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For those of you that don’t know my background in many arts yet, in addition to being the creator of CoreForce Energy, black belt and strength trainer, I’m also winner of 13 international competitions for my piano playing and original illusions that I combine into a big show of music, magic, martial arts, and story telling. Today I still continue to perform around the world in great theaters from Carnegie Hall to Las Vegas to the London Palladium in addition to doing private coaching with my CoreForce Energy clients and creating content for it along with new fitness, speaker training courses, and seminars. Here’s a link if you’d like to see my unique show called “Garin Bader’s Musical Magic”. Learn more here by clicking here.

Below, I’d like to give you a special bonus that is something I composed and performed for a long running Las Vegas show about vampires. It will be one of the works which will appear on my fourth CD release. This recording is the complete composition and you may download this free piano music and enjoy*.


“Echoes Through the Ages”
Composed by Garin Bader

The story behind the music is about the Lord of a coven of Vampires….

Over four hundred years ago, the Lord of the Vampire’s queen was tragically killed. Since that time, he has wandered the earth in search of her reincarnate. He has learned many arts through the ages and especially when he plays the piano, his passion and pain can be heard in the “Echoes Through the Ages”…. You’ll hear him showing off with virtuoso piano playing and cascades of hundreds of notes in the beginning and the end. In the middle section, he slows things down so his female coven can dance alluringly around his grand piano….

 “Echoes Through The Ages” – Composed and Performed
by Garin Bader
To download to your computer, click on the arrow button down next to the player to save the mp3 file above. If you’re on a Mac, press your “Control” key down and then click the link to select how to download.



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*This free piano music can be downloaded for a limited time and falls under international copyright laws below and is composed and performed by Garin Bader.. This download is intended for private use only by submission of your name to the e-mail list and NOT to be reproduced in any fashion for public performance or commerical duplication without written consent by Garin Bader CoreSource Energy LLC.