Gain Strength Fast with Revolutionary Peak Performance Techniques

Dear Friend:

Do you want to gain awe-inspiring strength fast? Are you feeling a little nostalgic for your glory days? Do you want to gain more strength in one day than you have in years of training?


  • Would you like to get back in shape, fast WITHOUT spending hours at the gym?
  • Do you want to feel decades younger with energy to burn?
  • Do you want to gain strength fast and unlock what some will call superhuman strength?
  • Do you want boundless energy, a happier frame of mind, and your life back?

If so this is written specifically for you.

You see I am VERY confident that I can show you how to tap in to unlock the superhuman strength that lies within and show showing you exactly how to gain strength fast.

Once you tap in, you’™ll be able to cut years off your training time (no matter what sport you’re in). Triple your speed. Double your strength. Gain superior mental focus.

It doesn’™t matter what types of genes you have. These are universal factors that just work. Period.


Here’™s Indisputable Video Proof:

There are a lot of people who make promises that sound good in THEORY, but not in practicality. If you ask them to actually show you what they promise, they backpedal.

I make bold claims. But I can also back them up.

In fact, a little while ago I met a 15 year old boy who challenged me on everything I said. Over the course of a few minutes I covered every doubt he had.

I’ll show you the answers to his questions now :

So with that said…

If You’A™re Ready To Unlock
Your Superhuman Strength
Buried Inside Of You

then keep reading, because you’™re going to be very happy.

You see, I’™ve discovered some incredibly high-impact things you can do to make huge gains. QUICKLY.

I’ve learned how to redefine human movement to accelerate superhuman strength and peak performance.

Here’s a quick story to demonstrate:

I have a 300+ lb mannequin in my gym. The other day, I had a friend come over. He was an average guy not terribly athletic. To back up the power of what I know, I told him to push the mannequin as hard as he could.

He puffed up his chest, took a deep breath, and pushed with all his might.

The mannequin moved a couple of feet.

I told my friend a few tweaks he could make and had him try again.

He pushed again this time using only 1/4 of the effort he used the first time and the mannequin FLEW back, nearly destroying the mirror on my back wall.

My friend was shocked.

I wasn’™t.

This is common for me (and the hundreds of people I’ve worked with).

If you would like to learn things like that

This Is For You.

Now, I know there’™s tons of crap out there. So before I give you any tips, I’ll explain why I’™m even qualified to share anything with you.

Here’s a little bit of my back story:

My name is Garin Bader.

GarinBaderpicAll my life, I’ve been obsessed with growing myself.

Even as a teenager it used to drive me CRAZY how scientists said we only use 5% of our brain and muscular power. That there was 95% we don’t utilize at all.

It seemed like such a colossal waste to me, and I became very passionate about going on an endless quest to learn how to access the other 95%. One of the things I wanted to know is how to gain strength fast.

At one point I thought I was close. I was getting into martial arts and a lot of people talked about this universal power we could unlock. It was supposed to give you unlimited strength (among other things).

But when I asked the martial artist gurus direct questions about it, all I’d get were a bunch of elusive answers. People would tell me I had to study, meditate, go to the mountaintops and then I’™d get it.

Nobody could show me proof.

Or sometimes something would work a little, but certainly not a LOT.

(I’ve since come to realize there are a LOT of charlatans in the martial arts world.)

But I really believed in this universal power this other 95% so I kept chasing it. For YEARS.

It was VERY frustrating to keep coming head on with all these nonsense answers, New Age superficial promises, and snake oil salesmen filled with hype. But I was tenacious and I kept going.

Flash forward years later now that I really get it I realized that everything those other people were talking about was excuse my language BULLSHIT.

I do believe some people were well intentioned, but they really didn’™t know.

Forget the mountaintops. I can show you everything they promised within 20 minutes.

That other 95% is extremely accessible.

And It’™s Not Just Me
Here’™s What Other People
Have Experienced:

Doubled My Strength In Less Than 1 Hour

Dr_Dave_Woynarowski_GarinBader_TestimonialCoreForce Energy helped me double my strength in less than 1 hour. The good news is it hasn’™t stopped increasing since the first session!

~ Dr. Dave Woynarowski
The World’s Top Anti-Aging Specialist

In Five Minutes Of Our Time Experiencing Tremendous
Gains In Mental Focus, Self-Awareness, And Strength.

In August I had the pleasure of meeting an extraordinary man by the name of Garin Bader. We instantly connected and entered into an extraordinary conversation.

