Listen to these Testimonials…


Eddie Baran“When Garin Bader first told me about his CoreForce Energy , I was more than skeptical. To prove that he could teach me his method in a matter of minutes, he had me do a simple experiment. First, I exhausted my muscles by doing a number of different exercises. To test my strength level I then did some handstand pushups, but since I was physically wasted, I couldn’t do much at all; I felt very heavy and very weak.

Next, Garin showed me just one simple CoreForce Energy concept that took only a couple minutes. To make sure my muscles didn’t recover, he had me do some more exercises before I retested on the handstand pushups; he wanted to make sure I was even more exhausted than before. When it was time to test my strength on the handstand pushups, I cranked them out like it was nothing. I couldn’t believe how easy they were to do, how strong I was, and how light I felt. I was shocked at the transformation. And I was surprised that it was so simple and quick to learn.

But this isn’t some parlor trick. The effects are real and lasting. I use these concepts when I’m training now and have seen excellent long – term results. This course is a must-have for anyone serious about getting stronger in any activity. “

~ Ed Baran
Author of The Secret Power of Handstand Training, Primate Power Super Strength System and Body Sculpting Bodyweight Exercises for Women

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CoreForce Energy is a truly unique system – that will teach you the
secrets of high performance in many areas and it will remind
you about our true potential as human beings.”

Karsten Jensen“I have been the strength coach for world class athletes from various sports including tennis, ju jitsu, waterskiing and figure skating and I can say with complete certainty that applying the principles of CoreForce Energy will take your training for strength, power, speed and sport specific movement into an entirely new domain. I once was presented the simple task of creating 4 triangles with 6 matches. The matches was placed on a flat table. The task is impossible until you realize that you have to use 3 dimensions and and not only two. CoreForce Enery adds a whole new dimension to your thinking – it is truly and landmark product.

I have had the pleasure to speak to Garin on the phone, a service that comes with the purchase of CoreForce Energy. This rapidly accelerated my understanding of CoreForce Energy. Garin is passionate about sharing the product and truly wants all of us customers to understand the principles.

Having worked with high performance athletes for years, I know that high performance does not come about by accident. Therefore I knew that Garin, who is a high level musician, magician, martial and superstrong had something great up his sleeve. CoreForce Energy is a truly unique system – that will teach you the secrets of high performance in many areas and it will remind you about our true potential as human beings.”

~ Karsten Jensen
Strength Coach – The Special Forces of Strength and Conditioning

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Target-Focus Training Sequim, WA

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PGA Member Phoenix, AZ


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“CoreForce Energy utilizes all your senses to
generate the most power you can generate…”

You must acknowledge that we are vibrational resonant beings. You have to actually. Otherwise, the MRI wouldn’t work. So if you’re scientific and skeptical, I just blew that argument out of the water.

CoreForce Energy is a way to harness these vibrational resonance energies that are all around us – the very force that many of us don’t even think about.

When you’re in vibrational harmony with things you enjoy them and you can easily create magical things. CoreForce Energy utilizes all your senses to generate the most power you can generate.

Dr. Dave Woynarowski
The World’s Top Anti-Aging Specialist


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“CoreForce Energy will show you can unlock your mind to a
power beyond your own assumptions of what you can do…”

Garin, here’s an update,

I’m big on learning how to do better in physical training and learning how to use my mind together with the physical portion. I’ve been trained on books and DVDs and following crazy workouts and talking to some of the best in the business but nothing absolutely nothing prepared me for what Garin had to teach. I’ve seen Garin’s work in his CoreForce program and followed what I could to see how it could help me achieve a greater sense of inner power that I’ve been wanting my whole life.

I did get a chance to work with Garin and I had a few thoughts of what he was going to teach me but it was completely unexpected what he did and even though I was learning I was also in awe of what he did. For a man his size and strength he was one of the fastest guys I’ve ever witnessed in my life. Now contrary to popular belief he does not teach you how to be superman or fly like eagle over valleys and cities but what he does show you is how you can unlock your mind to a power beyond your own assumptions of what you can do. He had hit his 300 pound MMA dummy and I would hit as hard as I can with the power I had at 240 pounds. I would strike this thing and I didn’t do much but hurt my wrist. So after that he showed me one little thing to make the sounds and not use so much force and after this one technique I knocked the damn dummy over again and again without ever straining myself.

