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Watch this video on how to gain strength and mastery over whatever you do more RAPIDLY than you ever imagined. Here’s why CoreForce Energy works so quickly to unlock your ultimate human potential and mastery. 


Most people have no idea that they’re using only 5 to 10% of their true strength and human potential.

Buried within us is the ability to access far more strength and power than we’re currently utilizing. If you want to gain strength fast, you have to understand that our bodies and brains are energized with phenomenal electrical currents. Unfortunately, many of us seem to be flatlining with energy and continually struggle to access the raw power that’s buried deep within us. Most people don’t utilize their full strength potential and mental capabilities and have no clue how they can be unlocked without caffeine or other stimulants.

We have a powerful energetic core within all of us that operates our brain and our bodies. You can actually measure the current of the electricity throughout our bodies. This is your first step to understanding how to gain strength fast.

An MRI scan of our body shows up as color and light. That energy in our bodies can be read by doctors today and it’s really incredible to see.

How we can build more empowering electricity in our bodies is something I’ve always wanted to discover. How can we create optimal power and strength and energy throughout every moment of the day? And how do we harness it so we can unlock our ultimate human strength and energy?

[font family=”Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif” size=”20″ color=”DE0202″ textshadow=”2″ alignment=”center” weight=”normal” style=”normal” lineheight=”110″]Do You Want To Discover How To Unlock Your Ultimate Strength,
Speed, Endurance, Energy, And Mental Focus?[/font]

It’™s through our thoughts and how we master and harness the energy that is generated by fusing your mind and body together in the right ways! It’™s how we think and merge together our thoughts with empowering emotions that we can create more electricity, more power, more speed, more strength, and greater creativity. This is how you access your ultimate strength and human potential and gain strength fast as possible.

Without a doubt, your mind Is your trigger to unlock your ultimate human strength potential. But, too many fail because they train their mental and physical attributes separately and hope that one day magically they will merge together to create the super strength that’s possible if the right powerful synergy can be created.

Even though it’s your mind that is the trigger that allows you to tap into your true energy core and maximum strength, you must train both your mind AND body differently in order to achieve new results.

If you want things to change in your life, you must change things in your life. You can’t continue to think the ways you’ve always thought. You can’t continue to do things like you’ve always done. You can’t continue to believe like you’ve always believed. If you want to gain strength fast, you must learn to optimally fuse your mind and body together.

You must learn to do things completely different with both your mind and body AND train them together concurrently – NOT separately.


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If you train your brain and thoughts to be fully optimized and your body is trained to be completely congruent with this new power, then it’™s possible for you to finally achieve your ultimate peak performance and your maximum energy, power, strength and speed. 

I’d like to show you exactly how to gain optimal mastery over whatever you do. You can gain dramatic performance increased in whatever physical activity you do from strength, speed, fluid movement fast and fuse your mind an body together optimally with a what I’ll call the ultimate mind body super strength training system that I stumbled up in after an entire lifetime of searching, failing, and ultimately discovering breakthrough peak performance training methods.

I call this system CoreForce Energy and it’s like nothing else you’ll find anywhere else. Its cutting-edge techniques show you exactly how step-by-step to fuse your mind and body together with the optimal emotional attunement to generate mind numbing strength, speed, endurance, balance, creativity, mental focus, and fluid powerful and organic movement like elite high performers utilize on a daily basis. 

You’ll finally learn how to unlock the vast human potential that’s been buried inside you. That’s NO BS.

If you are ready to make dramatic changes in your life, get started today and let me show you how to go from ordinary to having elite mastery skills & super star status in whatever physical activity you do. 

Skeptical? You can see from my bio, performances, and coaching background that I walk my own talk. Read the many raving testimonials from highly respected clients or write me with any questions, comments or concerns. I am fully dedicated to helping you rapidly achieve mastery that will entirely change your life. Remember if you are recognized for your elite skills and being amongst the best in whatever you do… success, fame, status, and abundant wealth typically follow.

