Want Unrivaled MMA Strength and Martial Arts Power?

How would it feel to launch lightening fast punches and kicks with the crushing power of a freight train? Well my friend, look deeper now because what you’re about to uncover may save your life or the life of someone dear to you.CoreForce Energy teaches you how to eliminate any threat from your very first blow. And inside you’ll discover the secret to striking up to 17 times from a single breath! How would you defend against 17 strikes at once? The simple answer is you wouldn’t.What if I told you you’ll do all this at any angle with Matrix-like balance? Well, I know this all sounds hard to believe, yet you really can move and strike like a venomous cobra with the breakthrough mind/body union of Core Force Energy training. You can instantly unleash devastatingly lethal power against your opponents for cage fighting or to protect your family against those who intend to harm you and your loved ones.Have you ever seen someone knocked out from only 1 hit? I’m sure you have. So let me ask you… What would it be like facing Bruce Lee and feel deep inside you that “oh crap” moment, when you know beyond a shadow of a doubt you’ve already lost from his very first movement… that level of dominating power over your opponent is exactly what CoreForce Energy gives you.

Who Else Wants This Kind of Unequaled MMA Strength & Martial Arts Power?

Why were Bruce Lee’s kicks and punches so powerful even though he weighed only 135 pounds? Why was he able to knock a man clear across a room with a mere 1 inch punch?

Why is it so few have been able to duplicate his unbelievable strength, power, and speed even with all of the massive amounts of exercise programs and “expert” coaches out there?

Well, you’ll finally get those questions answered along with being able to duplicate many of these same legendary Bruce Lee qualities in a very short period of time.

Yes, that’s right!

One female martial artists that I showed my techniques to actually understood and was able to execute his incredible 1 inch punch in 23 minutes from the CoreForce Energy training. This female black belt was able to easily smash a 300 pound dummy filled with rock, sand, and water where previously minutes before, with all her black belt training, she was not even able to make it move more than a few inches. As hard as it may be for you to believe it, CoreForce Energy gives women the incredible knockout power equal to many men.

Don’t take my word for it read this Raving CoreForce Energy Review by a world-class martial artist…

“Garin Bader, a Renaissance Man, has created a system as unique as what Jigaro Kano did for Judo.​ This system can help you achieve mastery in whatever you are after.”

My name is Colin Taylor. Martial arts have been a central part of my life for over 25 years. I am a Black Belt under world renowned 10th Dan Grandmaster of HapKido Hwang In Shik. I also hold multiple black belts in the arts of Judo (Shodan) and Taekwondo (4th Dan). My Judo Sensei is Robert Varga (6th Dan). As well, I have been fortunate enough to train extensively in many other forms of combat with several Olympic and World champions.

The purpose of sharing my background is to provide an understanding for the reader of the merits of the Core Force Energy System from someone experienced in human movement and the manipulation of another person.

I have approached Core Force Energy from a combat perspective, but that is really only the beginning of what this truly revolutionary system can do for any area of your life.

This is a system that turns on all your senses through immediate mind triggers that embellish your approach to whatever that requires your full attention with an elevated performance that will tantalize your desire for life itself. Why? Because something magical happens when these triggers are engaged. You become that hero in your childhood imaginings once again and it’s an exhilarating feeling. You want to return to Shangri La over and over.

Garin Bader, has created a system as unique as what Jigaro Kano did for Judo. This system can help you achieve mastery in whatever you are after. It will certainly bring you a long way towards your goal as it helps you use all your energies and those energies around you that you aren’t even aware exist that Garin will teach you in the course.

If you want to improve your music performance, your fighting ability, your magnetism with people or learn a new skill and take your life to new exciting way of being I highly recommend Core Force Energy!

Colin TaylorBlack Belt in Judo and Taekwondo (4th Dan)


Imagine being able to duplicate the strength and unbelievable speed Bruce Lee was able to generate through his unique understanding of energy and how to harness it.  Well, now you can!If you’re truly wanting to dominate in the cage or on a street fight, you need to know exactly how to deliver a relentless barrage of full knock out strikes with unstoppable cardiovascular endurance. If that’s the case, you will need techniques that completely transcend all of the traditional methods that your competitors are using.