During my time with him he showed me a few more things and to give you a heads up i’m 5’10 around 240 pounds, Garin is just around 6′ and a little over 200 pounds and without hesitation he pushed me around like a little kid. I’m very honored to have worked with him and wouldn’t give it a second thought to do it again, he is by far one of the best guys I’ve ever worked with and he is pound for pound one of the strongest guys I had the pleasure of meeting upclose. Also one of the nicest S.O.B’s as well. He has my vote and his CoreForce Energy training is as real or should I say surreal as you can get. I will say first hand that you will be changed for the better strength wise and mindfully. He is that damn good.

~ Ben Bergman
Santa Cruz, CA

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Hi there,

If you’re reading this, you’re probably like I was a few months ago. Reading this website and wondering whether or not this works.

First, let me introduce myself.

My name is Nathan and I’m 23 years old. I’m a volunteer fireman and furniture removalist by trade, I also play guitar and have a keen interest in many different fields.

I came across Garin’s website a few months ago while doing some research on strength. As soon as I saw the website, I was impressed. I will also admit I was a tad skeptical. However, I contacted Garin and asked him whether or not CoreForce Energy could work for me. I’m not a pianist or a martial artist so I wasn’t certain if it would work for me as well.

I was expecting to not have my email answered but to my amazement, it was answered within an hour, even though Garin and I live on polar opposites of the world!!

Right away he said thanks for my interest and assured me that CoreForce Energy could be applied to ANY activity I desired. Being a person with many interests, I thought, “What was there to lose?”

Happy with the response, I ordered the course and organised my initial Skype web conferencing sessions. In these Garin explained the basic principles of CoreForce Energy and proved how powerful it is. He knocked over a 300 pound dummy he has in his gym while he was talking to me. He even pretended to sip a cocktail to show how effortless it is.

After the first session we had, I decided to head to the fire station and practice what we call the “dummy drag”, which is a canvas dummy filled with fire hose and dumbells. This dummy was at least 100kg’s or 220 pounds. Due to my job and strength I was able to lift the dummy up underneath my arms. The next step is to walk backwards in a square shape and see how long you can carry the dummy for. (It’s meant to represent a firefighter carrying an unconscious person out of a house)  Then I decided to try out what Garin had taught me. Without giving too much away, I was amazed!!!!!!! I was able to lift up the dummy and walk backwards with the weight and it felt effortless! It was one of the weirdest sensations I’ve ever experienced, but also an almighty empowering one!!

Since that day I’ve watched the course over and over and tried to gain as much as I could. Let me tell you, there are alot of things to absorb but once you do, you will be forever grateful.

I’ve implemented several of the different CoreForce Energy principles throughout my daily life. From Rock Climbing and fire-fighting to my daily job to prevent against injury, bodyweight exercises, to chin ups and even singing!

I still use Garin’s methods today for most things I do and have almost got to the elusive, “2 finger-push ups” 🙂

For anyone still skeptical, I would say give it a try, you have nothing to lose, except the potential to change your life for the better!.

For a while I’ve started to believe that the difference between average human beings and humans that excel is in the mind. Garin’s methods and philosophy not only agree with that, but they prove it beyond any reasonable doubt.

I wish you the best of luck with your future endeavors 🙂

Nathan B, Australia

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“I’m now throwing a ball harder and faster than ever
and my arm doesn’t even hurt anymore which is a blessing.”

“I’m a personal trainer and I saw a different side of training when I saw Garin workout one day. I asked him what he was doing and he told me about CoreForce Energy” which was really interesting. I told Garin that I play professional baseball and asked if he could help me before I go back to South Africa. Well, Garin showed me all my energy forces and what to do with them. When I got back home, I kept on practicing using Garin’s techniques. I’m now throwing a ball harder and faster than ever and my arm doesn’t even hurt anymore which is a blessing. I even use Garin’s techniques with training in the gym and my weights have increased by 20kg on the bench – that’s 40lbs! Big difference hey.

As a professional athlete using these techniques, I definitely approve and highly recommend them.