To Your Strength and Mastery,

Garin Bader



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HAVE ENERGY TO BURN Switch on exhilarating boundless energy at will to enable you to reignite the raw power of your youth and feel decades younger. Become more alive moving with greater flexibility, passion and supercharged energy. Unlock revitalized energy and focus that empowers you to crush your work goals and realize your dreams faster and with greater clarity and joy.

MASTER YOUR INSTRUMENT What if you could cut 5-10+ years off traditional training and reach incredible virtuoso levels playing your instrument becoming “one” with your audiences of 1 to 1000+ people so they cheer and applaud as your music moves them with deep emotional connections? Your touch and technique will forever change in just one day.

CATAPULT YOUR ENDURANCE LEVELS Gain access to the elusive physical and mental peak performance zones and highly efficient functional movement protocols only elite, highly trained athletes and performers possess.


Unlock unreal speed and strength you never even imagined possible in a few days and weeks – more than you have done in years of endless training – AND be able to move with fluid grace and effortless power. Plus, Would you like to see how you can gain 30-40% more muscular strength within hours of learning this breakthrough? I’ll show you exactly how when I teach you Flow State Mastery.

You’ll also…

MOVE CROWDS What if you could consistently access deep emotional engagement and love with your audiences(small or large) for effortless captivation which consistently brings you standing ovations? Or gets audiences excited to rush to the back of the room to buy in sales environments.

Apply these techniques and gain the powerful ability to switch on deep influence with the new textures of your voacal resonsnace and body language, all possible within a few short hours.

UNLOCK CREATIVITY AND PASSION that far exceeds your wildest expectations by opening up your visualization abilities to conceptualize and move with organically beautiful flow – This opens up your “inner Leonardo Da Vinci” like nothing else can.

GROW YOUR BUSINESS What if you could quickly master cutting-edge mindset and focus magnifying techniques that drive you to regularly crush your goals (as well as your competition)… With new magnified concentration you’ll magically connect with clients and be virtually guaranteed to realize your dreams and goals much faster and with a lot less effort.

BECOME A BLACK BELT What if you could rapidly develop Bruce Lee-like “Chi” power and speed within days to explode with the same kind of ballistic force of his legendary one-inch punch? How would it feel to know you can protect your family and loved ones with ninja-like movements? This Flow State Mastery greatly improves your kinesthetic and spatial awareness which makes you dangerously lethal or agile on the sports field or court.

TURN ON YOUR PARTNER What would it be worth to reawaken your relationship and bedroom passion and take things to a whole new level with your partner using an “everywhere but nowhere” vibrational resonance touch? Imagine turning your partner ‘ON’ with a mere touch that’s both strong and sensitive at the same time. A touch that melts muscle tension and sparks intimacy levels most think is only a reality of romance novels…

You’ll learn this within an hour and it will change your relationship instantly because you’ll forever have the “magnetic touch” that fires the burning hot coals of passion in your bedroom.


Seen the Matrix? How would you like to command “Neo” Like real 3-Dimensional balance and strength abilities? Within a few days you’ll be able to move with optimal power and flexibility at any angle. Note: This is NOT a fantasy movie or FX trick. These skills turn you into an “Über Athlete” and  catapult you way beyond your competition.

ADD 20 MPH TO YOUR GOLF SWING and fire howitzer shots with greater accuracy and consistency in only a few short days. This elevates your confidence and joy on the course, plus helps you win a few extra bets against your golf buddies!

AND THROW A BASEBALL OR FOOTBALL FASTER AND FARTHER: How cool would it be to dramatically increase your MPH throwing speed in less than a week while avoiding the usual elbow and tendon pain?

IMAGINE having ALL or just a few of these abilities within a few days and weeks AND, at the same time, automatically have rejuvenated confidence, passion, and a childlike joy again in everything you do!