Visualize being able to deliver 17+ strikes on one breath in a relentless barrage of full knock out power strikes with unstoppable cardiovascular endurance. If you’re truly wanting to dominate in the cage or on a street fight, you need to If that’s the case, you will need techniques that completely transcend all of the traditional methods that your competitors are using.

Uncover how awesome it would be to have the ability to anticipate your opponent’s every move if things should go to the ground. Your life could be on the line in a street fight. It’s not a game or sport in the street. Things get deadly fast.

Get 3-D functional strength and power you can use no matter what position you are in – even if you’re completely off-balance and falling on your butt with your body twisted and contorted in every which way, you’d still have full knockout power. That’s just one of the proprietary secrets inside CoreForce Energy. This is a real game-changer for any athlete!

What if you were able to close in on your opponent over huge distances in a heartbeat like vampire?Yes, this sounds like preposterous BS. Yet when you learn to move with un-telegraphing moves as revealed in CoreForce Energy, you can be upon your opponent with the slightest movement even if you’re a full 207 pounds like myself.One of my clients who is a Homeland Security officer witnessed it himself and was completely astonished as I was able to get to him 14 feet away with only one and a half steps. No this wasn’t some sort of broad jump that you could see a mile off. I was on his padded throat before he could barely blink.

Do these sound like impossible pipe dreams? They’re NOT, and here’s why…

You can easily get all these incredible demonstrations of strength above when you start using the cutting edge techniques revealed in CoreForce Energy. Most fighters and coaches have no idea what I’m talking about until I show them the transforming striking and grappling concepts.

Sure, many of them are incredibly powerful with their one or two pet striking moves. But nothing you’ll see comes close to anything near the raw 3-D optimal power that CoreForce Energy gives you. It’s only when they see me easily jet past their best defenses with lightning fast strikes while tossing their bodies around as if they were rag dolls, that they’re sold on the techniques right then and there.

Watch This Video And Hear Proof for Yourself

Both Men and Women Get Dramatic Results​

CoreForce Energy will not only show you how to achieve three-dimensional KO power and speed but will guide you through the precise exercises that will most effectively increase your raw power, speed, endurance, and balance ALL at the same time.

Most training systems emphasize only a couple of these items and that’s certainly not enough to cut the mustard in real combat where you intend to dominate. Or in real life where your family’s and your life is on the line. Do you really want to risk the life of your those you love on some crappy pseudo-power techniques that don’t work in the real world?

If you’re a serious fighter… or someone who just wants to know you can protect yourself and others, you need all these qualities at the same time and that’s where CoreForce Energy training delivers in spades. CoreForce Energy is your secret weapon that will propel you to the top.

Strike 17+ Times on An Exhale…With Double and Triple Your Explosive Power And Speed

Imagine in one day knowing how to strike 17+ times with full body power on just one breath exhale. How do you defend against such a blitzkrieg? Even more, CoreForce Energy will show you how to be able to continue this nonstop effortless attack with equal striking force on your inhale!! Over and over without gassing cardiovascularly on top of it!That’s insane and unheard of anyplace else but in in the training area of CoreForce Energy.

Not many are going to be able to defend against you launching this kind of insane unrelenting barrage. CoreForce Energy will give you real cutting edge tools to seriously amp up your arsenal of weapons and give you domination power over your opponents with attacks and counter moves like they’ve never seen before.Sure, you might have seen on Youtube guys with very fast hand attacks. Yet attacks in CoreForce Energy are Nothing like this at all. In real life these kinds of fast strikes you see are quite ineffective unless you happen to get lucky enough to hit soft targets like the eyes and throat, and here’s….