Duane Janse van Rensburg
Personal Trainer, Professional Athlete, South Africa

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“I have a PhD in sport psychology but your
stuff blows away anything I learned before.”

“I have a Ph.D. specializing in sport psychology, I’ve coached Major League baseball players and top Fortune 500 executives, and I’ve never been more excited about a new mental training technology.

Two days after my first Core Force Energy lesson I played both golf and softball.

Golf: “I hit a personal record 305 yard drive. My previous best was 273 yards.

Softball: During the CFE lesson I felt so good holding a bat that I made the off-hand remark ‘They better get the married men off the infield.’

Well, after smashing a double in my first at-bat, I crushed an absolute lightning bolt one-hopper that drilled the pitcher in the knee and caromed all the way into left field. The pitcher had to be helped from the field. I was sorry to see the injury — and amazed at the power I’d generated.

This is amazing stuff, Garin.”

Tom Hanson, Ph.D.

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“You have advanced my understanding of martial arts
beyond any source I have ever encountered.”

“I have been viewing the CoreForce Energy DVDs and am now on DVD # 3.
It is a lot of information to absorb, and it is absolutely mind blowing!
You are a wonderful teacher, with your illustrations and demonstrations.

My interest in CoreForce is from the martial arts perspective.
I have trained in Isshinryu and Tai Chi (Cheng Man-Ching style) for over 30 years. Currently, I just practice Tai Chi by myself.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge.
You have advanced my understanding of martial arts beyond any source I have ever encountered.”

~ Steve Condry

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“Garin Bader is a modern day Leonardo Da Vinci. I have never met anyone who has mastered so many things.

From music to magic to martial arts, fitness, mind power, drawing and more – the guy is a phenom that we can and should learn from.”

~ Matt Furey

Author of the international best-seller Combat Conditioning
President of the Psycho-Cybernetics Foundation, Inc.


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“To everyone who moves through this world,

You don’t know me but I’m pretty much like everyone else when it comes to the core and essence of my being. I want to be happy and I want everyone I love, and even people I don’t know, to be happy and well.

I broke my leg on February 13th 2006. I’m a comedian and I wasn’t going to let a 5-pound wad of plaster and a pair of crutches keep me from making people laugh. While performing on a cruise ship I met Garin Bader and his wife Vanessa. A strong friendship quickly formed, as we told tales of our lives and loves, over lunches, dinners and late night drinks.

One day Garin said, “Hey, let me show you something after we eat. I’ll meet you mid ship, on deck 3.”

I was making my way around the ship with one crutch, sometimes two, lugging that cast from one elevator to another. Feeling debilitated and yearning to be stronger, when I met up with Garin. He said, “I’m going to show you something that will blow your mind and in time change your perception of yourself and the way you move through the world.”

Well, okay, I thought to myself, I’m game. What I didn’t realize was that I was about to surrender and simultaneously conquer.

Over the next hour, Garin showed me where my Core (Life) Force was and how I could focus it, project it, and harness the power that had been lying dormant within me for all those years.

I know this all sounds very “new age” and “trippy” but take it from this well-grounded Capricorn, it is very real, immediately useful and your awareness that you possess the Core Force, will complete you.

Garin showed me how to focus my Core energy and direct that force to the horizon, then, in a flash, he challenged my concentration, forced me to become more certain of my new powers and dashed all doubt from my mind that I was discovering a new tool in my life.

We turned from that spot and previously where I might have tried to open the large ship’s door, that we were facing, with my arms, hips and legs, I opened that immense door with my entire being. We almost literally passed through that door and I was now faced with a stairway. Previously I would have used the banister to pull myself up the stairs one at I time, dragging my cast behind me. This time I used the banister only as a guide to move up the stairs, focusing my Core Force beyond the top step, I moved, close to effortlessly, up the flight.

I had to put this all on paper as a testimonial and a sincere thanks to Garin for sharing such accessible knowledge and life altering wisdom in what was, for me, a time of need.

Thank you Garin for equipping me with this vital tool for life. There is nothing mystical or farfetched about this knowledge. Once given and received it is up to the recipient to focus on making it a part of everything they do. Going up stairs, lifting your children and opening doors will be forever changed if you accept this life enriching force.

