transform your own energy, strength, speed and personal power!

Remember it’s always small degrees that propel people into the winners circle consistently or keep you always in the mediocre middle of the pact.

You won’t find any other complete mind body training like CoreForce Energy anywhere else I promise you. AND, You won’t have to sift through the decades of training, experimenting and all the BS that I did either in my quest to discover these high performance secrets and mind-body hacks. 

The reason why it works so fast and powerfully is that it seamlessly fuses ALL regions of your Mind and Body Together to work with unstoppable synergy in totally unique ways that'll allow you to finally smash right through your supposed genetic limitations. It’s a complete paradigm shift in strength training.

You can switch on massive energy and power at WILL for any physical action, sport, or activity.

CoreForce Energy allows you to access this power on demand, any time you choose.  

Many have called me a “Modern Day Renaissance Man”. As many of you know, I’m an award-winning concert pianist, recording artist, and master illusionist, in addition to the creator for CoreForce Energy. I have performed in the best concert halls of the world including Carnegie Hall, the London Palladium, and Las Vegas and have trained in many martial arts in many different styles since age 7 and have also mastered many different disciplines including sculpting and painting. etc.

I’ve got to be honest though, I had terrible disappointments and flat-lining results for decades. I saw meager results with all the work I’d put in. For seemingly endless years, I sifted through a massive, massive amount of nonsense and clutter because there were so few answers how to tap into that other 90% that scientists say is where our true genius and superhuman lies - and that would you to  leap-frog past competitors.

So, after decades of training and experimenting with just about everything under the sun, I finally DID stumble upon huge shortcuts and breakthrough mental and physical hacks that I was looking for and that will give YOU the strength qualities and skills sets of some of the top athletes and performers in record time…

Sure, I might be skeptical of the claims I’ve said here too - especially if you’ve spent as many years running into so many countless inflated claims and purchasing courses that were just rehashed things I’d seen countless times. 

Having trained in music, art, weight lifting, and martial arts all at the same time at a young age turned out to be the very ingredients that gave me unique insights and the perspectives to uncover the major components that give world-class athletes and performers their elite power and mastery skill levels.

The cross-pollination of the many different arts and disciplines I had studied FINALLY revealed "secrets" that gave me profoundly improved results in almost everything I touched almost immediately and results that had evaded me for so many years.

YES FINALLY, I had found that bridge that connected the mind and body in such a way that empowers you to access your other 90% - your genius and your true "super human" side.

CoreForce Energy is a truly Revolutionary mind-body neural sports technology that’ll allow you to finally smash right through your genetic limitations.


YOU can TRULY Gain UNREAL Energy, STRENGTH, and power, with uber creative three dimensional thinking that’ll dramatically accelerate mastery skills whether you’re an athlete, performer, or artist of any kind.


Whether you’re a young athlete, male or female, or want to supercharge and renew the power your younger years to ignite a whole new world of energy and strength… This is your chance to transform yourself in 2017.


  • Double your energy levels and mental focus. Switch on exhilarating boundless energy at will to enable you to reignite the raw power of your youth and feel decades younger and more alive.

  • Unlock unreal speed and strength you never even imagined possible in a few days and weeks - more than you have done in years of endless training - AND be able to more more organically graceful and effortless movement that most who have superior genetics and a lot more training

  • Dramatically improve your performance in any activity, sport or exercise you do… literally enjoying a “shortcut” to having mastery skills that many elite athletes and performers covet.

  • Quickly access Bruce Lee-like power and speed and master his legendary one-inch punch

  • Accelerate your abilities to quickly master almost any physical skill set and unlock creativity that far exceeds your wildest expectations - opening up your "inner Leonardo Da Vinci

  • Connect on much deeper levels of energy and influence with anyone and everything you touch. Your vocal and body language command will be dramatically enhanced and this will deeply affect your communication skill on a business or personal level

  • Gain access to that elusive peak performance zone that usually only elite and highly trained athletes and performers have and who at the same time have spent YEARS perfecting those skills

    These are only the tip of the iceberg...


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You’ll gain instant access to the elite CoreForce Energy online training where your lessons will come to you in bite-sized videos taking you by the hand step-by-step.

You can access the content from any computer or mobile device.


IMPORTANT NOTE: You will have access to me to ask any questions. I promise you, I’m committed to helping you achieve dramatic results in your life.

I personally answer all emails even when I’m concertizing and performing around the world. I take great pride in helping others achieve the impossible. I struggled many many years in many areas before I came across the secrets I will be revealing to you. With these, you won’t have to go through the years of frustration and experimenting I did with minimal and downright flat-lining results.

You’ll be able to leap-frog past your previous best strength, energy, speed, and endurance levels. 


Click the button below and begin your transformation today!