What I learned from Garin in the first five minutes of our time together radically improved my life forever.

Garin showed me two very simple CoreForce Energy techniques that are easy to practice and deliver profound results at the speed of light, literally.

I have integrated these techniques into my daily practice and am experiencing tremendous gains in mental focus, self-awareness, presence and strength.

~ Jim Anderson
CEO Key-Connections, Inc.

I have a PhD in sport psychology but your
stuff blows away anything I learned before.

I have a Ph.D. specializing in sport psychology, I’ve coached Major League baseball players and top Fortune 500 executives, and I’™ve never been more excited about a new mental training technology.

Two days after my first Core Force Energy lesson I played both golf and softball.

Golf: I hit a personal record 305 yard drive. My previous best was 273 yards.

Softball: During the CFE lesson I felt so good holding a bat that I made the off-hand remark ˜They better get the married men off the infield.™

Well, after smashing a double in my first at-bat, I crushed an absolute lightning bolt one-hopper that drilled the pitcher in the knee and caromed all the way into left field. The pitcher had to be helped from the field. I was sorry to see the injury and amazed at the power I’d generated.

This is amazing stuff, Garin.

- Tom Hanson, Ph.D.

Hall Of Fame Linebacker Comes In Contact With Garin
Immediately Unleashes A Tornado Of New Power!

Being a huge visual person I found your Core Force program and private coaching session to be outstanding. After your intense visual and audible graphic descriptions on my personal call, I left a changed man.

Here’s how I know. That night I went to bed and had a dream about a huge tornado ripping through my neighborhood. I luckily jumped to safety within seconds after realizing the tornado was on top of me. I jumped under a stone stair case that I held on tight to.

While in the tornado I felt the strong winds pulling me up into the funnel. I had to hold on with everything I had to keep from getting sucked inside. After what seemed like a few minutes of hearing the high pitched whistling sounds, and looking up into a swirling mass of cylindrical twister, and feeling an enormous vacuum-like winds it all went away.

When I woke in the morning, I had an entirely new view of what you presented to me the night before. And to think of doubling, tripling and quadrupling that force had me sitting at my bed side saying whhoooooh! Feeling this new tsunami of power and force within and knowing how to generate it” I decided to go to the weight room and test it all out. Keep in mind this is a place I have not been for in-depth workouts in about 5 years.

Then I attempted to do something I have not tried in over 13 years; to bench press 315 pounds. After three warm up sets, I pulled the 315 off the rack and nailed it. No “spot” nothing. I repped it like I hadn’t ever stepped out of the weight room.

I know this is just the start of how I can apply these principles. I look forward to a life living with my inner Zeus pouring out of my essence. This is a testament to how descriptive and powerful your visualizations really are.

Thanks for assembling what you have with Core Force Energy, Garin. I look forward to getting all your other products in the pipeline.

~ Vince Palko
2 Time Hall of Fame Linebacker

Here’s a link to more raving CoreForce Energy reviews just like these from high level athletes and coaches. And I’™ll share some more with you throughout this letter. But first, an important point

You Can Unlock Your Hidden
Strength Potential At ANY Time
No Matter How Tired You Are.

I haven’™t mentioned yet, but for my day job, I’™m actually a pianist. I travel around the world to play, have been fortunate enough to play at Carnegie Hall, and have won 13 international competitions.

I credit all of my success to what I call my Core Force Energy techniques.

See, CoreForce Energy isn’™t JUST about strength.

It’™s also about mental peak performance and a whole lot more.

One time I walked off a flight after 27 hours of traveling and went right onto stage that night. (Most people would be exhausted).

And when I play, I’™ve learned how to have a laserlike focus no matter what’™s going on with an audience. I use my techniques to stay in peak state ALL the time.

If you don’™t play piano, that’™s OK. You can use core force in almost any area of your life. I’™ve used it to to excel in magic (I perform that too), sculpt, paint – the possibilities are endless.

As soon as you tap into that other 95% a Pandora’™s box of possibilities opens up.

Would you like to know how to be in peak state 100% of the time?

You’™ll Also Learn
How To Triple Your Speed.
(People Freak Out When I Show Them This.)

There are a few very cool CoreForce tweaks you can make to triple your speed instantly.

They’™re completely counterintuitive but work like a CHARM.

The whole speed element is actually one of my favorite parts about what I teach. I LOVE watching people’™s reactions when they learn this.

