The Ballistic Breath for Greater Strength and Speed


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The Ballistic Breath for Greater Strength and Speed

The way you breathe can give you a powerful boost in ballistic strength and organically fluid movement quickly. Most of us unfortunately breathe in and out haphazardly. We often aren’t fully conscious of how we breathe during physical movement. Because of this, we usually run out of cardiovascular endurance and physical strength prematurely.

Most people breathe in and out in a short and angular fashion. Your breath has shape if you think about it. With most individuals, their inhalation would be represented with a gentle arc curving upwards and the exhalation following the same path downwards.

Even people who practice deep diaphragmatic breathing usually follow the same pattern. Although their inhalation and exhalation may take a bit longer, their breath can still basically be represented as having the same shape and even tempo throughout the duration.

Is Your Breath Giving Your Constipated Movement?

When I ask fighters to exhale for a powerful punch, their breath sounds short. harsh and very compressed. The actions always match. Their strike is short, tension filled, and lacks optimal power because there is too much force instead of expansion of energy.

Think about what happens in an explosion. Does it compress and contract? Or, does it expand outwards rapidly with accelerated power?

When your breath can expand instead of compress and gain speed, your body follows and is always congruent with how you envision your energy.

Your body doesn’t easily follow the language that your left-brain is usually trying to communicate to it with.

The Way You Breathe Is Direct Language Your Body Responds To Most Powerfully

Language is not the direct vehicle that unlocks super strength and speed. Your body instantaneously understands how to interpret the shape of your breath and it’s trajectory along with sound far more efficiently. Let me explain.

You can almost immediately unlock tremendous strength and speed when you begin breathing with what I call The Ballistic Breath. It creates instant physiological changes that are immediate and undeniable.

When your mind commands your body to move with phrases like “move faster”, ” I need more power”, “I’ve got to win”, “I’ve got to have more focus”, etc. etc. your musculature has got to somehow translate these phrases into physical actions. Because these are not precise commands, there will always be a gap in time before your musculature fully understands and can adjust to the right calibrations that you desire.

This creates what I call constipated movement that always lacks power and speed that is optimal for peak performance.

Phrases like this immediately often encourage more tension both mentally and physically under pressure. Shallowness of breath in these situations always accompany these phrases and will always constrict oxygen to your brain and musculature that will give you shorter ranges of movement, constricted speed, and spiritless power.

Model Effortless Power And Electric Energy With Your Breath

You can quickly reverse things when you understand that the body moves most brilliantly when it is congruent to emotionally and electrically-charged sounds and shapes rather than words and phrases inherently require translation and constant recalibration to get the desired response.

Phenomenal energy and power that we as athletes seek has an almost unpredictable ebb and flow of power.

As athletes, we see to have incredible energy and power, and yet we over-intellectualize most of movements and we breath with constipated animation most of the time.

When you model alive and electrically-charged energy by mapping the shape and sound it might make with your breath, your body becomes supercharged with unstoppable life force. The language that your body immediately understands without any wasted time in translation and recalibration are shapes and sounds.

Powerful Movement Needs to Be ALIVE and Filled with Emotionally Charged Phrasing

Think about it this way, for music to be alive and emotionally charged, it must have “breath”. Likewise, for movement to be alive and powerful, it must have both breath and the phrasing of music. So why do we breathe so mechanically even and lifeless most of the time?

Powerful movement should be alive and filled with emotionally charged phrasing. It’s your right brain that intuitively translates this aliveness to your musculature through the ebb and flow of your breath.

When you sculpt the shape of  your breath to be precisely congruent with the power, speed, and shape of what you want to achieve, your body does not need a translation of any kind – it immediately gives you exactly the response you desire.

The shape and mapping of your breath changes everything in the way that you move if you’re conscious of mapping and directing it. It can give you tremendous power almost instantly when you learn to master this.

Shaping and Mapping of Your Breath Gives You Ballistic Power

Most people don’t think about the shape of their breath to map their energy or their strength and so, therefore, you usually get your usual default – angular movement that’s filled with too much muscular movement which makes you weaker, slows you down, and gives you diminished cardiovascular endurance.

The harsh angular movements over time can give encourage injury to your joints and tendons.

When you breath in and out with the usual blunt bursts from compressed air from your chest and diaphragm, your body movement will always follow this square and constipated sound – where sound and movement match perfectly. We are just wired this way and most of the time don’t even realize it.

Likewise, when you breath in and out with ballistic impetus either into a spiral or curved line, your body immediately is compelled to move with greater organic full-body force, aliveness, and speed.

When you breathe this way, dramatic physiological changes occur throughout your entire body which immediately unlock massive amounts of new power and speed.
Most people breathe with an evenness and squareness to their breath that is shallow, square, and lacks variance in velocity, compression, trajectory and power.

Speed of Light, Power, and Breath

If you were to try to create a breath that would represent you flying as fast as the Speed of Light, 186,000 miles per second, right over the very tip of the great The Great Pyramid of Khufu and then accelerating into the sky in an arch with enough power to then vaporize a hole through the moon, you would have a new kind of a breath that one might call a Ballistic Breath.

Think about how much energy that might have as it passed over the top of the pyramid! Would it be lifeless, unemotional, short, and sound flat and constipated? Of course not! It would sound light years different and believe me, if you can learn to breathe this way both on your inhalation and exhalation, you’ll have something very few people in the world posses – raw unstoppable power and endurance.

Contrary to what you might think, this is not a fast short breath as you will hear and see in the video. It is an immensely long and very efficient breath that oxygenates and ignites musculature with ballistic power. It gives you the ability to execute lightning fast movements on a single inhalation or exhalation that would have been impossible otherwise and gives you a brand new kind of endurance because you’re really training your lunges to breathe more efficiently.

When you can create a breath like this that has dynamic shape and power, your body will follow naturally and quickly in new and powerful ways that will astound you.

You always get what you imagine. If your breath lacks aliveness and creativity in actions like sports that absolutely demand it, your body will always follow with lackluster power and speed no matter how you try to intellectualize improving things.

Short, harsh, compressed and constipated breathing patterns create physical movements that precisely mirror these attributes. Always.

If you want to level up your strength, power, speed, endurance and mental focus, begin exploring and supercharging your energy by mastering The Ballistic Breath.

~ Garin Bader
CoreForce Energy





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