Thank You Garin!”

Jamie Alcroft

Jamie Alcroft is one half of the Comedy Duo, MACK AND JAMIE. They have appeared on The Tonight Show with both Johnny Carson and Jay Leno as well as hosting 125 episodes of their syndicated television show Comedy Break. Jamie has recently published the comedy book, Remember When…and produced the comedy CD “Extreme Channel Surfing” which can be heard on XM and SIRIUS radio.

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I have integrated these techniques into my daily practice and am
experiencing tremendous gains in mental focus, self-awareness, presence and strength.”

“In August I had the pleasure of meeting an extraordinary man by the name of Garin Bader. We instantly connected and entered into an extraordinary conversation. What I learned from Garin in the first five minutes of our time together radically improved my life forever. Garin showed me two very simple CoreForce Energy techniques that are easy to practice and deliver profound results at the speed of light, literally. I have integrated these techniques into my daily practice and am experiencing tremendous gains in mental focus, self-awareness, presence and strength. I very strongly recommend that you invest in Garin Bader’s CoreForce Energy System. You will be delighted with the results!

Jim Anderson
CEO Key-Connections, Inc.

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“I have dramatically increased my strength, as you will.”

When you tap into universal principles, as Garin has with CoreForce Energy, the applications are nearly endless. Yes, I have dramatically increased my strength, as you will. But, if you pay attention to these principles and apply them creatively, you will easily become much more efficient and effective in other aspects of your life. I have been actively interested in personal development for nearly forty years and can tell you with absolute certainty that Coreforce Energy is not a bunch of recycled concepts. It is original. It is unique. CoreForce Energy will put you in touch with your own personal Magic!”

Don Handyside, M.Ed.
CEO, Verbatim Audio-Visual Communications, Inc.
Beverly Hills, MI

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“After running for many years and finishing a marathon on every continent, Garin showed me some physical and mental techniques that improved my running in a few short hours. Thanks to CoreForce Energy, I am looking forward to bigger and better things in the future. Embrace and be the light!”

Tom Djurdjevich
Member of the Seven (Marathon) Continents Club

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“Being a huge visual person I found your Core Force program and private phone coaching session to be outstanding. After your intense visual and audible graphic descriptions on my personal call, I left a changed man. Here’s how I know. That night I went to bed and had a dream about a huge tornado ripping through my neighborhood. I luckily jumped to safety within seconds after realizing the tornado was on top of me. I jumped under a stone stair case that I held on tight to.

While in the tornado I felt the strong winds pulling me up into the funnel. I had to hold on with everything I had to keep from getting sucked inside. After what seemed like a few minutes of hearing the high pitched whistling sounds, and looking up into a swirling mass of cylendrical twister, and feeling an enormous vacuum-like winds — it all went away.

When I woke in the morning, I had an entirely new view of what you presented to me the night before. And to think of doubling, tripling and quadrupling that force had me sitting at my bed side saying — whhoooooh!

Feeling this new tsunami of power and force within and knowing how to generate it – I decided to go to the weight room and test it all out. Keep in mind this is a place I have not been for “in-depth” workouts in about 5 years. Then I attempted to do something I have not tried in over 13 years; to bench press 315 pounds. After three warm up sets, I pulled the 315 off the rack and nailed it. No “spot” — nothing. I repped it like I hadn’t ever stepped out of the weight room. Pretty fascinating.

I know this is just the start of how I can apply these principles. I look forward to a life — living with my inner Zues pouring out of my essence. This is a testament to how descriptive and powerful your visualizations reaqly are. Thanks for assembling what you have with Core Force Energy, Garin. I look forward to getting all your other products in the pipeline.”

~ Vince Palko
2 Time Hall of Fame Linebacker


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Subject: I doubled my strength instantly!!!!


I used one of your techniques by doing push-ups with these “T” Push-up Handles. They look exactly like a T shape while the top is thick and the bottom is a thin line. Anyway I used your Light Sabre technique and it doubled my reps from 5 very difficult reps to 10 reps. Now I must inform you I’m a heavy guy at 220 so even the 65% of my BW is big and in order to get a single rep in I have to contract everything in my body to keep balanced so to get 10 reps at this juncture is just a feat of strength in itself. It was my first 10 straight reps and it was all through that one technique. I have never gotten past 5 up until now. You have by far of the most powerful courses there is and I’ve practiced many courses and I’m a Physical Culturist so I’m always searching for ways to gain power and strength without weights or apparatus. Thank you for bringing these techniques to the world it means a lot to me when I go beyond what I have previously gotten beyond.