I’™ve laughed many times as I watched people on Skype FREAK OUT when they saw what they were capable of.

And that’™s just the tip of the iceberg.

Here’™s What Else I’™m Going
To Show You:

Because my system is a universal energy system, you can apply it in so many areas of your life.

You’™ll also learn how to:

    • Gain comic book, Matrix-like balance FAST!
    • Catapult your endurance levels with a few tips I share
    • Double your strength in less than 20 minutes
    • Make more power and strength gains in one DAY than you could make in years of weightlifting, body weight exercises or martial arts
    • Instantly improve your cardiovascular strength and stamina with a special technique I show you (I’™m talking MASSIVE leaps in less than 5 minutes)
    • Discover little-known breathing approaches that bring you effortless power. (No these aren’™t traditional deep breathing techniques that gas you out.)
    • Instantly develop Chi strength that elite martial artists, world champions, and special op warriors ALL use. and cut 5 years off the learning curve by using my special methods
    • Access extreme flexibility and stretch further after ONE session than you EVER thought possible (This is perfect for MMA and other extreme sport enthusiasts)

These are big promises, I know.

The reason everything works so fast is because my training system gives you the keys that supercharge your mind and muscles to truly work together CONGRUENTLY. This powerful one-two punch really can double and perhaps triple your muscular strength and speed.

And You Won’™t Have
To Worry About Injuries.

A lot of people I’™ve worked with have been extremely worried about injuries.

With the methods I’™ll show you, that’™s nearly impossible.

Like I said, I’™m a pianist. Playing piano is my bread and butter. But I do 2-finger pushups without hesitation.

I do nutty things all the time. One of my magic tricks involves me hurling myself violently into a wooden and steel reinforced box. But I’™m simply not worried.

And out of all of my students, nobody has EVER gotten injured (even though they regularly perform physical feats they never thought possible).

I guarantee this is breakthrough material you won’™t find elsewhere.

With that said.

Core Force Energy
Training Program

I created Core Force Energy when I found myself helping many people one-on-one.

I wanted to create a system that ANYONE could use even if they couldn’™t travel to Las Vegas (where I live) to personally train with me.

And I’™m extremely glad I did, because the results people have seen have been TREMENDOUS.

It’™s a little weird to say, but I feel like this work is helping me leave a little bit of a legacy.

I was held back for so many years, chasing this elusive 95% and it means so much to me to be able to share it with other people enabling them to gain strength Fast.

Some other things you’™ll learn:

    • Easily master Matrix-like, real 3-dimensional strength, balance, and resiliency that’™ll give you optimal strength and flexibility at any angle. (99% of people move with one dimensional angular strength and static tension-filled movement.)
    • Learn some extremely effective mental imagery tips that’™ll give you an indisputable cutting edge over all of your competition (Hint: This has NOTHING to do with self-talk babble.)
    • Disable debilitating physical and mental tension once and for all
    • Learn the little known and closely guarded Revolutionary Power In Motion technique that will help you gain super strength and speed VERY quickly
    • Finally access that 95% of strength, speed, mental clarity, and instinctive creative abilities that scientists say we never use with easy- to-follow techniques and best of all
    • Reach your ultimate physical fitness and muscle strength no matter what your age, gender, or athletic background with NO injuries FAST.


This Is Your Secret Weapon For
Unreal Super Strength, Ultimate Power, and Speed.

You will be able to master everything I told you about within DAYS.
    • Without months or years of extensive training.
    • Without any high priced equipment.
    • Without dangerous steroids or supplements.
    • Without worthless silly gimmicks.
    • Without pie in the sky New Age promises.

    In fact, you don’™t need to be ONE MORE THING if you don’™t want to.

    (Although there is a $5 or $6 tool I personally love.)

    Speaking of extremely low investments

    Access To Core Force
    Is ONLY 2 Payments Of $97
    For Now.

    Take Advantage of This Price Before It’s Gone



    I know, you might be wondering, What’s the catch?

    After all if you wanted to do this on your own, like I did it would take you YEARS.

    (And not to brag but I still haven’™t found anybody else who knows what I know.)

    And if you were to hire me one-on-one, it would be hundreds of dollars an hour.

    (I’™m a busy person.)

    And I know there are people who want you to be hundreds of dollars worth of supplements that don’™t work thousands of dollars worth of exercise equipment

    Gosh, you’ve probably already spent thousands of dollars and countless hours trying to get your youth back and to gain strength fast.

