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Scientists say we use only 5-10% of our true strength. Yet that other 90-95% gets wasted, locked inside our minds. What if your could simply and easily unlock that strength in your very first session? What if you could continue to merge your mind and body together for a power that comes from within that shatters any previous limitation you used to think you had. Now Core Force Energy shows you the way.

FINALLY, Unshackle Your Mind and Body
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Your mind is your shackle - limiting your physical, mental, and creative performance every day. It’s your throttle that holds you back in almost everything you do. But now you can finally unshackle yourself from the all limitations with the cutting-edge mind body techniques of CoreForce Energy.

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These secrets of unstoppable strength and mental focus will improve every aspect of your physical training and being - and now they can be yours!

Who Am I and Why Can I Show You Some
Unreal Ways To Achieve Super Strength?


My name is Garin Bader. I stand 6 feet tall and weigh in at weigh 204 lbs. - not exactly one of those petite Circque de Solei performers to be holding all my weight on two fingers, let alone to be pumping out rep after rep of straight-arm pushups on them.

But I think you can see right away These insane pushups on two fingers are proof of the power YOU can use when mind AND body join together with intense focus - And you don't have to have gigantic steroid-loaded muscles to do so.

You Too Can Have The Insane Power
and Speed Bruce Lee

Of course I realize not all of you are going to want to do two-finger pushups. But imagine having the ability to focus all your mental and physical power into one small point like Bruce Lee could. Not only could he do two-finger punches but he used that same power of focus and extreme strength to knock even the largest, strongest man clear across room from the devastating force of his one-inch punch - even though he weighed only 140lbs.!

I was thunderstruck when I watched video of him doing this as it was one of the fiercest demonstrations of astonishing explosive power I'd ever seen. And, I wanted to have it too! Especially because I grew up as as a very skinny awkward kid.

I knew this extreme power and raw muscle strength had to be generated from some other source than just muscles. But what was it? Where could I find it? These questions started me on my long search to discover the ultimate secrets of accessing our hidden powers to link mind and body together more congruently.

Unfortunately, I never was able to find the answers to these supreme secrets through all my years of martial arts training in many disciplines. I meant with years of disappointment in generating this legendary kind of Chi power that Bruce Lee possessed naturally.

It was only after Years of relentless pursuit that I stumbled upon the first clues that eventually created this revolutionary CoreForce Energy super strength training and was able to finally begin unlocking my ultimate human potential.

Are You Ready to Unlock The Phenomenal Strength, 
Power, and Abilities Within You Right Now?

Think how exhilarating it would be to master a revolutionary system that supercharges your mind and muscles to work together congruently -- with a system powerful enough to double or even triple your muscular strength and speed - regardless of your athletic abilities, gender, or age.

Whether you're a finely tuned athlete, a computer geek, weight lifter, a skinny wimp, martial artist, Soccer Mom, couch potato, or elite Combat Conditioning athlete - it doesn't matter. Now you don't have to imagine it.

"CoreForce Energy is the human accelerant that
unifies mind and body to create super strength and speed."

CoreForce Energy is Your Secret Weapon for Unreal Instant Strength!...Awesome Power!...Amazing Speed!

  • Without months or years of extensive and difficult training.
  • Without any high priced equipment.
  • Without dangerous steroids.
  • Without worthless silly gimmicks.

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Garin Bader CoreForce Energy wall pushups

You've heard of a mother lifting a car to save her baby. Or someone ripping right through steel with their bare hands to save a friend in an accident. That's only a glimpse of the kind of superhuman strength that we have buried inside us. Just think of the things you could do if you could unlock and harness this kind of power consistently.

The extraordinary CoreForce Energy strength training system will help you finally unlock that elusive 95% of both brain and muscular strength and speed that’s already inside you…

Imagine if you knew the secrets to begin unleashing this kind of extreme power. Now you can...

Here’​s What CoreForce Energy Is Going To Show You:

Here’ s What This Groundbreaking CoreForce Energy Does For You...