Yours Truly,

~ Ben Bergman, 23
Santa Cruz, California

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This is probably one of most valuable courses I’ve bought.
I’m glad you stepped forward and created it.”

First off I want to say that I’ve seen a marked improvement in my violin playing since watching the CoreForce videos. They helped me to hold the bow much more efficiently which in turn allowed me to move my bow arm more fluidly. You really have a great product with CoreForce Energy. I can understand now how you’ve been able to use it to master the different talents you have. And with the one on one time that you’ve put in, this is probably one of most valuable courses I’ve bought. I’m glad you stepped forward and created it.


Gabriel Almendarez

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“It sends a chill up my spine to watch you in action on the DVD’s
and to know that you have discovered the way to release this power in us.

“I have gone through the CoreFore Energy course many times already and I keep seeing more ways of looking at energy and incorporating CoreForce Energy in my every day life. I spend 3 hours in the morning from 5am to 8am going over the exercises and placing the energy spheres on different parts of my body to move with commanding power. I really want to take it to the next level. I do know that you are a true genius and have tapped into this great source of power that I have been trying for years to uncover. It sends a chill up my spine to watch you in action on the DVD’s and to know that you have discovered the way to release this power in us. I will do what ever it takes to master this course. It is a brilliant program and I want to keep working at it. I find my focus is laser sharp and my body strength has improved enormously. Thank you for such a wonderful program and thank you so much for sharing this rare secret with all your students.”

Joan Simas

Bankok, Thailand

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Tonight I was doing the ape walk on the pedalo. I tried the unbending light visualization from DVD 5. Although my hands were palm down, wow!! I felt that light boring through the ground beneath and sped up with no fatigue.

I’ve noticed in the past when doing hard Hindu squats if I focus on a strong exhalation (your “whoosh” or “zap”) my whole body felt transformed. Last week I did 300 hindu squats w/out core force as an experiment and was fatigued. What really does it on the squats is the CoreForce Energy “whoosh”. It literally makes me bounce!!

I tried the “Zap” today swimming (freestyle crawl) and it definately improved the speed!

Cliff Werner
Miami, FL

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You may not remember me – but I was one of the fitness instructors on board the Ryndam that you went on early in the year and the impression that you and Vanessa had on me was amazing. I had a chat with you on the techniques that you were doing (as I am sure that many people have) watching you do some things that I have never seen done before. What impressed me most was that you had discovered a way to not only be competent – not only highly skilled – but be an absolute master in several disciplines. At the time I thought that it was limited to piano, martial arts and magic. Now I realize that it goes further into drawing – several other instruments – utilizing the mind and who knows what the heck else!!! I just wanted to say that it was an absolute privilege to meet you and pick your brain on some of the things that you were doing.

I had to get CoreForce Energy after meeting you and realizing what it could do for me. And I have to say – it is an amazing program as I am sure that you already know.

Anyway, I have always been looking into self-development and trying to improve on certain aspects of my life… one of them was improving my energy. What CoreForce Energy I believe can do is not only just give movement alignment and strength gains but also dramatically increase a person’s energy levels. I have personally tried many different techniques and other things but I believe that your program is the answer to achieving those energy gains that I’m after. Thanks for leading me onto a new path.

As a long-distance runner I have cut down my times by a fair margin… and that’s after being on a cruise ship for 8 months! – not being able to train properly as a long-distance runner. I’m also trying to be conscious using it in normal situations from just simply walking to picking up things… it’s interesting to see how much alignment is improved. I’ve also used it in playing piano… and wow it definitely makes a difference just imagining the sound you want to project and putting emotion into imagery… it seems that getting that emotional content into playing is so much easier. Very Interesting.

Once again, it was amazing meeting you whilst you were on board and I would like to thank you for taking the time to talk to me and imparting some of your wisdom to me. I hope that one day I will meet you and Vanessa again.”