    But truth be told, it’™s important to me to make sure you get a great value. It’™s good for my reputation. And it helps me help more people.

    You see, I have an abundance mindset. I’™m not going to try and charge thousands upon thousands of dollars for this guarded information.

    I would rather help a LOT of people. It helps me sleep at night. And I believe in karma.

    That being said, I have some marketing expert friends who tell me I should raise the price. They say you might take this more seriously if I go to $500 or even $1000. So it’™s been on the back of my mind.

    If you act now, your price will be guaranteed.

    But there’™s one thing I want to mention:

    WARNING: If You’™re This Kind Of Person,
    I Don’™t Want You To Buy

    Before you run to to the Add To Cart button, I want to make one thing clear.

    If you’™re going to order this, I need you to have an open mind.

    That’™s a VERY important piece to this process.

    I’™m going to teach you some cutting edge things that 99% of people have no idea about. Some of them are counterintuitive, never-before-heard, and plain shocking.

    “So please,” ONLY order if you’™re willing to come into this with an open mind. A mentality where you’™re ready to learn. Where you’™re excited to double your strength and triple your speed QUICKLY.

    Because if there’™s one thing I’™ve learned, it’™s that a closed mind doesn’™t get anywhere with my Core Force system.

    Make no mistake this is a physical system. But we couple it with mindset. To accomplish incredible things and unlock extraordinary power, you need the mindset down.

    I need you to have an abundance mindset, an open mind, and an unshakable belief that anything is possible.

    If you’™re willing to do YOUR part, I’™ll do mine.

    And you really have nothing to lose by following my rules

    Your Purchase Is 100% Risk Free.

    In the online world these days, you can’™t always be sure of the value and quality of products. I get that.

    So if for any reason Core Force Energy doesn’™t work out for you,

    Just say the word within 30 days of your purchase and I’™ll promptly refund all your money.

    No questions, no hassles it’™s that simple.


    Fair enough?

    And remember -

    Here’™s Everything You’™re Getting:

    After you make your purchase, you’™ll get:

      • Lifetime Access to the exclusive CoreForce Energy Gold Members Area where you’™ll find detailed strength training videos on everything we’™ve already been over plus get free upgrades forever no matter how many times I update the site (and I’™m admittedly a bit of a perfectionist)
      • Incredibly comprehensive yet bite-sized video coaching lessons to help you reach maximum peak performance in the quickest way possible (I am passionate about your success, and learning in short segments has been proven to help maintain mental focus.)
      • Body weight strength training exercises that’™ll blow your mind
      • Fascinating articles and video demonstrations on new ways to use CoreForce Energy (You’™ll be shocked at how many places you can use this material.)
      • An explanation of exactly how to do my famous 2 finger push ups as well as other superhuman strength feats
      • Learn practical exercises that you can infuse with CoreForce energy such as how to climb stairs effortlessly with no knee cracking, getting get out of bed even if your back is completely out, get up off the floor with one spiral launch from your fingertips, and lots more
      • A 60+ page source book detailing all of my breakthrough concepts
      • Super-strength visualization walk-through videos that have dramatically increased the strength of everyone who has watched them (this is NOT theory). You’™ll be able to use these to tap into the same power champions access every day. These took me 8 months to create, are cutting-edge and incredibly powerful
      • and a LOT more, including weekly updates and my personal support if you have questions.

    With that said

    Here’™s What To Do Now:

    As you can see, I tried to make this as easy as possible for you.

    As soon as you sign up you’™ll get instant access to everything I mentioned. You’™ll get all the videos, articles, the insider access, and the cutting edge information that less than 1% of the population has.

    After you order, you can immediately begin watching all the online training. Literally within a few hours time you could have doubled your strength and tripled your speed. I’™m not kidding.

    By tomorrow at this time, you could be impressing all your friends with your 2 finger pushups and many more feats of strength.

    The process is extremely simple and you can look forward finally understanding how to gain strength Fast. So go ahead and fill out the order form now and I’™ll look forward to seeing you on the other side:


    Take Advantage of This Price Before It’s Gone




    You’™re still here. You’™re obviously interested. You obviously don’™t want to continue living with a lack of superhuman strength. In just a couple of hours, you can have this all cleared up. You owe it to yourself to try especially considering there’™s absolutely nothing to lose. Take advantage while the opportunity is in front of you because if you come back even 5 minutes too late down the line, I’™ll have to apologize and turn you away.


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