  • Reaches your ultimate physical potential no matter what your age, gender, or athletic background while increasing your muscle strength - FAST.
  • Gives you "superhuman" strength and speed you can tap into, instantly, every day in every aspect of your life - this is truly a life transforming secret which gives you immense confidence because you always know the power is there inside you.
  • Discovers your ultimate secret of instant power generation and ultimate “Chi” energy.
  • Gains more strength in one day than you did in years of weightlifting or martial arts.
  • ​​Moves your body with remarkable speed and power in any situation.
  • ​Enables you to enjoy 3-D strength so you have maximum power at any angle while remaining fluid and supple. This is something you won’t learn anywhere else.
  • ​Improves your cardiovascular strength and stamina with a special CoreForce Energy technique using little-known breathing approaches not 1 in 1,000 people know to bring you effortless power. (No these aren’ t traditional deep breathing techniques that gas you out.)
  • ​Unlocks your concentrated focus faster and for more power than the biggest weightlifting muscles could ever do for you.
  • ​Flows your new power effortlessly without exhausting your muscles to failure - you'll still have energy to burn - shooting your stamina and endurance through the roof.
  • Makes you phenomenally stronger without putting on an ounce of weight or developing massive muscles - but if you want massive muscles, this system enables you to build them faster and easier than ever before.
  • ​Teaches you how to walk through your opponent as if he were a sheet of paper - no matter how bigger and stronger he is. Read and watch videos from high level black belts for yourself by clicking here.
  • ​Gets you in shape FAST - without the usual long hours in the gym, tons of sweat, thousands of reps or fancy equipment to become stronger and faster.
  • ​Harnesses the "Chi" Power elite martial artists, world champions, spec op warriors WISH they knew - This proprietary CoreForce Energy secret dramatically explodes your striking power and speed.
  • ​Gives you possession of laser-like mental and physical focus that super athletes and geniuses access unconsciously to become brilliant and play at the highest levels.
  • Shows you how to get Matrix-like balance and still be able to fire back punches and kicks with maximum power and speed even if you're off balance or have been knocked down by an opponent.
  • Gives your body an armadillo coat of armor against injuries.
  • ​Installs the mental edge through powerful mental imagery training for superior sports performance.
  • ​Unlocks your vast reserves of your deepest creativity by fusing all your hemispheres of your brain together with your most empowering emotions so you tap into the very ingredients that geniuses like Da Vinci accessed on a daily basis.

Because the CoreForce Energy super strength training system is a universal energy system, you can apply it to ANY sport or exercise to accelerate your strength, speed, balance, endurance, agility, and power - AND, also many areas of your life.

Think About This:

If you could daily tap into that unused 95% of both brain and muscular potential, the focus and synergy of that dynamic fusion would simply put you in control of an unreal tornado of power, endurance, and energy. From what science tells us, it's clear that the compound interest from the mind and body working as one engine would launch your abilities into the next stratosphere.

This is Exactly What CoreForce Energy Does

CoreForce Energy turbo-charges your ultimate powers in strength and speed because it simply fuses the Mind and Body together in a new way that's easy for anyone to grasp - optimizing the raw resources you already possess. It puts you in command of the astonishing untapped powers of your brain and muscles in a streamlined way that doesn't take years of training to achieve.

It is indeed cutting-edge applied sports psychology combined with innovative speed strength training exercises to give you for peak performance in almost every arena. Your results will be incredible right from your first session. We're talking FAST!

This powerful strength system is designed to fully integrate and energize your optimal "Chi" or life force energy and musculature so that mastering it is intuitive, clear, concise, and can be easily learned by anyone - - no matter what your gender, age, or ability -- no matter if your left-brain or right-brain dominant.

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Garin's combination of innovation with energy, movement pattern, breathing and sound is revolutionary! Literally no one else in the world is doing this! And it can truly help your training! Getting instantly stronger and faster. Take advantage of this or miss out on being your best!"

Bud JeffriesAuthor, professional strongman, world champ/record holder, anti bully speaker...and much more!X Designer