Thomas Chen
Personal Trainer, Australia

P.S. Thanks for the CD “One Heart’s Journey”…. Whenever I meet a musician I always try and hear one of their compositions as I believe so much of their personality and soul goes into that composition. The CD is absolutely beautiful and the music in there touched me. Thankyou.

P.P.S. Have you ever thought of teaching other people CoreFore Energy on a deep level and getting them to teach others to expand the concept? If you ever do – please contact me as I would absolutely LOVE to get the chance to be able to take something I believe in and improve others results out of sight! AND also improve other areas of my life.

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“…tremendous energy
that comes through is life-changing in itself !!!”

I just want to say that your weekly e-mails have all been wonderfully inspirational…The content as well as the writing style and tremendous energy that comes through is life-changing in itself !!! At this point, I have only watched dvd 1. Over the next 8 weeks, I will focus on Coreforce….I was stunned by the first dvd and can’t wait to dive in..

Garin, talking to people individually who purchased your program in generous beyond imagination with your schedule as a performer. I feel this is going to be huge!!! It is an incredible gift to the world. A quick story:

After using one simple idea from your e-mail from Italy, about the Gladiators in Rome…I inreased the weight on every single exercise I did in the gym…I imagined the roar of the crowd…would I live or die….based on my next lift….an example: I was using 105 for lat pulldowns….for 8-10 reps….I put 150 and did 11 reps!!!!!!

All I can say is Wow….I talked to my 14 yearold niece about that and she said that’s how she was able to lift me and carry me several yards when she was 11…..She said , I pretended that you would die, If I was not able to carry you!!!!

I am looking forward to talking to you one day…

Until then, Grace to You Garin and to your wife,


David Foat
Torrance, CA

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“I’ve been practicing Tai Chi for over ten years, but when I applied CoreForce Energy to my practice, the results have been nothing short of amazing! The changes in strength and agility that have occurred in the past two weeks have been astounding! Also, the ability to concentrate and deflect negative thoughts has been very noticeable.

Thank you, and I really appreciate your efforts.

I want to thank you again for the Core Force Energy conversation we had last night. I gave my CFE a good workout last night, not only through the exercises you gave me, but also attempting to feverishly take notes along the way.

Zeus deep breathing, walking, and sphere training techniques,


strength through the use of sight, sound, emotion, imagination, etc., off the charts massage techniques, preventing sports related injuries, expanding my thinking beyond the norm, etc. – – incredible stuff!

‘The rest is what makes the music’ – – Mozart

I believe this quote is going to cause me to review some of the key areas of my fast-paced life.”

Thank you my friend,

Michael Deering
Clearwater, FL

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Thank you for such a wonderful program. I’ve been through it 3 times and get something new each time. I’ll be using this program for a long time to come.

You asked if I’m a musician because of The Violin Shop on the order form. Actually I’m a violin maker. Have been for 35 years. My partner, however, is a gigging musician. I just fool around a bit on the guitar. But I’ve used your principles at work quite often. For years I’ve been talking about core sound in my adjustments. Extending your feeling through your hands, through the bow, to the core of the string. Things of this nature. Your course is speaking my language. It has opened so many doors and made things that were blind stumbling into overt control. A couple of interesting ones: I was tiered and dealing with a customer. He was boring. I could hardly keep my eyes open…until I put energy spheres in front of my eyeballs! All of sudden my focus went through his eyes and into his thoughts and the conversation became an adventure. I’ve also fooled around with it at the bench…spheres on my hands, knuckles, wrists and such. But what really made the difference was pushing a magnetic repelling sphere of energy with the cutting edge of my knife. The lines of my work became effortlessly smooth and dynamic. Much like your dynamic lines in drawing. Fun stuff.

A natural place I’ve been using it is in the ocean when I’m body surfing. The waves are a physical manifestation of what you’re talking about. Like a knife splitting the grain in a piece of wood, my body finds the grain of the wave…the spherical flow of power. Thank you bringing your perspective to my life.

I don’t know what your schedule is, but mine is fairly flexible. If you can give me a couple of times to choose from I’d love to have the course consultation.

Best Regards,

Kevin Smith

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