Why CoreForce Energy Strikes are So Powerful

In reality, you must have complete and fluid full body structural integrity throughout every millisecond of every movements to have devastating power spiraling up from the toes upwards. Without this crucial component and the revolutionary concept of RPM (Revolutionary Power in Motion), the fast strikes you may learn to do are flimsy at best – no matter how fast they are.

Even a jab in CoreForce Energy has devastating knockout power because of the full structural integrity of your ENTIRE body.

CoreForce Energy truly gives you fast devastating and complete power throughout every millisecond of every move. By igniting your mind and entire body to move together as one unit instead of separate parts as in all traditional training with explosive energy and fluid structural integrity, each and every strike will have devastating consequences.

​These concepts were developed after spending my entire lifetime literally searching the world for real methods that would develop my ultimate strength or Chi power. here and there I found a few nuggets but for the most part I was completely disappointed with the results and this is what led me to finally develop a system of my own that finally shows you how to quickly unleash your ultimate power.

In This Revolutionary Course You Will Discover:

  • How to break your opponents Will right out of the gate with your indomitable physical force.
  • The revolutionary Zeus breath that turns on the full synergy of your mind and body at the same time lighting up your senses and muscle fibers like nothing else.
  • Get the exact upper and lower body exercises that give you lethal strikes and ultimate power in any angle.
  • Cutting edge breathing exercises giving you superior endurance like nothing else.
  • One technique that no one trains for but is the foundation of being able to strike with full body power every single time. See the preparatory RPM mentioned above.
  • How to develop kinesthetic and spatial awareness that gives you the advantage over any opponent and the upper hand even in a gang assault.
  • ​How to generate equally devastating strikes whether your breathing in or out – this is something almost no one knows about and alone can give you a shattering advantage over an opponent.
  • ​The secret to strike 17+ times with lightning fast full body power on just one breath. Not many are going to be able to defend against this insane barrage.
  • Little known toe and ankle exercises enabling you to have full body power with the speed of an angry cobra. You’ll learn how Bruce Lee’s dance training background allowed him to be so fast. This is an insight no one has ever revealed up until now.
  • The precise exercises and drills that gives incredible strength and speed at the same time.​
  • ​One of a kind breakthrough exercises that quite literally install Matrix-like balance into your body without losing any of your full power and speed – regardless of the angle. Be able to deliver optimal strikes even if you’ve been knocked off balance and are falling backwards. These concepts are also something you won’t learn any place else and are exclusive to CoreForce Energy.
  • The precise breath work and exercise drills that teach you to launch your opponent clear across the room like Bruce Lee did with his 1-inch punch.
  • Exact iso tension striking exercises and the innovative exercise equipment (that you can easily make at home with the detailed instructions) that will develop strength and full body structural integrity at any angle. (These exercises and the exercise apparatus that are revealed are alone have been said to be worth the price of the entire course and material that you won’t find any place else.)
  • How to launch non-telegraphing power punches and kicks from great distances.
  • Awesome techniques never before revealed that will allow you to get out of just about any hold – including a rear naked choke! This has freaked out some high level combat experts.
  • ​Unique ways to protect your body from injury against strikes that would knock out most fighters.
  • Secrets to read your opponents mind and body movements. This “Magnation” will put you several steps ahead of their striking and grappling moves so you always have the dominating edge.
  • ​Speed and coordination drills that will not only make you fast beyond belief but will give you the advantage of what Bruce Lee called broken rhythm to massively confuse and leave your opponents in the dust.
  • ​Revealed are speed and coordination drills that will not only make you fast beyond belief but will give you the advantage of what Bruce Lee called broken rhythm that will massively confuse and leave your opponents in the dust.
  • ​How to control your anxieties so they never undermined your training and crush your self-confidence.
  • Insider methods to model an adrenaline dump so you can immediately and consistently tap into superhuman strength and endurance without burning its fuse out quickly.

You’ll never find this unique and proprietary training anywhere else so what are you waiting for?

Get CoreForce Energy TODAY

Unlock Your Ultimate Strength and Ultimate Human Potential and Get Onboard Now with CoreForce Energy Training.

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