There's 12 modules jampacked with 5+ hours of video training, mindmaps, PDF's, and lot's more...


Everything You're Getting:


  • FULL access to the exclusive CoreForce Energy Members Training Area where you'll find detailed strength training videos on everything we've already been over on this page plus get free upgrades forever no matter how many times I update the site and training. 

  • Comprehensive yet bite-sized video coaching lessons to help you reach maximum peak performance in record time. I am passionate about your success, and learning in short segments has been proven to help maintain mental focus. 

  • Constant updated articles and video demonstrations on new ways to use CoreForce Energy for different disciplines and arts (You'll be shocked at how many areas of your life that you can use these methods.) 

  • An explanation of exactly how to do Bruce Lee's famous 2 finger push ups and his 1-inch punch as well as other super human strength feats. But more importantly how to focus that kind of precise power into whatever you do. 

  • Learn practical exercises on how CoreForce Energy enables you be strong and move with less pain when you were injured. It covers areas like how to climb stairs effortlessly with no knee cracking, getting get out of bed even if your back is completely out, getting up off the floor with one spiral launch from your fingertips, and lots more. 

  • Custom pre-workout empowering audio/visual walk-through videos that have dramatically increased the strength of everyone who has watched them immediately after viewing. These will tremendously enable you to tap into the same power champions access every day. These alone took 8 months to create with original three-dimensional music and custom videos. 

...and a LOT more, including weekly updates and my personal support when you have any questions whatsoever. 

As you can see, I tried to make this as easy as possible for you!


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Your Purchase Is 100% Risk Free

In the online world these days, you can’™t always be sure of the value and quality of products. I get that.

So if for any reason CoreForce Energy doesn’™t work out for you, just contact me within 30 days of purchase and if you feel it isn’t the right fit, I’™ll promptly refund all your money.

No questions, no hassles. It’™s that simple.

Click here and Try it out Today before the timer ends.
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Allow me to honor my commitment to help
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Read and Watch more CoreForce Energy reviews from high level athletes and coaches...Click Here

"This course is a must-have for anyone serious about getting stronger in any activity. “

"When Garin Bader first told me about his CoreForce Energy, I was more than skeptical. To prove that he could teach me his method in a matter of minutes, he had me do a simple experiment. First, I exhausted my muscles by doing a number of different exercises. To test my strength level I then did some handstand pushups, but since I was physically wasted, I couldn't do much at all; I felt very heavy and very weak.

Next, Garin showed me just one simple CoreForce Energy concept that took only a couple minutes. To make sure my muscles didn't recover, he had me do some more exercises before I retested on the handstand pushups; he wanted to make sure I was even more exhausted than before. When it was time to test my strength on the handstand pushups, I cranked them out like it was nothing. I couldn't believe how easy they were to do, how strong I was, and how light I felt. I was shocked at the transformation. And I was surprised that it was so simple and quick to learn. But this isn't some parlor trick. The effects are real and lasting. I use these concepts when I'm training now and have seen excellent long - term results. This course is a must-have for anyone serious about getting stronger in any activity. " ~ Ed Baran Author of The Secret Power of Handstand Training, Primate Power Super Strength System and Body Sculpting Bodyweight Exercises for Women

Acess Unreal Strength

Men and women agree CoreForce Energy gives you strength you’ve never experienced before so fast. Join the elite athlete’s and professional coaches that use this system to dramatically upgrade their strength to levels they never thought possible. Read the reviews of what they’re saying about this revolutionary strength training program…

Get Unparalled Speed

Core Force Energy unlocks this treasure within you quickly with never before taught techniques that fuse your mind and body together to unleash the insane synergy they can generate no matter your age, gender, or conditioning…

Unreal Power

What would you feel like if you were ten times more powerful than you ever imagined? Imagine unleashing supreme power already hidden inside you in a few short days or hours. Core Force Energy shows you how with cutting-edge peak performance training techniques you won’t find anyplace else. Think how incredible it would be to unlock phenomenal Bruce Lee like strength, speed, and raw power…now you can!

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Discover How To Finally

Harness All Your Body And Mind’s Latent Potential, Almost Immediately

  • Get Super Strong in Record Time
  • Move Crowds
  • Bruce-Lee Like Power
  • Improve Energy
  • Sell More
  • Connect & Turn On Your Partner
  • Unlock Your Creative Genius
  • Become a Master of Anything - Go From Novice to Master Rapidly

By Incorporating Cutting-Edge Neuroscience and Breakthrough Peak Performance Training Techniques, Find Out How CoreForce Energy (CFE) Is Your Short-Cut To Supercharging Your Ability to Accelerate Mastery Skills, Strength, Mental Focus, Creativity for Anything you do!



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