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The Magical Imagineering Theater
Unlock Your Future with Visualization

 Ebook written and musiccomposed by

Garin Bader

~ Creator of CoreForceEnergy ~
“The revolutionary system that unlocks superhuman strength
and your full human potential”



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“Visualizing is one of the most powerful and important tools you can ever use to bring about change and success into your life rapidly.

You get what you clearly see AND ALSO what you clearly don’t see.”

~ Garin Bader



Garin Bader CoreForce EnergyCreative visualization is one of the most important endeavors you can do to change the outcome of your life for the better and unlock not only your ultimate strength but also your full human potential. Every great human creation and achievement begins your  mind’s eye before it manifests into reality.

The moment you begin seriously practicing seeing, hearing, and feeling the future you’d like to have in the theater of your imagination, the sooner your desires will manifest into your reality.

I’ve created The Magical Imagineering Theater eBook and composed the original music visualization mp3’s to help you attain total clarity in your mind’s eye to help you shape the blueprints of your dreams through the process of creative and active visualization. It is my greatest hope that they will stir your imaginations to new heights and help you reach your goals in the quickest way possible.

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Ebook and mp3’s

1.) The Magical Imagineering Theater Read First.pdf
2.) Magical Imagineering Theater Instructions.mp3
3.) Magical Imagineering Theater Visualization.mp3

Right Click the link below to download 
to your computer and unzip the 3 files:


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You’ll get the most out of this special visualization if you open, go through, and enjoy them in the same order I’ve labeled them above.

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Garin Bader